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    Progress Software Corporation (PRGS)

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    Insider Transactions Reported - Last Two Years
    Jul 6, 2015FABERMAN STEPHEN HOfficer4,500DirectSale at $30.35 per share.136,575
    Jul 6, 2015BENSON DAVID AOfficer22,500DirectOption Exercise at $14.29 per share.321,525
    Jul 6, 2015FABERMAN STEPHEN HOfficer4,500DirectOption Exercise at $17.37 per share.78,165
    Jul 6, 2015MARK MICHAELDirector16,270DirectSale at $30.30 per share.492,981
    Jul 6, 2015MARK MICHAELDirector16,270DirectOption Exercise at $13.01 per share.211,672
    Jul 6, 2015BENSON DAVID AOfficer22,500DirectSale at $30.24 per share.680,400
    Apr 24, 2015GOODSON JOHNOfficer13,504DirectOption Exercise at $13.01 - $15.93 per share.N/A
    Apr 24, 2015GOODSON JOHNOfficer13,504DirectSale at $26.18 per share.353,534
    Apr 24, 2015GOODSON JOHNOfficer13,504DirectSale at $26.18 per share.353,534
    Apr 24, 2015GOODSON JOHNOfficer13,504DirectOption Exercise at $13.01 - $15.93 per share.N/A
    Apr 6, 2015KANE CHARLES FRANCISDirector7,764DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Apr 6, 2015KRALL DAVIDDirector7,764DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Apr 6, 2015GUPTA RAMDirector7,764DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Apr 6, 2015BYCOFF BARRY NDirector7,764DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Apr 6, 2015EGAN JOHN RDirector6,212DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Apr 6, 2015MARK MICHAELDirector7,764DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Apr 1, 2015GOODSON JOHNOfficer6,123DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26.78 per share.163,973
    Apr 1, 2015JALBERT PAUL AOfficer1,827DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26.78 per share.48,927
    Apr 1, 2015RULLI JERRYOfficer3,425DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2015PEAD PHILIP MOfficer101,573DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2015PERKINS CHRIS EOfficer10,098DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26.78 per share.270,424
    Apr 1, 2015PEAD PHILIP MOfficer39,767DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26.78 per share.1,064,960
    Apr 1, 2015PERKINS CHRIS EOfficer31,035DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2015PADIR KAREN T.Officer11,140DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2015RULLI JERRYOfficer1,140DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26.78 per share.30,529
    Apr 1, 2015FABERMAN STEPHEN HOfficer8,777DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2015BENEDICT MICHAELOfficer7,692DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2015FABERMAN STEPHEN HOfficer2,907DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26.78 per share.77,849
    Apr 1, 2015AQUILINA ANTONIO J.Officer15,040DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2015JALBERT PAUL AOfficer5,697DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2015GOODSON JOHNOfficer18,518DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2015PADIR KAREN T.Officer3,655DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26.78 per share.97,880
    Apr 1, 2015BENEDICT MICHAELOfficer2,621DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26.78 per share.70,190
    Apr 1, 2015BENSON DAVID AOfficer1,967DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26.78 per share.52,676
    Apr 1, 2015AQUILINA ANTONIO J.Officer4,936DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26.78 per share.132,186
    Apr 1, 2015BENSON DAVID AOfficer5,924DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Feb 17, 2015BENEDICT MICHAELOfficer20,307DirectSale at $26.65 per share.541,181
    Feb 17, 2015BENEDICT MICHAELOfficer6,669DirectOption Exercise at $13.01 - $19.96 per share.N/A
    Feb 5, 2015MARK MICHAELDirector10,515DirectOption Exercise at $19.96 per share.209,879
    Feb 5, 2015KANE CHARLES FRANCISDirector11,500DirectOption Exercise at $19.96 per share.229,539
    Feb 5, 2015MARK MICHAELDirector10,515DirectSale at $26.05 per share.273,915
    Feb 5, 2015BYCOFF BARRY NDirector11,418DirectSale at $26.01 per share.296,982
    Feb 5, 2015BYCOFF BARRY NDirector11,418DirectOption Exercise at $19.96 per share.227,903
    Feb 5, 2015KANE CHARLES FRANCISDirector11,500DirectSale at $26.04 per share.299,460
    Jan 16, 2015AQUILINA ANTONIO J.Officer12,261DirectSale at $25.10 per share.307,751
    Jan 15, 2015PEAD PHILIP MOfficer20,000DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $24.92 per share.498,400
    Dec 2, 2014GUPTA RAMDirector9,175DirectAutomatic Purchase at $26.09 per share.239,375
    Dec 2, 2014GUPTA RAMDirector9,320DirectAutomatic Sale at $26.08 per share.243,065
    Nov 4, 2014KRALL DAVIDDirector37,078DirectOption Exercise at $19.96 per share.740,076
    Nov 4, 2014KRALL DAVIDDirector37,078DirectSale at $25.95 per share.962,174
    Nov 3, 2014KRALL DAVIDDirector6,720DirectOption Exercise at $19.96 per share.134,131
    Nov 3, 2014KRALL DAVIDDirector6,720DirectSale at $25.95 per share.174,384
    Oct 31, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer22,500DirectSale at $25.73 per share.578,925
    Oct 31, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer22,500DirectOption Exercise at $19.96 per share.449,099
    Oct 9, 2014MARK MICHAELDirector3,060DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $24.60 per share.75,276
