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    Capella Education Co. (CPLA)

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    Insider Transactions Reported - Last Two Years
    Jul 23, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector8,402IndirectAutomatic Sale at $55.29 per share.464,546
    Jul 22, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector7,530IndirectAutomatic Sale at $55.10 per share.414,903
    Jul 21, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector4,900IndirectAutomatic Sale at $55.12 per share.270,088
    Jul 17, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector870IndirectAutomatic Sale at $55.03 per share.47,876
    Jul 16, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector7,200IndirectAutomatic Sale at $55.08 per share.396,576
    Jul 8, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector12,800IndirectAutomatic Sale at $52.16 - $52.47 per share.670,0002
    Jul 7, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector25,000IndirectAutomatic Sale at $52.64 per share.1,316,000
    Jul 6, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector15,500IndirectAutomatic Sale at $54.43 per share.843,665
    Jul 2, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector23,400IndirectAutomatic Sale at $53.27 per share.1,246,518
    Jul 1, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector23,300IndirectAutomatic Sale at $54.11 per share.1,260,763
    Jun 3, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector1,679IndirectSale at $53.56 per share.89,927
    Jun 2, 2015DALLAS H JAMESDirector1,859DirectPurchase at $53.79 per share.99,995
    Jun 2, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector10,900IndirectSale at $53.49 per share.583,041
    Jun 1, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector17,176IndirectSale at $53.46 per share.918,228
    May 29, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector20,245IndirectSale at $53.34 per share.1,079,868
    May 15, 2015TUKUA DARRELL RDirector568IndirectSale at $53.50 per share.30,388
    May 11, 2015GILLIGAN J KEVINOfficer5,610DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 11, 2015GILLIGAN J KEVINOfficer2,856DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $52.83 per share.150,882
    May 5, 2015DALLAS H JAMESDirectorN/ADirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
    May 4, 2015LINTON MICHAELDirector525DirectSale at $53.35 per share.28,008
    May 1, 2015TUKUA DARRELL RDirector1,727IndirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2015LOMAX MICHAEL LDirector1,727DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2015MILLER JODYDirector1,727DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2015TAYLOR JEFFREY WDirector1,727DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2015SMITH DAVID WDirector1,727DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector1,727IndirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2015LINTON MICHAELDirector1,727DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2015RAMSTAD PETER MOfficerN/ADirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
    Feb 23, 2015KINNEY SCOTTOfficer1,529DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $65.15 per share.99,614
    Feb 23, 2015GILLIGAN J KEVINOfficer3,877DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $65.15 per share.252,586
    Feb 23, 2015POLACEK STEVEN L.Officer5,335DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Feb 23, 2015KINNEY SCOTTOfficer4,655DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Feb 23, 2015POLACEK STEVEN L.Officer1,740DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $65.15 per share.113,361
    Feb 23, 2015GILLIGAN J KEVINOfficer12,150DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Jan 26, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector4,324IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70.01 per share.302,723
    Jan 23, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector2,956IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70 per share.206,920
    Jan 22, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector5,034IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70.01 per share.352,430
    Jan 21, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector1,590IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70 per share.111,300
    Jan 20, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector100IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70 per share.7,000
    Jan 16, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector2,441IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70.10 per share.171,114
    Jan 15, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector1,755IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70.20 per share.123,200
    Jan 14, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector6,469IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70.04 - $70.05 per share.453,0002
    Jan 13, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector3,100IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70.28 per share.217,868
    Jan 9, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector3,701IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70.34 per share.260,328
    Jan 8, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector13,335IndirectAutomatic Sale at $71.45 per share.952,785
    Jan 7, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector7,645IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70.63 per share.539,966
    Jan 6, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector9,700IndirectAutomatic Sale at $70.45 per share.683,365
    Jan 5, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector9,050IndirectAutomatic Sale at $72.79 per share.658,749
    Jan 2, 2015SHANK STEPHEN GDirector8,800IndirectAutomatic Sale at $74.20 per share.652,960
    Dec 16, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector10,800IndirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Dec 16, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector10,800IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Dec 8, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer1,029IndirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $70.53 per share.72,575
    Dec 1, 2014JACKSON RENEE LEONEOfficerN/ADirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
    Nov 14, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector3,223IndirectSale at $69.44 per share.223,805
    Nov 13, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector14,460IndirectSale at $69.49 per share.1,004,825
