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NASDAQ Composite (^IXIC)

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4,566.14 Up 16.91(0.37%) Oct 30
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Components for ^IXIC 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
ADTNADTRAN Inc.20.91 Oct 30N/A719,744
ADUSAddus HomeCare Corporation19.30 Oct 30N/A126,725
ADVSAdvent Software, Inc.33.95 Oct 30N/A389,763
ADXSAdvaxis, Inc.3.20 Oct 30N/A121,192
AEGNAegion Corporation18.17 Oct 30N/A414,952
AEGRAegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.34.21 Oct 30N/A2,359,072
AEHRAehr Test Systems2.54 Oct 30N/A13,150
AEISAdvanced Energy Industries, Inc.18.97 Oct 30N/A315,801
AEPIAEP Industries Inc.44.33 Oct 30N/A38,064
AERIAerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.24.79 Oct 30N/A165,386
AETIAmerican Electric Technologies, Inc6.65 Oct 30N/A20,213
AEYADDvantage Technologies Group Inc.2.40 Oct 30N/A4,054
AEZSAeterna Zentaris Inc.1.06 Oct 30N/A1,887,696
AFAMAlmost Family Inc.28.75 Oct 30N/A34,868
AFCBAthens Bancshares Corporation21.32 Oct 20N/A22
AFFXAffymetrix Inc.8.30 Oct 30N/A505,911
AFHAtlas Financial Holdings, Inc.14.80 Oct 30N/A25,872
AFMDAffimed N.V.4.44 Oct 30N/A21,218
AFOPAlliance Fiber Optic Products Inc.11.46 Oct 30N/A1,864,013
AFSIAmTrust Financial Services, Inc.44.11 Oct 30N/A1,494,742
AGENAgenus Inc.3.09 Oct 30N/A235,594
AGIIArgo Group International Holdings, Ltd.54.58 Oct 30N/A91,579
AGIOAgios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.84.37 Oct 30N/A409,434
AGNCAmerican Capital Agency Corp.22.69 Oct 30N/A3,325,541
AGRXAgile Therapeutics, Inc.7.18 Oct 30N/A17,994
AGTCApplied Genetic Technologies Corporation20.09 Oct 30N/A20,431
AGYSAgilysys Inc.11.24 Oct 30N/A61,805
AHGPAlliance Holdings GP, L.P.67.64 Oct 30N/A26,154
AHPIAllied Healthcare Products Inc.1.86 Oct 30N/A43,121
AIMCAltra Industrial Motion Corp.30.77 Oct 30N/A72,227
AIQAlliance Healthcare Services, Inc.25.12 Oct 30N/A12,321
AIRMAir Methods Corp.46.40 Oct 30N/A253,838
AIRTAir T Inc.13.01 Oct 30N/A2,932
AIXGAixtron SE11.91 Oct 30N/A154,503
AKAMAkamai Technologies, Inc.59.83 Oct 30N/A4,409,779
AKAOAchaogen, Inc.10.21 Oct 30N/A66,081
AKBAAkebia Therapeutics, Inc.13.11 Oct 30N/A188,721
AKERAkers Biosciences Inc.3.55 Oct 30N/A9,916
AKRXAkorn, Inc.43.64 Oct 30N/A1,020,654
ALCOAlico Inc.36.82 Oct 30N/A13,646
ALDRAlder Biopharmaceuticals Inc.16.81 Oct 30N/A54,773
ALDXAldeyra Therapeutics, Inc.7.50 Oct 30N/A123,503
ALGNAlign Technology Inc.51.95 Oct 30N/A487,349
ALGTAllegiant Travel Company128.74 Oct 30N/A129,182
ALIMAlimera Sciences, Inc.6.02 Oct 30N/A188,973
ALKSAlkermes plc51.29 Oct 30N/A1,077,650
ALLBAlliance Bancorp Inc of Pennsylvania16.20 Oct 30N/A300
ALLTAllot Communications Ltd.11.27 Oct 30N/A232,222
ALNYAlnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.94.72 Oct 30N/A466,563
ALOGAnalogic Corporation71.49 Oct 30N/A84,185
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