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Components for ^MSH 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
AAPLApple Inc.100.58 Aug 21N/A33,503,050
ACNAccenture plc80.82 Aug 21N/A1,360,147
ADBEAdobe Systems Inc.71.73 Aug 21N/A1,886,928
ADIAnalog Devices, Inc.52.54 Aug 21N/A1,181,579
ADPAutomatic Data Processing, Inc.83.89 Aug 21N/A810,956
AMATApplied Materials, Inc.22.20 Aug 21N/A11,350,001 Inc.332.91 Aug 21N/A1,975,942, Inc55.71 Aug 21N/A9,547,093
CSCOCisco Systems, Inc.24.89 Aug 21N/A20,881,827
CTSHCognizant Technology Solutions Corporation46.01 Aug 21N/A3,771,142
EBAYeBay Inc.55.89 Aug 21N/A50,437,312
EMCEMC Corporation29.62 Aug 21N/A10,668,654
ERICEricsson12.62 Aug 21N/A1,585,430
FBFacebook, Inc.74.57 Aug 21N/A20,106,477
GLWCorning Inc.20.65 Aug 21N/A7,693,448
GOOGGoogle Inc.583.37 Aug 21N/A912,964
GOOGLGoogle Inc.592.42 Aug 21N/A1,133,593
HPQHewlett-Packard Company37.00 Aug 21N/A39,517,527
IBMInternational Business Machines Corporation191.23 Aug 21N/A2,497,985
INTCIntel Corporation35.15 Aug 21N/A37,166,168
JNPRJuniper Networks, Inc.23.99 Aug 21N/A5,016,601
LNKDLinkedIn Corporation219.20 Aug 21N/A1,069,348
MSFTMicrosoft Corporation45.22 Aug 21N/A22,285,502
MSIMotorola Solutions, Inc.61.70 Aug 21N/A1,578,752
NFLXNetflix, Inc.472.05 Aug 21N/A1,679,040
NTAPNetApp, Inc.40.92 Aug 21N/A1,805,032
ORCLOracle Corporation41.58 Aug 21N/A9,569,211
PCLNThe Priceline Group Inc.1,265.05 Aug 21N/A403,331
QCOMQUALCOMM Incorporated76.77 Aug 21N/A8,646,467
SAPSAP SE77.96 Aug 21N/A814,718
SNDKSanDisk Corp.97.65 Aug 21N/A2,856,611
STXSeagate Technology Public Limited Company60.43 Aug 21N/A1,447,220
TXNTexas Instruments Inc.48.17 Aug 21N/A3,698,624
VVisa Inc.215.75 Aug 21N/A1,388,137
VMWVMware, Inc.102.57 Aug 21N/A1,218,815
XRXXerox Corporation13.60 Aug 21N/A4,691,774
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