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    Gentiva Health Services Inc. (GTIV)

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    Insider Transactions Reported - Last Two Years
    Jan 20, 2015FORMAN ROBERT S JRDirector7,755DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Jan 14, 2015FORMAN ROBERT S JRDirector5,840DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Dec 31, 2014CAMPERLENGO JOHN NOfficer284DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $16.24 per share.4,612
    Dec 16, 2014SLUSSER ERICOfficer88,277DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $18.97 per share.1,674,614
    Dec 16, 2014SLUSSER ERICOfficer146,100DirectOption Exercise at $5.16 - $11.46 per share.N/A
    Dec 12, 2014WINDLEY RODNEY DOfficer70,655DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.05 per share.1,345,977
    Dec 12, 2014WINDLEY RODNEY DOfficer125,000DirectOption Exercise at $10.24 per share.1,280,000
    Dec 4, 2014WEAVER CHARLOTTE AOfficer36,313DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.24 per share.698,662
    Dec 4, 2014WEAVER CHARLOTTE AOfficer73,150DirectOption Exercise at $5.16 - $11.46 per share.N/A
    Dec 4, 2014CAUSBY DAVID AOfficer124,066DirectOption Exercise at $5.16 - $18.54 per share.N/A
    Dec 4, 2014SHANER JEFFOfficer62,836DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.24 per share.1,208,964
    Dec 4, 2014GIERINGER DAVID LOfficer44,831DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.24 per share.862,548
    Dec 4, 2014GIERINGER DAVID LOfficer59,300DirectOption Exercise at $5.16 - $18.54 per share.N/A
    Dec 4, 2014SHANER JEFFOfficer114,500DirectOption Exercise at $5.16 - $18.54 per share.N/A
    Dec 4, 2014CAUSBY DAVID AOfficer75,316DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.24 per share.1,449,079
    Dec 4, 2014STRANGE TONYOfficer375,281DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.24 per share.7,220,406
    Dec 4, 2014STRANGE TONYOfficer555,884DirectOption Exercise at $5.16 - $18.54 per share.N/A
    Dec 3, 2014STRANGE TONYOfficer26,264DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.24 per share.505,319
    Dec 3, 2014WEAVER CHARLOTTE AOfficer4,136DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.24 per share.79,576
    Dec 3, 2014CAMPERLENGO JOHN NOfficer150,984DirectOption Exercise at $5.16 - $18.18 per share.N/A
    Dec 3, 2014SHANER JEFFOfficer8,611DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.24 per share.165,675
    Dec 3, 2014CAMPERLENGO JOHN NOfficer104,468DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.22 per share.2,007,874
    Dec 3, 2014CAUSBY DAVID AOfficer8,482DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.24 per share.163,193
    Dec 3, 2014GIERINGER DAVID LOfficer1,341DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.24 per share.25,800
    Sep 30, 2014CAMPERLENGO JOHN NOfficer373DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $14.45 per share.5,389
    Jun 30, 2014CAMPERLENGO JOHN NOfficer363DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $12.71 per share.4,613
    Jun 30, 2014CAUSBY DAVID AOfficer615DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $12.71 per share.7,816
    Mar 31, 2014STRANGE TONYOfficer1,996DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $7.68 per share.15,329
    Mar 31, 2014CAUSBY DAVID AOfficer1,542DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $7.68 per share.11,842
    Mar 31, 2014CAMPERLENGO JOHN NOfficer701DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $7.68 per share.5,383
    Feb 19, 2014CAUSBY DAVID AOfficer46,500DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 19, 2014CAMPERLENGO JOHN NOfficer27,100DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 19, 2014GIERINGER DAVID LOfficer6,800DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 19, 2014SLUSSER ERICOfficer32,100DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 19, 2014SHANER JEFFOfficer28,800DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 19, 2014WEAVER CHARLOTTE AOfficer16,500DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 19, 2014STRANGE TONYOfficer63,400DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Jan 5, 2014SLUSSER ERICOfficer3,634DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12 per share.43,608
    Jan 5, 2014SHANER JEFFOfficer3,247DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12 per share.38,964
    Jan 5, 2014STRANGE TONYOfficer9,126DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12 per share.109,512
    Jan 5, 2014CAMPERLENGO JOHN NOfficer3,054DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12 per share.36,648
    Jan 5, 2014WEAVER CHARLOTTE AOfficer1,856DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12 per share.22,272
    Jan 5, 2014CAUSBY DAVID AOfficer3,247DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12 per share.38,964
    Jan 5, 2014GIERINGER DAVID LOfficer565DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12 per share.6,780
    Dec 31, 2013CAMPERLENGO JOHN NOfficer5,603DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12.41 per share.69,533
    Dec 31, 2013SLUSSER ERICOfficer6,604DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12.41 per share.81,955
    Dec 31, 2013CAUSBY DAVID AOfficer5,937DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12.41 per share.73,678
    Dec 31, 2013CAMPERLENGO JOHN NOfficer434DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $10.65 per share.4,622
    Dec 31, 2013GIERINGER DAVID LOfficer1,036DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12.41 per share.12,856
    Dec 31, 2013SHANER JEFFOfficer5,937DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12.41 per share.73,678
    Dec 31, 2013STRANGE TONYOfficer18,276DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12.41 per share.226,805
    Dec 31, 2013WEAVER CHARLOTTE AOfficer3,402DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $12.41 per share.42,218
    Dec 23, 2013FORMAN ROBERT S JRDirector5,840DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Dec 11, 2013HICKS R STEVENDirector49,755IndirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Dec 11, 2013HICKS R STEVENDirector47,726DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Nov 25, 2013SHANER JEFFOfficer1,667DirectSale at $12.62 per share.21,037
    Nov 25, 2013CAUSBY DAVID AOfficer5,000DirectOption Exercise at $5.16 per share.25,800
    Nov 25, 2013CAUSBY DAVID AOfficer9,223DirectSale at $12.25 per share.112,981
    Nov 21, 2013FORMAN ROBERT S JRDirector6,924DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Oct 18, 2013HICKS R STEVENDirector10,000IndirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
    Oct 18, 2013HICKS R STEVENDirector2,440,620IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    Oct 18, 2013HICKS R STEVENDirector481,288DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    Sep 30, 2013CAMPERLENGO JOHN NOfficer532DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $10.14 per share.5,394
    Jun 30, 2013GIERINGER DAVID LOfficer222DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $8.22 per share.1,824
    Jun 17, 2013WINDLEY RODNEY DOfficer10,000IndirectAutomatic Sale at $11.73 per share.117,299
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    * = Where indicated, some values are estimates.
    1= Potential proceeds estimated by the filer.
    2= Estimated based on the average of multiple prices reported.
    3= Multiple dates reported. Most recent date shown.

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