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Nonfat Dry Milk Futures Settlem (GNFN14.CME)

186.50 Up 0.20(0.11%) Jul 24
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SymbolNameLast TradeChange
GNFQ14.CMENonfat Dry Milk Futures Settlem178.00 Jul 29Up 0.20 (0.11%)
GNFU14.CMENonfat Dry Milk Futures Settlem169.75 2:03PM EDTUp 0.25 (0.15%)
GNFV14.CMENonfat Dry Milk Futures,Oct-201162.68 1:09PM EDTUp 1.75 (1.08%)
GNFX14.CMENonfat Dry Milk Futures,Nov-201157.30 Jul 24Up 0.50 (0.32%)
GNFZ14.CMENonfat Dry Milk Futures,Dec-201154.25 1:20PM EDTUp 0.25 (0.16%)
GNFF15.CMENonfat Dry Milk Futures Settlem154.00 Jul 29Down 0.50 (0.32%)
GNFG15.CMENonfat Dry Milk Futures,Feb-201153.25 Jul 29Up 0.25 (0.16%)
GNFH15.CMENonfat Dry Milk Futures Settlem153.40 Jul 28Down 0.40 (0.26%)
GNFJ15.CMENonfat Dry Milk Futures Settlem155.23 Jul 29Up 0.27 (0.18%)
GNFK15.CMENonfat Dry Milk Futures,May-201152.00 Jul 29Up 1.00 (0.66%)
GNFM15.CMENonfat Dry Milk Futures,Jun-201150.00 Jul 29Up 2.00 (1.35%)

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