    Nov 12, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector21,398IndirectSale at $69.54 per share.1,488,016
    Nov 11, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector12,600IndirectSale at $68.68 per share.865,368
    Nov 10, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector11,398IndirectSale at $68.81 per share.784,296
    Nov 7, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector12,925IndirectSale at $69.16 per share.893,893
    Nov 6, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector11,088IndirectSale at $69.05 per share.765,626
    Nov 5, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector16,400IndirectSale at $69.42 per share.1,138,488
    Nov 4, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector21,758IndirectSale at $69.60 per share.1,514,356
    Nov 3, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector14,360IndirectSale at $70.06 per share.1,006,061
    Oct 31, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector46,974IndirectSale at $71.26 per share.3,347,367
    Oct 30, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer5,846DirectSale at $71.26 - $71.89 per share.418,0002
    Oct 30, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer5,400DirectOption Exercise at $53.91 per share.291,114
    Oct 30, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector13,416IndirectSale at $71.39 per share.957,768
    Oct 21, 2014FERGUSON MATTHEW WAGNERDirectorN/ADirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
    Oct 21, 2014BROGLEY RITA DDirectorN/ADirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
    Aug 11, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer1,379DirectOption Exercise at $20 per share.27,580
    Aug 11, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer1,379DirectSale at $67.50 per share.93,082
    Aug 8, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer6,872DirectSale at $66 - $66.5 per share.455,0002
    Aug 8, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer6,872DirectOption Exercise at $41.07 - $51.21 per share.N/A
    Aug 7, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer7,224DirectOption Exercise at $41.07 - $50.53 per share.N/A
    Aug 7, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer7,224DirectSale at $65.60 - $66 per share.475,0002
    Aug 6, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer511DirectSale at $65.42 per share.33,429
    Aug 5, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer4,944DirectSale at $65 - $66 per share.324,0002
    Aug 5, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer1,774DirectOption Exercise at $32.26 per share.57,229
    Aug 4, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer3,426DirectOption Exercise at $42.65 per share.146,118
    Aug 4, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer3,426DirectSale at $64.60 per share.221,319
    Aug 1, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector389IndirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Jun 6, 2014SLAVITT ANDREW MDirector11,300DirectSale at $55.73 - $55.93 per share.631,0002
    Jun 6, 2014SLAVITT ANDREW MDirector10,000DirectOption Exercise at $51.69 per share.516,900
    May 28, 2014LOMAX MICHAEL LDirector1,414DirectSale at $57.12 per share.80,767
    May 12, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer3,080DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 12, 2014POLACEK STEVEN L.Officer4,810DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 12, 2014GILLIGAN J KEVINOfficer4,231DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $60.33 per share.255,256
    May 12, 2014POLACEK STEVEN L.Officer1,579DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $60.33 per share.95,261
    May 12, 2014GILLIGAN J KEVINOfficer10,360DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 12, 2014THOM GREGORY WOfficer1,010DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $60.33 per share.60,933
    May 5, 2014TAYLOR JEFFREY WDirector1,400DirectSale at $60.16 per share.84,224
    May 5, 2014LINTON MICHAELDirector1,040DirectSale at $59.21 per share.61,578
    May 2, 2014TUKUA DARRELL RDirector1,282IndirectSale at $60 per share.76,920
    May 1, 2014LOMAX MICHAEL LDirector3,143DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2014SMITH DAVID WDirector3,143DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2014SLAVITT ANDREW MDirector3,143DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2014LINTON MICHAELDirector3,143DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector3,143IndirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2014TUKUA DARRELL RDirector3,143IndirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2014SHANK STEPHEN GDirector3,879IndirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $57.64 per share.223,585
    May 1, 2014TAYLOR JEFFREY WDirector3,143DirectOption Exercise N/A
    May 1, 2014MILLER JODYDirector3,143DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Dec 12, 2013MILLER JODYDirector1,996DirectSale at $64.63 per share.129,001
    Dec 12, 2013MILLER JODYDirector1,996DirectOption Exercise at $36.61 per share.73,073
    Dec 6, 2013GILLIGAN J KEVINOfficer30,000DirectOption Exercise at $51.21 per share.1,536,300
    Dec 6, 2013GILLIGAN J KEVINOfficer25,589DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $65.77 per share.1,682,988
    Dec 2, 2013POLACEK STEVEN L.Officer595DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $62.95 per share.37,455
    Dec 2, 2013POLACEK STEVEN L.Officer1,772DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Aug 28, 2013CHIAL SALLY BOfficer350DirectSale at $53.90 per share.18,865
    Aug 20, 2013CHIAL SALLY BOfficer81DirectSale at $54.24 per share.4,393
    Aug 13, 2013TAYLOR JEFFREY WDirector267DirectSale at $54.50 per share.14,551
    Aug 13, 2013CHIAL SALLY BOfficer16,964DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $54.20 per share.919,448
    Aug 13, 2013CHIAL SALLY BOfficer17,451DirectOption Exercise at $51.69 per share.902,042
    Aug 12, 2013CHIAL SALLY BOfficer12,158DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $54.54 per share.663,097
    Aug 12, 2013TAYLOR JEFFREY WDirector667DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Aug 12, 2013CHIAL SALLY BOfficer12,549DirectOption Exercise at $51.69 per share.648,657
    Aug 12, 2013MILLER JODYDirector667DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Data provided by EDGAR Online
    * = Where indicated, some values are estimates.
    1= Potential proceeds estimated by the filer.
    2= Estimated based on the average of multiple prices reported.
    3= Multiple dates reported. Most recent date shown.

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