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NASDAQ Health Care (^IXHC)

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651.84 Up 4.12(0.64%) Aug 29
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Components for ^IXHC 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
AAVLAvalanche Biotechnologies, Inc.29.63 Aug 29N/A55,644
ABAXAbaxis, Inc.47.75 Aug 29N/A84,658
ABIOARCA biopharma, Inc.1.40 Aug 29N/A87,027
ABMDABIOMED, Inc.26.05 Aug 29N/A162,736
ACADACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.23.98 Aug 29N/A636,507
ACHCAcadia Healthcare Company, Inc.51.21 Aug 29N/A314,681
ACHNAchillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.11.57 Aug 29N/A4,373,511
ACORAcorda Therapeutics, Inc.32.58 Aug 29N/A142,812
ACRXAcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.7.15 Aug 29N/A415,092
ACSTAcasti Pharma Inc.0.94 Aug 29N/A222,367
ACURAcura Pharmaceuticals, Inc.0.98 Aug 29N/A64,991
ADHDAlcobra Ltd.19.26 Aug 29N/A163,840
ADMPAdamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation4.02 Aug 29N/A61,741
ADMSAdamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc.18.74 Aug 29N/A39,007
ADUSAddus HomeCare Corporation21.90 Aug 29N/A24,176
ADXSAdvaxis, Inc.3.88 Aug 29N/A362,311
AEGRAegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.30.55 Aug 29N/A812,937
AERIAerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.16.38 Aug 29N/A217,848
AEZSAeterna Zentaris Inc.1.50 Aug 29N/A5,569,747
AFAMAlmost Family Inc.27.98 Aug 29N/A20,612
AFFXAffymetrix Inc.8.67 Aug 29N/A353,364
AGENAgenus Inc.3.14 Aug 29N/A269,856
AGIOAgios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.46.22 Aug 29N/A228,117
AGRXAgile Therapeutics, Inc.8.44 Aug 29N/A78,758
AGTCApplied Genetic Technologies Corporation17.10 Aug 29N/A117,160
AHPIAllied Healthcare Products Inc.2.03 Aug 29N/A8,493
AIQAlliance Healthcare Services, Inc.28.45 Aug 29N/A26,700
AIRMAir Methods Corp.58.66 Aug 29N/A142,893
AKAOAchaogen, Inc.9.51 Aug 29N/A41,094
AKBAAkebia Therapeutics, Inc.22.51 Aug 29N/A95,845
AKERAkers Biosciences Inc.3.10 Aug 29N/A7,419
AKRXAkorn, Inc.39.02 Aug 29N/A774,562
ALDRAlder Biopharmaceuticals Inc.17.04 Aug 29N/A27,112
ALDXAldeyra Therapeutics, Inc.3.46 Aug 29N/A607
ALGNAlign Technology Inc.54.46 Aug 29N/A430,971
ALIMAlimera Sciences, Inc.6.29 Aug 29N/A112,251
ALKSAlkermes plc44.73 Aug 29N/A374,852
ALNYAlnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.69.67 Aug 29N/A368,429
ALOGAnalogic Corporation72.20 Aug 29N/A38,902
ALQAAlliqua, Inc.5.40 Aug 29N/A24,211
ALXAAlexza Pharmaceuticals Inc.3.50 Aug 29N/A85,193
ALXNAlexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.169.29 Aug 29N/A703,599
AMAGAMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.22.63 Aug 29N/A141,088
AMBIAmbit Biosciences Corporation7.57 Aug 29N/A171,867
AMDAAmedica Corporation2.56 Aug 29N/A10,238
AMEDAmedisys Inc.20.92 Aug 29N/A221,697
AMGNAmgen Inc.139.38 Aug 29N/A2,362,472
AMPHAmphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.12.09 Aug 29N/A155,016
AMRIAlbany Molecular Research Inc.19.80 Aug 29N/A146,018
AMRNAmarin Corporation plc1.93 Aug 29N/A1,888,009
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