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NASDAQ Composite (^IXIC)

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4,566.14 Up 16.91(0.37%) Oct 30
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Components for ^IXIC 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
EAElectronic Arts Inc.39.85 Oct 30N/A6,688,102
EACErickson Incorporated14.81 Oct 30N/A20,172
EAGLSilver Eagle Acquisition Corp.9.79 Oct 24N/A0
EARSAuris Medical Holding AG4.50 Oct 30N/A1,317
EBAYeBay Inc.51.55 Oct 30N/A6,923,229
EBIOEleven Biotherapeutics, Inc.10.83 Oct 30N/A15,127
EBIXEbix Inc.14.68 Oct 30N/A288,363
EBMTEagle Bancorp Montana, Inc.10.55 Oct 30N/A190
EBSBMeridian Bancorp, Inc.11.16 Oct 30N/A180,414
EBTCEnterprise Bancorp Inc.23.14 Oct 30N/A34,087
ECHOEcho Global Logistics, Inc.26.09 Oct 30N/A203,866
ECOLUS Ecology, Inc.50.10 Oct 30N/A243,454
ECPGEncore Capital Group, Inc.44.80 Oct 30N/A276,840
ECTEEcho Therapeutics, Inc.0.58 Oct 30N/A13,595
ECYTEndocyte, Inc.6.22 Oct 30N/A941,965
EDAPEDAP TMS SA1.64 Oct 30N/A109,427
EDGWEdgewater Technology Inc.6.91 Oct 30N/A5,056
EDMCEducation Management Corporation0.66 Oct 30N/A148,847
EDSExceed Company Ltd.1.60 Oct 30N/A13,452
EDUCEducational Development Corporation4.30 Oct 30N/A834
EEFTEuronet Worldwide Inc.53.47 Oct 30N/A407,862
EEIEcology & Environment, Inc.9.77 Oct 30N/A3,228
EFIIElectronics for Imaging, Inc.44.59 Oct 30N/A275,708
EFOIEnergy Focus, Inc.6.11 Oct 30N/A76,379
EFSCEnterprise Financial Services Corp.18.15 Oct 30N/A45,255
EFUTe-Future Information Technology Inc.4.10 Oct 30N/A1,790
EGANeGain Corporation4.12 Oct 30N/A16,648
EGBNEagle Bancorp, Inc.35.34 Oct 30N/A76,239
EGHT8x8 Inc.7.82 Oct 30N/A576,998
EGLEEagle Bulk Shipping, Inc.15.93 Oct 30N/A9,421
EGLTEgalet Corporation7.05 Oct 30N/A19,533
EGOVNIC Inc.17.92 Oct 30N/A342,383
EGRXEagle Pharmaceuticals Inc.12.80 Oct 30N/A59,787
EGTEntertainment Gaming Asia Inc.0.50 Oct 30N/A54,837
EHTHeHealth, Inc.22.60 Oct 30N/A310,405
EIGIEndurance International Group Holdings, Inc.16.41 Oct 30N/A163,430
ELGXEndologix Inc.11.25 Oct 30N/A757,988
ELNKEarthLink Holdings Corp.3.61 Oct 30N/A754,178
ELONEchelon Corporation2.03 Oct 30N/A76,057
ELOSSyneron Medical Ltd.9.19 Oct 30N/A41,468
ELRCElectro Rent Corporation15.30 Oct 30N/A81,152
ELSEElectro-Sensors Inc.3.77 Oct 29N/A74
ELTKEltek Ltd.1.55 Oct 30N/A1,540
EMCFEmclaire Financial Corp.24.38 Oct 30N/A742
EMCIEMC Insurance Group Inc.31.52 Oct 30N/A24,410
EMITFElbit Imaging Ltd.2.63 Oct 30N/A9,546
EMKREMCORE Corporation5.18 Oct 30N/A136,508
EMLThe Eastern Company15.94 Oct 30N/A3,033
EMMSEmmis Communications Corp.2.04 Oct 30N/A23,468
ENDPEndo International plc66.29 Oct 30N/A2,512,536
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