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Ethanol (Denatured Fuel) Future (EHH15.CBT)

1.69 Up 0.01(0.40%) Aug 1
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SymbolNameLast TradeChange
EHQ14.CBTEthanol (Denatured Fuel) Future2.09 Aug 1Down 0.01 (0.33%)
EHU14.CBTEthanol (Denatured Fuel) Future2.00 Aug 1Up 0.01 (0.35%)
EHV14.CBTEthanol (Denatured Fuel) Future1.91 Aug 1Up 0.01 (0.42%)
EHX14.CBTEthanol (Denatured Fuel) Future1.82 Aug 1Down 0.01 (0.44%)
EHZ14.CBTEthanol (Denatured Fuel) Future1.76 Aug 1Down 0.01 (0.34%)
EHF15.CBTEthanol (Denatured Fuel) Future1.73 Aug 1Up 0.01 (0.41%)
EHG15.CBTEthanol (Denatured Fuel) Future1.70 Aug 1Up 0.01 (0.40%)
EHH15.CBTEthanol (Denatured Fuel) Future1.69 Aug 1Up 0.01 (0.40%)
EHJ15.CBTEthanol (Denatured Fuel) Future1.68 Aug 1Up 0.01 (0.40%)
EHK15.CBTEthanol (Denatured Fuel) Future1.67 Aug 1Up 0.01 (0.40%)
EHM15.CBTEthanol (Denatured Fuel) Future1.66 Aug 1Up 0.01 (0.40%)

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