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NASDAQ Industrial (^INDS)

-Nasdaq GIDS
3,642.31 Down 7.38(0.20%) Sep 30
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Components for ^INDS 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
AAONAAON Inc.17.01 Sep 30N/A307,732
ABACAoxin Tianli Group, Inc.2.00 Sep 30N/A8,641
ABCDCambium Learning Group, Inc.1.52 Sep 30N/A1,200
ABCOThe Advisory Board Company46.59 Sep 30N/A497,507
ABGBAbengoa SA26.58 Sep 30N/A25,696
ABTLAutobytel Inc.8.59 Sep 30N/A97,495
ABYAbengoa Yield plc35.58 Sep 30N/A4,026,434
ACATArctic Cat Inc.34.82 Sep 30N/A115,617
ACETAceto Corp.19.32 Sep 30N/A203,995
ACPWActive Power Inc.2.00 Sep 30N/A45,905
ACTGAcacia Research Corporation15.48 Sep 30N/A379,034
ACXMAcxiom Corporation16.55 Sep 30N/A836,525
ADEPAdept Technology Inc.8.41 Sep 30N/A64,526
ADESAdvanced Emissions Solutions, Inc.21.27 Sep 30N/A304,523
ADPAutomatic Data Processing, Inc.83.08 Sep 30N/A2,358,037
AEGNAegion Corporation22.25 Sep 30N/A282,944
AEPIAEP Industries Inc.37.87 Sep 30N/A25,223
AETIAmerican Electric Technologies, Inc7.41 Sep 30N/A1,266
AHGPAlliance Holdings GP, L.P.68.24 Sep 30N/A79,058
AIMCAltra Industrial Motion Corp.29.16 Sep 30N/A261,343
ALCOAlico Inc.38.10 Sep 30N/A15,860
ALCSALCO Stores, Inc.2.00 Sep 30N/A125,182
AMBAAmbarella, Inc.43.67 Sep 30N/A4,561,213
AMCFAndatee China Marine Fuel Services Corporation3.27 Sep 30N/A147,361
AMCNAirMedia Group Inc.1.74 Sep 30N/A444,553
AMCXAMC Networks Inc.58.42 Sep 30N/A737,978
AMOTAllied Motion Technologies Inc.14.20 Sep 30N/A30,637
AMRKA-Mark Precious Metals, Inc.11.37 Sep 30N/A8,584
AMRSAmyris, Inc.3.79 Sep 30N/A161,647
AMSCAmerican Superconductor Corporation1.41 Sep 30N/A206,126
AMTXAemetis, Inc.8.68 Sep 30N/A90,925
AMWDAmerican Woodmark Corp.36.86 Sep 30N/A138,389 Inc.322.44 Sep 30N/A2,639,967
ANDEThe Andersons, Inc.62.88 Sep 30N/A316,952
ANGIAngie's List, Inc.6.37 Sep 30N/A1,059,506
APAGFApco Oil & Gas International Inc.12.89 Sep 30N/A73,029
APEIAmerican Public Education, Inc.26.99 Sep 30N/A121,532
APOGApogee Enterprises, Inc.39.80 Sep 30N/A326,434
APOLApollo Education Group, Inc.25.15 Sep 30N/A594,173
APWCAsia Pacific Wire & Cable Corp. Ltd.2.49 Sep 30N/A15,440
ARCIAppliance Recycling Centers of America Inc.2.95 Sep 30N/A6,215
AREXApproach Resources, Inc.14.50 Sep 30N/A1,016,197
ARIIAmerican Railcar Industries, Inc.73.92 Sep 30N/A261,181
ARKRArk Restaurants Corp.22.46 Sep 30N/A1,426
ARLPAlliance Resource Partners LP42.84 Sep 30N/A294,574
ARTNAArtesian Resources Corp.20.14 Sep 30N/A33,741
ARTWArt's-Way Manufacturing Co. Inc.5.00 Sep 30N/A2,730
ARTXArotech Corporation3.25 Sep 30N/A287,942
ASCMAAscent Capital Group, Inc.60.20 Sep 30N/A84,388
ASEIAmerican Science & Engineering Inc.55.38 Sep 30N/A48,740
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