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Crude Oil miNY Futures,Dec-2013 (QMZ13.NYM)

0.00 0.00(0.00%) 1969-12-31T19:00:00GMT-05:00
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SymbolNameLast TradeChange
QMV14.NYMCrude Oil miNY Futures,Oct-201494.00 8:38AM EDTUp 0.13 (0.13%)
QMX14.NYMCrude Oil miNY Futures,Nov-201493.45 8:33AM EDTUp 0.10 (0.11%)
QMZ14.NYMCrude Oil miNY Futures,Dec-201493.15 7:42AM EDTUp 0.10 (0.11%)
QMF15.NYMCrude Oil miNY Futures,Jan-201592.88 6:40AM EDTDown 0.07 (0.08%)
QMG15.NYMCrude Oil miNY Futures,Feb-201592.68 6:40AM EDTDown 0.20 (0.22%)
QMJ15.NYMCrude Oil miNY Futures,Apr-201593.10 6:40AM EDTUp 0.42 (0.46%)
QMK15.NYMCrude Oil miNY Futures,May-201593.00 6:40AM EDTUp 0.45 (0.49%)
QMM15.NYMCrude Oil miNY Futures,Jun-201592.32 6:40AM EDTDown 0.10 (0.11%)
QMN15.NYMCrude Oil miNY Futures,Jul-201592.53 6:40AM EDTUp 0.33 (0.35%)
QMZ15.NYMCrude Oil miNY Futures,Dec-201590.50 6:40AM EDTDown 0.80 (0.88%)

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