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Mini Soybeans Futures Settlemen (XKX16.CBT)

1,023.63 Up 5.38(0.53%) Aug 22
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SymbolNameLast TradeChange
XKU14.CBTMini Soybeans Futures,Sep-20141,071.63 Aug 28Down 2.13 (0.20%)
XKX14.CBTMini Soybeans Futures Settlemen1,022.75 Aug 29Down 6.00 (0.58%)
XKF15.CBTMini Soybeans Futures,Jan-20151,029.25 Aug 29Down 7.25 (0.70%)
XKH15.CBTMini Soybeans Futures,Mar-20151,038.00 Aug 29Down 5.75 (0.55%)
XKK15.CBTMini Soybeans Futures Settlemen1,046.50 Aug 26Down 3.75 (0.36%)
XKN15.CBTMini Soybeans Futures,Jul-20151,058.50 Aug 28Up 3.75 (0.36%)
XKX15.CBTMini Soybeans Futures Settlemen1,033.63 Aug 29Down 5.88 (0.57%)
XKX16.CBTMini Soybeans Futures Settlemen1,023.63 Aug 22Up 5.38 (0.53%)

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