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NASDAQ Composite (^IXIC)

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4,580.27 Up 22.58(0.50%) Aug 29
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Components for ^IXIC 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
AALAmerican Airlines Group Inc.38.88 Aug 29N/A6,648,785
AAMEAtlantic American Corp.4.08 Aug 29N/A6,629
AAOIApplied Optoelectronics, Inc.21.24 Aug 29N/A209,396
AAONAAON Inc.18.66 Aug 29N/A69,933
AAPLApple Inc.102.50 Aug 29N/A44,680,055
AAVLAvalanche Biotechnologies, Inc.29.63 Aug 29N/A55,644
AAWWAtlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc.33.45 Aug 29N/A252,398
ABACAoxin Tianli Group, Inc.1.89 Aug 29N/A21,545
ABAXAbaxis, Inc.47.75 Aug 29N/A84,658
ABCBAmeris Bancorp22.89 Aug 29N/A40,769
ABCDCambium Learning Group, Inc.1.66 Aug 29N/A13,007
ABCOThe Advisory Board Company49.60 Aug 29N/A148,106
ABGBAbengoa SA28.78 Aug 29N/A3,597
ABIOARCA biopharma, Inc.1.40 Aug 29N/A87,027
ABMDABIOMED, Inc.26.05 Aug 29N/A162,736
ABTLAutobytel Inc.8.19 Aug 29N/A77,119
ABYAbengoa Yield plc40.11 Aug 29N/A141,068
ACADACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.23.98 Aug 29N/A636,507
ACATArctic Cat Inc.37.02 Aug 29N/A90,313
ACETAceto Corp.19.22 Aug 29N/A100,948
ACFCAtlantic Coast Financial Corporation4.16 Aug 29N/A3,437
ACFNAcorn Energy, Inc.1.87 Aug 29N/A61,216
ACGLArch Capital Group Ltd.55.58 Aug 29N/A390,505
ACHCAcadia Healthcare Company, Inc.51.21 Aug 29N/A314,681
ACHNAchillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.11.57 Aug 29N/A4,374,711
ACIWACI Worldwide, Inc.19.47 Aug 29N/A417,495
ACLSAxcelis Technologies Inc.2.02 Aug 29N/A218,355
ACNBACNB Corp.19.24 Aug 29N/A2,561
ACORAcorda Therapeutics, Inc.32.58 Aug 29N/A142,812
ACPWActive Power Inc.2.20 Aug 29N/A40,204
ACRXAcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.7.15 Aug 29N/A415,092
ACSFAmerican Capital Senior Floatin13.99 Aug 29N/A37,580
ACSTAcasti Pharma Inc.0.94 Aug 29N/A222,367
ACTGAcacia Research Corporation17.79 Aug 29N/A175,605
ACTSActions Semiconductor Co., Ltd.2.42 Aug 29N/A125,466
ACURAcura Pharmaceuticals, Inc.0.98 Aug 29N/A64,991
ACXMAcxiom Corporation18.55 Aug 29N/A263,241
ADATAuthentidate Holding Corp.0.72 Aug 29N/A25,834
ADBEAdobe Systems Inc.71.90 Aug 29N/A1,659,465
ADEPAdept Technology Inc.8.07 Aug 29N/A589,562
ADESAdvanced Emissions Solutions, Inc.21.79 Aug 29N/A179,582
ADHDAlcobra Ltd.19.26 Aug 29N/A163,840
ADIAnalog Devices, Inc.51.12 Aug 29N/A1,631,495
ADMPAdamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation4.02 Aug 29N/A61,741
ADMSAdamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc.18.74 Aug 29N/A39,007
ADNCAudience, Inc.8.58 Aug 29N/A290,026
ADPAutomatic Data Processing, Inc.83.48 Aug 29N/A1,556,882
ADSKAutodesk, Inc.53.64 Aug 29N/A1,774,866
ADTNADTRAN Inc.23.08 Aug 29N/A154,706
ADUSAddus HomeCare Corporation21.90 Aug 29N/A24,176
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