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Soybean Crush Synthetic Futures (BCXN15.CBT)

75.50 Down 0.75(0.98%) 7:35AM EDT
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SymbolNameLast TradeChange
BCXV14.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures125.50 7:35AM EDTUp 0.75 (0.60%)
BCXZ14.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures98.50 7:35AM EDTDown 1.25 (1.25%)
BCXF15.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures86.75 7:35AM EDTDown 0.75 (0.86%)
BCXG15.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures90.50 7:35AM EDTDown 1.00 (1.09%)
BCXK15.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures74.50 7:35AM EDTDown 1.00 (1.32%)
BCXN15.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures75.50 7:35AM EDTDown 0.75 (0.98%)
BCXQ15.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures75.50 7:35AM EDTDown 1.00 (1.31%)
BCXU15.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures87.25 7:35AM EDTUp 0.50 (0.57%)
BCXX15.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures95.00 7:35AM EDTUp 1.00 (1.06%)
BCXZ15.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures85.25 7:35AM EDTDown 0.50 (0.58%)
BCXG16.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures81.25 7:35AM EDTDown 0.75 (0.91%)
BCXH16.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures85.25 7:35AM EDTDown 1.00 (1.16%)
BCXK16.CBTSoybean Crush Synthetic Futures87.00 7:35AM EDTDown 1.50 (1.69%)

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