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NASDAQ Composite (^IXIC)

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4,562.19 Up 9.43(0.21%) Sep 17
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Components for ^IXIC 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
HAHawaiian Holdings Inc.15.12 Sep 17N/A420,412
HAFCHanmi Financial Corporation20.23 Sep 17N/A110,943
HAINThe Hain Celestial Group, Inc.102.11 Sep 17N/A488,466
HALLHallmark Financial Services Inc.10.18 Sep 17N/A18,231
HALOHalozyme Therapeutics, Inc.9.88 Sep 17N/A2,969,260
HARTHarvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc.8.35 Sep 17N/A37,642
HASHasbro Inc.53.77 Sep 17N/A806,823
HAWKBlackhawk Network Holdings, Inc.28.34 Sep 17N/A174,361
HAWKBBlackhawk Network Holdings, Inc.28.29 Sep 17N/A88,105
HAYNHaynes International, Inc.51.32 Sep 17N/A30,112
HBANHuntington Bancshares Incorporated10.10 Sep 17N/A7,918,901
HBCPHome Bancorp, Inc.22.40 Sep 17N/A14,195
HBHCHancock Holding Company33.21 Sep 17N/A534,900
HBIOHarvard Bioscience Inc.4.46 Sep 17N/A20,372
HBKHamilton Bancorp, Inc. (Maryland)13.44 Sep 17N/A1,128
HBMDHoward Bancorp Inc.10.25 Sep 17N/A6,311
HBNCHorizon Bancorp22.44 Sep 17N/A20,269
HBNKHampden Bancorp, Inc.17.00 Sep 17N/A468
HBOSHeritage Financial Group, Inc.20.04 Sep 17N/A2,513
HBPHuttig Building Products Inc.3.82 Sep 17N/A17,929
HCACHennessy Capital Acquisition Corp.9.73 Sep 12N/A0
HCAPHarvest Capital Credit Corporation13.81 Sep 17N/A13,331
HCBKHudson City Bancorp, Inc.10.13 Sep 17N/A1,726,724
HCCIHeritage-Crystal Clean, Inc15.46 Sep 17N/A9,869
HCKTThe Hackett Group, Inc.6.13 Sep 17N/A37,892
HCOMHawaiian Telcom Holdco, Inc.26.76 Sep 17N/A12,196
HCSGHealthcare Services Group Inc.28.08 Sep 17N/A346,255
HCTAmerican Realty Capital Healthcare Trust, Inc.10.52 Sep 17N/A1,757,429
HDNGHardinge Inc.11.01 Sep 17N/A40,100
HDSHD Supply Holdings, Inc.28.52 Sep 17N/A1,400,439
HDSNHudson Technologies Inc.3.43 Sep 17N/A257,045
HEARTurtle Beach Corporation7.30 Sep 17N/A57,951
HEESH&E Equipment Services Inc.40.28 Sep 17N/A155,727
HELEHelen of Troy Limited55.79 Sep 17N/A168,785
HEOPHeritage Oaks Bancorp6.93 Sep 17N/A42,583
HEROHercules Offshore, Inc.3.04 Sep 17N/A2,639,075
HFBCHopFed Bancorp Inc.11.47 Sep 17N/A4,325
HFBLHome Federal Bancorp, Inc. of Louisiana19.16 Sep 17N/A234
HFFCHF Financial Corp.13.40 Sep 17N/A2,760
HFWAHeritage Financial Corp.16.71 Sep 17N/A50,111
HGSHChina HGS Real Estate Inc.6.37 Sep 17N/A194,156
HIBBHibbett Sports, Inc.43.31 Sep 17N/A538,590
HIFSHingham Institution for Savings81.49 Sep 17N/A1,502
HIHOHighway Holdings Limited3.01 Sep 17N/A11,830
HIIQHealth Insurance Innovations, Inc.12.24 Sep 17N/A23,332
HILLDot Hill Systems Corp.3.86 Sep 17N/A126,598
HIMXHimax Technologies, Inc.8.71 Sep 17N/A2,346,906
HKTVHong Kong Television Network Limited6.51 Sep 17N/A857
HLITHarmonic Inc.6.59 Sep 17N/A701,236
HLSSHome Loan Servicing Solutions, Ltd.22.30 Sep 17N/A611,994
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