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-Nasdaq GIDS
3,983.19 Down 3.00(0.08%) Jul 24
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Components for ^NDX 
SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolume
INTCIntel Corporation34.25 Jul 24N/A33,180,903
INTUIntuit Inc.82.59 Jul 24N/A1,354,467
ISRGIntuitive Surgical, Inc.473.33 Jul 24N/A1,227,077
KLACKLA-Tencor Corporation73.02 Jul 24N/A2,282,213
KRFTKraft Foods Group, Inc.58.33 Jul 24N/A3,739,226
LBTYALiberty Global plc42.70 Jul 24N/A2,026,436
LINTALiberty Interactive Corporation29.33 Jul 24N/A1,127,866
LLTCLinear Technology Corporation44.49 Jul 24N/A2,574,171
LMCALiberty Media Corporation48.94 Jul 24N/A3,097,229
MARMarriott International, Inc.66.83 Jul 24N/A3,008,283
MATMattel, Inc.35.40 Jul 24N/A2,485,566
MDLZMondelez International, Inc.38.31 Jul 24N/A4,430,331
MNSTMonster Beverage Corporation66.67 Jul 24N/A1,271,799
MSFTMicrosoft Corporation44.40 Jul 24N/A30,725,348
MUMicron Technology Inc.33.88 Jul 24N/A22,688,383
MXIMMaxim Integrated Products, Inc.32.94 Jul 24N/A3,465,691
MYLMylan, Inc.51.90 Jul 24N/A3,013,512
NFLXNetflix, Inc.425.38 Jul 24N/A2,662,682
NTAPNetApp, Inc.38.12 Jul 24N/A2,653,085
NVDANVIDIA Corporation18.11 Jul 24N/A6,364,433
NXPINXP Semiconductors NV65.33 Jul 24N/A5,941,790
ORLYO'Reilly Automotive Inc.151.77 Jul 24N/A1,653,961
PAYXPaychex, Inc.42.56 Jul 24N/A1,622,628
PCARPACCAR Inc.65.55 Jul 24N/A1,033,879
PCLNThe Priceline Group Inc.1,236.73 Jul 24N/A621,929
QCOMQUALCOMM Incorporated76.17 Jul 24N/A37,728,802
REGNRegeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.304.44 Jul 24N/A605,549
ROSTRoss Stores Inc.63.63 Jul 24N/A1,345,173
SBACSBA Communications Corp.103.48 Jul 24N/A1,083,633
SBUXStarbucks Corporation80.45 Jul 24N/A8,064,643
SIALSigma-Aldrich Corporation102.59 Jul 24N/A561,556
SIRISirius XM Holdings Inc.3.45 Jul 24N/A48,590,351
SNDKSanDisk Corp.93.74 Jul 24N/A3,369,009
SPLSStaples, Inc.11.19 Jul 24N/A6,843,574
SRCLStericycle, Inc.117.77 Jul 24N/A310,747
STXSeagate Technology Public Limited Company59.58 Jul 24N/A1,842,859
SYMCSymantec Corporation23.87 Jul 24N/A4,259,453
TRIPTripAdvisor Inc.101.79 Jul 24N/A10,670,083
TSCOTractor Supply Company65.11 Jul 24N/A4,267,141
TSLATesla Motors, Inc.223.54 Jul 24N/A3,248,410
TXNTexas Instruments Inc.47.86 Jul 24N/A9,871,866
VIABViacom, Inc.85.62 Jul 24N/A3,413,958
VIPVimpelCom Ltd.8.29 Jul 24N/A1,224,570
VODVodafone Group Public Limited Company33.51 Jul 24N/A3,111,723
VRSKVerisk Analytics, Inc.63.20 Jul 24N/A424,341
VRTXVertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated95.77 Jul 24N/A1,962,264
WDCWestern Digital Corporation99.60 Jul 24N/A1,591,483
WFMWhole Foods Market, Inc.37.33 Jul 24N/A5,803,362
WYNNWynn Resorts Ltd.205.03 Jul 24N/A823,608
XLNXXilinx Inc.41.35 Jul 24N/A10,162,186
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