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    National Healthcare Corp. (NHC)

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    Insider Transactions Reported - Last Two Years
    Sep 28, 2015FLATT STEPHEN FOWLEROfficer2,141DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.99,963
    Aug 24, 2015DANIEL DONALD KOfficer18,859IndirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.880,526
    Aug 24, 2015ADAMS ROBERT GOfficer10,000DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.466,900
    Aug 24, 2015USSERY ROBERT MICHAELOfficer4,500DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.210,105
    Aug 24, 2015SWAFFORD CHARLOTTE AOfficer5,459DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.254,880
    Aug 24, 2015POWELL JULIA WOfficer2,859DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.133,486
    Jun 10, 2015LASSITER DAVID LOfficer2,000DirectSale at $63.50 per share.127,000
    Jun 3, 2015ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector898DirectSale at $63.50 per share.57,023
    Jun 3, 2015BURGESS ERNEST G IIIDirector1,000DirectSale at $63 per share.63,000
    Jun 1, 2015HASSAN EMIL EDirector7,500DirectOption Exercise at $45.80 per share.343,500
    Jun 1, 2015ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector2DirectSale at $63.50 per share.127
    May 29, 2015ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector100DirectSale at $63.52 per share.6,352
    May 28, 2015ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector1,310DirectSale at $63 per share.82,530
    May 20, 2015TUCKER LAWRENCE CDirector7,500DirectOption Exercise at $47.45 per share.355,875
    Apr 22, 2015BURGESS ERNEST G IIIDirector800DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Mar 19, 2015ADAMS ROBERT GOfficer2,141DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.99,963
    Mar 12, 2015LASSITER DAVID LOfficer4,000DirectSale at $62.25 per share.249,000
    Mar 10, 2015COGGIN D GERALDOfficer5,000DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.233,450
    Mar 10, 2015USSERY ROBERT MICHAELOfficer5,000DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.233,450
    Mar 10, 2015DANIEL DONALD KOfficer2,141IndirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.99,963
    Mar 10, 2015POWELL JULIA WOfficer2,141DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.99,963
    Mar 10, 2015SWAFFORD CHARLOTTE AOfficer15,541DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.725,609
    Feb 19, 2015ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector1,310DirectOption Exercise at $45.80 per share.59,997
    Nov 17, 2014BURGESS ERNEST G IIIDirector1,000DirectSale at $60.29 per share.60,290
    Nov 17, 2014BURGESS ERNEST G IIIDirector1,775DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Nov 12, 2014HASSAN EMIL EDirector626DirectSale at $62.20 per share.38,937
    Nov 10, 2014ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector1,000DirectSale at $61.27 per share.61,270
    Nov 10, 2014HASSAN EMIL EDirector2,100DirectSale at $62.20 per share.130,620
    Nov 7, 2014HASSAN EMIL EDirector329DirectSale at $62.20 - $62.38 per share.20,0002
    Sep 11, 2014ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector606DirectSale at $58 per share.35,148
    Sep 2, 2014ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector1DirectSale at $58 per share.58
    Aug 22, 2014LASSITER DAVID LOfficer2,000DirectSale at $57.10 per share.114,200
    Aug 15, 2014ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector500DirectSale at $57.40 per share.28,700
    Aug 11, 2014ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector500DirectSale at $56.08 per share.28,040
    Aug 11, 2014NATIONAL HEALTH CORPBeneficial Owner (10% or more)125,000DirectSale at $55.96 per share.6,995,000
    Jun 5, 2014LASSITER DAVID LOfficer5,000DirectSale at $54.73 per share.273,650
    May 27, 2014ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector500DirectSale at $54.62 per share.27,310
    May 23, 2014ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector688DirectSale at $53.80 per share.37,014
    May 2, 2014ADAMS W ANDREWDirector4,634DirectOption Exercise at $37.70 per share.174,701
    Apr 30, 2014BURGESS ERNEST G IIIDirector2,534DirectOption Exercise at $37.70 per share.95,531
    Mar 17, 2014HASSAN EMIL EDirector2,000DirectSale at $55.08 per share.110,160
    Mar 14, 2014ADAMS W ANDREWDirector3,316DirectOption Exercise at $37.70 per share.125,013
    Mar 12, 2014TUCKER LAWRENCE CDirector7,500DirectOption Exercise at $45.80 per share.343,500
    Mar 5, 2014HASSAN EMIL EDirector3,950DirectOption Exercise at $37.70 per share.148,915
    Mar 4, 2014ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector600DirectSale at $52.21 per share.31,326
    Mar 4, 2014HASSAN EMIL EDirector2,149DirectSale at $55.12 per share.118,452
    Mar 3, 2014BURGESS ERNEST G IIIDirector3,316DirectOption Exercise at $37.70 per share.125,013
    Feb 28, 2014ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector500DirectSale at $51.85 per share.25,925
    Feb 25, 2014POWELL JULIA WOfficer4,000DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.186,760
    Feb 25, 2014DANIEL DONALD KOfficer6,000IndirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.280,140
    Feb 25, 2014FLATT STEPHEN FOWLEROfficer6,000DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.280,140
    Feb 25, 2014USSERY ROBERT MICHAELOfficer6,000DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.280,140
    Feb 25, 2014LINES JOHN KOfficer5,395DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.251,892
    Feb 25, 2014SWAFFORD CHARLOTTE AOfficer6,000DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.280,140
    Feb 25, 2014LASSITER DAVID LOfficer4,000DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.186,760
    Feb 25, 2014COGGIN D GERALDOfficer4,000DirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.186,760
    Feb 25, 2014ADAMS ROBERT GOfficer12,000IndirectOption Exercise at $46.69 per share.560,280
    Feb 24, 2014LASSITER DAVID LOfficer4,000DirectSale at $49.99 per share.199,960
    Feb 13, 2014LAROCHE RICHARD F JRDirector4,000DirectOption Exercise at $37.70 per share.150,800
    Feb 12, 2014ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector2,729DirectOption Exercise at $45.80 per share.124,988
    Nov 22, 2013LASSITER DAVID LOfficer3,000DirectPurchase at $15.61 per share.46,830
    Nov 21, 2013ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector452DirectSale at $50.39 per share.22,776
    Nov 20, 2013ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector34DirectSale at $50.39 per share.1,713
    Nov 19, 2013ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector264DirectSale at $50.19 per share.13,250
    Nov 18, 2013POWELL JULIA WOfficer800DirectSale at $50.16 per share.40,128
    Nov 18, 2013ABERNATHY JAMES PAULDirector236DirectSale at $50.19 per share.11,844
    Nov 13, 2013POWELL JULIA WOfficer400DirectSale at $50.10 per share.20,040
    Nov 12, 2013LASSITER DAVID LOfficer1,000DirectSale at $49.88 per share.49,880
    Nov 11, 2013POWELL JULIA WOfficer869DirectSale at $50.03 per share.43,476
    Nov 8, 2013POWELL JULIA WOfficer1,531DirectSale at $50.15 per share.76,779
    Nov 7, 2013POWELL JULIA WOfficer1,100DirectSale at $49.88 per share.54,868
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    * = Where indicated, some values are estimates.
    1= Potential proceeds estimated by the filer.
    2= Estimated based on the average of multiple prices reported.
    3= Multiple dates reported. Most recent date shown.

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