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NASDAQ Composite (^IXIC)

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4,532.10 Up 5.62(0.12%) Aug 21
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Components for ^IXIC 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
UACLUniversal Truckload Services Inc.24.88 Aug 21N/A7,925
UBCPUnited Bancorp Inc.8.05 Aug 21N/A1,600
UBFOUnited Security Bancshares5.91 Aug 21N/A1,101
UBICUBIC, Inc.23.57 Aug 21N/A8,017
UBNKUnited Financial Bancorp, Inc.12.61 Aug 21N/A112,844
UBNTUbiquiti Networks, Inc.45.25 Aug 21N/A517,846
UBOHUnited Bancshares Inc.15.00 Aug 21N/A6,684
UBSHUnion Bankshares Corporation24.00 Aug 21N/A114,844
UBSIUnited Bankshares Inc.32.81 Aug 21N/A148,943
UCBAUnited Community Bancorp12.00 Aug 21N/A7,463
UCBIUnited Community Banks, Inc.16.73 Aug 21N/A313,560
UCFCUnited Community Financial Corp.4.58 Aug 21N/A124,305
UCTTUltra Clean Holdings Inc.9.97 Aug 21N/A196,175
UDFUnited Development Funding IV18.74 Aug 21N/A74,114
UEICUniversal Electronics Inc.55.31 Aug 21N/A150,435
UEPSNet 1 Ueps Technologies Inc.11.19 Aug 21N/A209,679
UFCSUnited Fire Group, Inc29.63 Aug 21N/A30,074
UFPIUniversal Forest Products Inc.47.46 Aug 21N/A68,839
UFPTUFP Technologies, Inc.23.97 Aug 21N/A48,122
UGUnited-Guardian Inc.24.40 Aug 21N/A6,225
UHALAMERCO290.85 Aug 21N/A35,456
UIHCUnited Insurance Holdings Corp.16.06 Aug 21N/A197,511
ULBIUltralife Corp.3.36 Aug 21N/A14,025
ULTAULTA Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc.96.00 Aug 21N/A508,918
ULTIThe Ultimate Software Group, Inc.145.44 Aug 21N/A369,146
ULTRUltrapetrol (Bahamas) Ltd.3.36 Aug 21N/A44,300
UMBFUMB Financial Corporation57.76 Aug 21N/A68,966
UMPQUmpqua Holdings Corporation17.53 Aug 21N/A1,689,516
UNAMUnico American Corp.12.12 Aug 21N/A33,857
UNBUnion Bankshares, Inc.24.79 Aug 21N/A581
UNFIUnited Natural Foods, Inc.63.26 Aug 21N/A377,315
UNISUnilife Corporation2.30 Aug 21N/A364,892
UNTDUnited Online, Inc.12.53 Aug 21N/A195,680
UNTKUniTek Global Services, Inc.0.14 Aug 21N/A455,604
UNTYUnity Bancorp Inc.8.75 Aug 21N/A100
UNXLUni-Pixel, Inc.7.72 Aug 21N/A114,336
UPIUroplasty, Inc.2.77 Aug 21N/A14,962
UPIPUnwired Planet, Inc.2.00 Aug 21N/A222,092
URBNUrban Outfitters Inc.39.27 Aug 21N/A1,528,699
URREUranium Resources, Inc.2.86 Aug 21N/A82,986
USAKUSA Truck Inc.17.90 Aug 21N/A26,606
USAPUniversal Stainless & Alloy Products Inc.30.22 Aug 21N/A4,331
USATUSA Technologies Inc.1.84 Aug 21N/A23,136
USBIUnited Security Bancshares Inc.8.27 Aug 21N/A4,609
USCRU.S. Concrete, Inc.25.20 Aug 21N/A64,968
USEGUS Energy Corp.4.06 Aug 21N/A52,514
USLMUnited States Lime & Minerals, Inc.58.35 Aug 21N/A2,037
USMDUSMD Holdings, Inc.9.36 Aug 21N/A342
USTRUnited Stationers Inc.41.39 Aug 21N/A160,340
UTEKUltratech, Inc.25.33 Aug 21N/A347,770
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