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NASDAQ Composite (^IXIC)

4,598.19 Up 17.92(0.39%) Sep 2
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Components for ^IXIC 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
FALCFalconstor Software Inc.1.31 Sep 2N/A24,440
FANGDiamondback Energy, Inc.83.23 Sep 2N/A1,145,214
FARMFarmer Brothers Co.24.00 Sep 2N/A33,612
FAROFARO Technologies Inc.58.04 Sep 2N/A80,606
FASTFastenal Company45.18 Sep 2N/A1,200,192
FATEFate Therapeutics, Inc.5.25 Sep 2N/A6,913
FBFacebook, Inc.76.68 Sep 2N/A34,979,438
FBIZFirst Business Financial Services, Inc.45.10 Sep 2N/A27,258
FBMSFirst Bancshares Inc.14.46 Sep 2N/A5,130
FBNCFirst Bancorp17.77 Sep 2N/A43,465
FBNKFirst Connecticut Bancorp, Inc.15.46 Sep 2N/A59,086
FBRCFBR & Co.28.78 Sep 2N/A186,303
FBSSFauquier Bankshares Inc.16.50 Sep 2N/A200
FCAPFirst Capital Inc.22.60 Sep 2N/A329
FCBCFirst Community Bancshares, Inc.16.45 Sep 2N/A23,310
FCCOFirst Community Corporation10.75 Sep 2N/A1,505
FCCY1st Constitution Bancorp10.40 Sep 2N/A7,771
FCELFuelCell Energy Inc.2.62 Sep 2N/A4,772,327
FCFSFirst Cash Financial Services Inc.57.40 Sep 2N/A89,267
FCLFFirst Clover Leaf Financial Corp.9.60 Sep 2N/A2,244
FCNCAFirst Citizens Bancshares Inc.232.30 Sep 2N/A10,483
FCSFairchild Semiconductor International Inc.18.04 Sep 2N/A2,824,339
FCSCFibrocell Science, Inc.3.18 Sep 2N/A22,708
FCTY1st Century Bancshares, Inc.7.45 Sep 2N/A2,830
FCVAFirst Capital Bancorp, Inc.4.46 Sep 2N/A1,325
FCZAFirst Citizens Banc Corp.9.05 Sep 2N/A2,378
FCZAPFirst Citizens Banc Corp.31.40 Sep 2N/A100
FDEFFirst Defiance Financial Corp.27.89 Sep 2N/A13,520
FDMLFederal-Mogul Holdings Corporation17.26 Sep 2N/A109,861
FEICFEI Company84.52 Sep 2N/A340,569
FEIMFrequency Electronics Inc.11.55 Sep 2N/A19,749
FELEFranklin Electric Co., Inc.38.57 Sep 2N/A133,317
FESForbes Energy Services Ltd.4.91 Sep 2N/A25,398
FEYEFireEye, Inc.33.78 Sep 2N/A17,543,214
FFBCFirst Financial Bancorp.16.79 Sep 2N/A78,320
FFCOFedFirst Financial Corp.21.55 Sep 2N/A3,000
FFHLFuwei Films (Holdings) Co., Ltd.1.12 Sep 2N/A1,552
FFICFlushing Financial Corp.19.50 Sep 2N/A55,265
FFINFirst Financial Bankshares Inc.29.76 Sep 2N/A122,434
FFIVF5 Networks, Inc.125.73 Sep 2N/A653,884
FFKTFarmers Capital Bank Corporation22.47 Sep 2N/A24,109
FFKYFirst Financial Service Corp.3.65 Sep 2N/A1,160
FFNMFirst Federal of Northern Michigan Bancorp, Inc.5.89 Sep 2N/A34,797
FFNWFirst Financial Northwest, Inc.10.80 Sep 2N/A26,807
FHCOThe Female Health Company3.78 Sep 2N/A161,005
FIBKFirst Interstate Bancsystem Inc.27.05 Sep 2N/A179,588
FINLFinish Line Inc.29.54 Sep 2N/A501,664
FISHMarlin Midstream Partners, LP21.31 Sep 2N/A32,451
FISIFinancial Institutions Inc.24.37 Sep 2N/A37,166
FISVFiserv, Inc.64.65 Sep 2N/A1,062,468
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