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Mini Wheat Futures,May-2014 (YWK14.CBT)

710.75 Up 29.75(4.37%) May 14
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SymbolNameLast TradeChange
YWU14.CBTMini Wheat Futures,Sep-2014,Com546.00 9:34PM EDTDown 10.50 (1.89%)
YWH15.CBTMini Wheat Futures,Mar-2015,Com581.00 9:34PM EDTDown 10.25 (1.73%)
YWK15.CBTMini Wheat Futures,May-2015581.25 9:34PM EDTDown 19.50 (3.25%)
YWN15.CBTMini Wheat Futures,Jul-2015,Com610.38 9:34PM EDTUp 5.13 (0.85%)
YWU15.CBTMini Wheat Futures,Sep-2015,Com608.00 9:34PM EDTDown 5.50 (0.90%)
YWZ15.CBTMini Wheat Futures,Dec-2015619.00 9:34PM EDTDown 8.00 (1.28%)
YWN16.CBTMini Wheat Futures,Jul-2016,Com620.00 9:34PM EDTDown 10.00 (1.59%)

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