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NASDAQ Composite (^IXIC)

-Nasdaq GIDS
4,579.79 Down 13.64(0.30%) Sep 19
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Components for ^IXIC 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
SAASinContact, Inc.9.45 Sep 19N/A2,851,752
SABRSabre Corporation18.81 Sep 19N/A293,363
SAEXSAExploration Holdings, Inc.8.60 Sep 19N/A29,360
SAFMSanderson Farms, Inc.90.63 Sep 19N/A386,305
SAFTSafety Insurance Group Inc.53.58 Sep 19N/A123,944
SAGESage Therapeutics, Inc.27.07 Sep 19N/A71,824
SAIASaia, Inc.51.17 Sep 19N/A480,012
SAJASajan, Inc.5.35 Sep 19N/A2,600
SALSalisbury Bancorp Inc.28.30 Sep 19N/A7,704
SALERetailMeNot, Inc.17.28 Sep 19N/A1,376,966
SALMSalem Communications Corp.7.62 Sep 19N/A87,596
SAMGSilvercrest Asset Management Group Inc.14.78 Sep 19N/A38,523
SANMSanmina Corporation22.84 Sep 19N/A999,555
SANWS&W Seed Company5.04 Sep 19N/A125,801
SAPESapient Corp.14.33 Sep 19N/A912,131
SASRSandy Spring Bancorp Inc.23.86 Sep 19N/A80,760
SATSEchoStar Corp.51.09 Sep 19N/A377,170
SAVESpirit Airlines, Inc.71.71 Sep 19N/A983,817
SBACSBA Communications Corp.112.13 Sep 19N/A1,200,696
SBBXSussex Bancorp9.81 Sep 19N/A45,556
SBCFSeacoast Banking Corp. of Florida11.23 Sep 19N/A350,982
SBCPSunshine Bancorp, Inc.11.67 Sep 19N/A77,536
SBFGSB Financial Group, Inc.9.15 Sep 19N/A1,958
SBGISinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.27.10 Sep 19N/A937,339
SBLKStar Bulk Carriers Corp.12.79 Sep 19N/A928,811
SBNYSignature Bank117.58 Sep 19N/A670,142
SBRASabra Health Care REIT, Inc.26.04 Sep 19N/A1,205,386
SBSASpanish Broadcasting System Inc.4.25 Sep 19N/A27,391
SBSISouthside Bancshares Inc.33.75 Sep 19N/A1,107,923
SBUXStarbucks Corporation76.07 Sep 19N/A6,020,383
SCAISurgical Care Affiliates, Inc.27.98 Sep 19N/A88,690
SCHLScholastic Corporation34.13 Sep 19N/A142,481
SCHNSchnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.25.23 Sep 19N/A223,302
SCLNSciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.6.98 Sep 19N/A466,368
SCMPSucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.6.71 Sep 19N/A110,360
SCOKSinoCoking Coal and Coke Chemical Industries, Inc.4.12 Sep 19N/A2,620,453
SCONSuperconductor Technologies Inc.2.91 Sep 19N/A114,088
SCORcomScore, Inc.38.37 Sep 19N/A477,328
SCSCScanSource, Inc.36.52 Sep 19N/A201,027
SCSSSelect Comfort Corporation20.91 Sep 19N/A4,821,783
SCTYSolarCity Corporation64.61 Sep 19N/A4,700,455
SCVLShoe Carnival Inc.18.76 Sep 19N/A68,879
SCYXSCYNEXIS, Inc.7.80 Sep 19N/A18,086
SEACSeaChange International Inc.7.38 Sep 19N/A372,279
SEEDOrigin Agritech Limited2.12 Sep 19N/A38,440
SEICSEI Investments Co.36.83 Sep 19N/A3,025,969
SEMISunEdison Semiconductor Limited17.33 Sep 19N/A283,339
SENEASeneca Foods Corp.29.81 Sep 19N/A28,564
SENEBSeneca Foods Corp.31.71 Sep 18N/A25
SEVSevcon, Inc.8.98 Sep 19N/A61,787
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