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NASDAQ Composite (^IXIC)

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4,570.64 Up 13.29(0.29%) Aug 26
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Components for ^IXIC 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
NNBRNN Inc.29.11 Aug 26N/A87,284
NOVBNorth Valley Bancorp21.20 Aug 26N/A181,189
NPBCNational Penn Bancshares Inc.10.18 Aug 26N/A820,886
NPSPNPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.29.37 Aug 26N/A1,909,055
NRCIANational Research Corp.13.65 Aug 26N/A13,091
NRCIBNational Research Corp.37.64 Aug 26N/A2,188
NRIMNorthrim Bancorp Inc.24.78 Aug 26N/A16,344
NRXNephroGenex, Inc.4.02 Aug 26N/A11,639
NSECNational Security Group Inc.11.68 Aug 26N/A374
NSITInsight Enterprises Inc.26.33 Aug 26N/A108,302
NSPHNanosphere, Inc.0.86 Aug 26N/A248,506
NSSCNapco Security Technologies, Inc.5.07 Aug 26N/A170,167
NSTGNanoString Technologies, Inc.11.20 Aug 26N/A53,487
NSYSNortech Systems Inc.5.04 Aug 26N/A1,950
NTAPNetApp, Inc.41.42 Aug 26N/A2,677,696
NTCTNetScout Systems, Inc.45.85 Aug 26N/A143,640
NTESNetEase, Inc.90.12 Aug 26N/A456,469
NTGRNetgear Inc.33.33 Aug 26N/A203,658
NTICNorthern Technologies International Corp.19.70 Aug 26N/A14,722
NTKNortek Inc.83.35 Aug 26N/A37,859
NTLSNTELOS Holdings Corp.12.69 Aug 26N/A161,295
NTRINutrisystem, Inc.16.07 Aug 26N/A377,282
NTRSNorthern Trust Corporation68.93 Aug 26N/A664,636
NTWKNetSol Technologies, Inc.2.77 Aug 26N/A243,434
NUANNuance Communications, Inc.17.17 Aug 26N/A1,758,984
NURONeuroMetrix Inc.1.83 Aug 26N/A90,520
NUTRNutraceutical International Corporation24.40 Aug 26N/A18,812
NUVANuVasive, Inc.35.68 Aug 26N/A161,632
NVAXNovavax, Inc.4.79 Aug 26N/A3,147,947
NVCNNeovasc Inc.5.20 Aug 26N/A19,652
NVDANVIDIA Corporation19.45 Aug 26N/A6,740,958
NVDQNovadaq Technologies Inc.13.80 Aug 26N/A1,191,994
NVECNVE Corp.69.00 Aug 26N/A16,572
NVEENV5 Holdings, Inc.9.50 Aug 26N/A1,618
NVFYNova Lifestyle, Inc.4.36 Aug 26N/A76,530
NVGNNovogen Limited3.27 Aug 26N/A10,911
NVMINova Measuring Instruments Ltd.11.08 Aug 26N/A114,126
NVSLNaugatuck Valley Financial Corporation8.16 Aug 26N/A14,181
NVTLNovatel Wireless Inc.2.21 Aug 26N/A466,472
NWBINorthwest Bancshares, Inc.12.65 Aug 26N/A283,694
NWBONorthwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.5.95 Aug 26N/A498,188
NWFLNorwood Financial Corp.29.10 Aug 26N/A472
NWLINational Western Life Insurance Company258.90 Aug 26N/A4,504
NWPXNorthwest Pipe Co.37.61 Aug 26N/A32,486
NWSNews Corporation17.25 Aug 26N/A359,293
NWSANews Corporation17.62 Aug 26N/A1,349,392
NXPINXP Semiconductors NV64.74 Aug 26N/A2,328,558
NXSTNexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc.45.62 Aug 26N/A214,284
NXTMNxstage Medical, Inc.13.08 Aug 26N/A160,236
NYMTNew York Mortgage Trust Inc.8.03 Aug 26N/A658,874
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