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Natural Gas miNY Futures,May-20 (QGK15.NYM)

-NY Mercantile
3.88 Down 0.06(1.55%) Aug 5
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SymbolNameLast TradeChange
QGV14.NYMNatural Gas miNY Futures,Oct-204.07 Aug 29Up 0.03 (0.74%)
QGX14.NYMNatural Gas miNY Futures,Nov-204.12 Aug 29Up 0.04 (0.85%)
QGZ14.NYMNatural Gas miNY Futures,Dec-204.20 Aug 29Up 0.02 (0.48%)
QGF15.NYMNatural Gas miNY Futures,Jan-204.27 Aug 28Up 0.62 (14.61%)
QGH15.NYMNatural Gas miNY Futures,Mar-204.17 Aug 26Down 0.03 (0.72%)
QGJ15.NYMNatural Gas miNY Futures,Apr-203.90 Aug 29Down 0.02 (0.39%)
QGM15.NYMNatural Gas miNY Futures,Jun-203.90 Aug 26Up 0.01 (0.13%)
QGQ15.NYMNatural Gas miNY Futures,Aug-203.93 Aug 27Down 0.03 (0.76%)

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