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NASDAQ Composite (^IXIC)

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4,580.27 Up 22.58(0.50%) Aug 29
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Components for ^IXIC 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
RADARADA Electronic Industries Ltd.1.47 Aug 29N/A16,063
RAILFreightCar America Inc.29.79 Aug 29N/A64,581
RAREUltragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.53.36 Aug 29N/A473,841
RAVNRaven Industries Inc.26.66 Aug 29N/A75,774
RBCAARepublic Bancorp Inc.22.76 Aug 29N/A16,063
RBCNRubicon Technology, Inc.6.24 Aug 29N/A389,570
RBPAARoyal Bancshares of Pennsylvania Inc.1.54 Aug 29N/A31,004
RCIIRent-A-Center, Inc.27.86 Aug 29N/A617,480
RCKYRocky Brands, Inc.14.88 Aug 29N/A15,448
RCMTRCM Technologies Inc.7.44 Aug 29N/A26,693
RCONRecon Technology, Ltd.4.66 Aug 29N/A141,153
RCPIRock Creek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.0.34 Aug 29N/A260,540
RCPTReceptos, Inc.51.15 Aug 29N/A446,198
RDCMRadcom Ltd.5.80 Aug 29N/A25,332
RDENElizabeth Arden, Inc.17.10 Aug 29N/A399,571
RDHLRedHill Biopharma Ltd.14.85 Aug 29N/A2,180
RDIReading International, Inc.8.64 Aug 29N/A11,973
RDNTRadNet, Inc.6.68 Aug 29N/A356,457
RDUSRadius Health, Inc.13.68 Aug 29N/A11,212
RDWRRadware Ltd.17.33 Aug 29N/A71,664
RECNResources Connection Inc.15.31 Aug 29N/A75,059 India Limited2.36 Aug 29N/A170,869
REFRResearch Frontiers Inc.5.09 Aug 29N/A27,669
REGIRenewable Energy Group, Inc.12.16 Aug 29N/A323,219
REGNRegeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.350.45 Aug 29N/A525,535
REISReis, Inc.23.72 Aug 29N/A27,639
RELLRichardson Electronics Ltd.10.19 Aug 29N/A20,743
RELVReliv International, Inc.1.22 Aug 29N/A25,152
REMYRemy International, Inc.22.10 Aug 29N/A119,395
RENTRentrak Corporation51.06 Aug 29N/A58,604
REPHRecro Pharma, Inc.5.92 Aug 29N/A6,166
RESNResonant Inc.7.41 Aug 29N/A26,224
REXIResource America, Inc.9.42 Aug 29N/A14,192
REXXRex Energy Corporation15.28 Aug 29N/A512,151
RFILRF Industries, Ltd.5.55 Aug 29N/A11,498
RFMDRF Micro Devices Inc.12.47 Aug 29N/A16,331,654
RGCORGC Resources, Inc.20.29 Aug 28N/A0
RGDORegado Biosciences, Inc.1.11 Aug 29N/A442,100
RGDXResponse Genetics, Inc0.79 Aug 29N/A82,233
RGENRepligen Corporation19.06 Aug 29N/A264,907
RGLDRoyal Gold, Inc.77.75 Aug 29N/A463,805
RGLSRegulus Therapeutics Inc.6.88 Aug 29N/A35,415
RGSEReal Goods Solar, Inc.1.50 Aug 29N/A462,757
RIBTRiceBran Technologies6.65 Aug 29N/A424,857
RICKRCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc.11.93 Aug 29N/A25,771
RIGLRigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2.60 Aug 29N/A911,753
RITTRiT Technologies Ltd.1.24 Aug 29N/A7,100
RIVRRiver Valley Bancorp21.50 Aug 29N/A800
RJETRepublic Airways Holdings Inc.10.15 Aug 29N/A394,809
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