    Oct 9, 2014MARK MICHAELDirector3,500DirectOption Exercise at $21.50 per share.75,250
    Oct 6, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer8,111DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $24.38 per share.197,746
    Oct 6, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer17,434DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $24.38 per share.425,040
    Oct 1, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer8,323DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.79 per share.198,004
    Oct 1, 2014JALBERT PAUL AOfficer1,856DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.79 per share.44,154
    Oct 1, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer8,323DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.79 per share.198,004
    Oct 1, 2014JALBERT PAUL AOfficer5,696DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2014FABERMAN STEPHEN HOfficer2,858DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.79 per share.67,991
    Oct 1, 2014BENEDICT MICHAELOfficer2,552DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.79 per share.60,712
    Oct 1, 2014PADIR KAREN T.Officer3,627DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.79 per share.86,286
    Oct 1, 2014BENSON DAVID AOfficer5,924DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2014BENEDICT MICHAELOfficer7,692DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer18,518DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer18,518DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2014AQUILINA ANTONIO J.Officer4,898DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.79 per share.116,523
    Oct 1, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer3,983DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.79 per share.94,755
    Oct 1, 2014PEAD PHILIP MOfficer101,573DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2014FABERMAN STEPHEN HOfficer8,776DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2014AQUILINA ANTONIO J.Officer15,040DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2014BENSON DAVID AOfficer1,932DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.79 per share.45,962
    Oct 1, 2014PEAD PHILIP MOfficer42,612DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.79 per share.1,013,739
    Oct 1, 2014PADIR KAREN T.Officer11,138DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2014PERKINS CHRIS EOfficer14,634DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.79 per share.348,142
    Oct 1, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer12,233DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2014PERKINS CHRIS EOfficer31,034DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Sep 1, 2014ZUPSIC ANDREWOfficer22,916DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $23.06 per share.528,442
    Sep 1, 2014ZUPSIC ANDREWOfficer55,201DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $23.06 per share.1,272,935
    Sep 1, 2014BENEDICT MICHAELOfficer16,701DirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
    Jul 22, 2014MARK MICHAELDirector5,000DirectSale at $23.97 per share.119,850
    Jul 22, 2014MARK MICHAELDirector5,000DirectOption Exercise at $21.50 per share.107,500
    Jul 21, 2014MARK MICHAELDirector9,252DirectOption Exercise at $21.50 per share.198,918
    Jul 21, 2014MARK MICHAELDirector9,252DirectSale at $23.74 per share.219,642
    Jul 7, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer7,500DirectOption Exercise at $21.50 per share.161,250
    Jul 7, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer7,500DirectSale at $23.91 per share.179,325
    Jul 1, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer11,506DirectOption Exercise at $14.67 per share.168,793
    Jul 1, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer11,506DirectSale at $24.52 per share.282,127
    Jun 30, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer21,350DirectOption Exercise at $13.01 - $21.5 per share.N/A
    Jun 30, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer21,874DirectSale at $24 - $24.06 per share.526,0002
    Jun 30, 2014MARK MICHAELDirector5,700DirectOption Exercise at $14.30 per share.81,510
    Jun 30, 2014MARK MICHAELDirector8,550DirectSale at $24.05 per share.205,627
    Jun 30, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer21,350DirectSale at $24.14 per share.515,389
    Jun 30, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer21,874DirectOption Exercise at $14.30 per share.312,798
    Apr 24, 2014KANE CHARLES FRANCISDirector21,396DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $21.86 per share.467,716
    Apr 24, 2014MARK MICHAELDirector16,897DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $21.86 per share.369,368
    Apr 24, 2014KANE CHARLES FRANCISDirector22,500DirectOption Exercise at $20.79 per share.467,775
    Apr 24, 2014MARK MICHAELDirector17,769DirectOption Exercise at $20.79 per share.369,417
    Apr 16, 2014AQUILINA ANTONIO J.Officer9,146DirectSale at $21.74 per share.198,834
    Apr 8, 2014AQUILINA ANTONIO J.Officer600DirectSale at $22.01 per share.13,206
    Apr 2, 2014GUPTA RAMDirector18,160DirectAutomatic Sale at $22.20 per share.403,152
    Apr 2, 2014GUPTA RAMDirector8,125DirectOption Exercise at $13.01 per share.105,706
    Apr 1, 2014SMITH JENNIFER E.Officer3,088DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $22.09 per share.68,213
    Apr 1, 2014AQUILINA ANTONIO J.Officer16,131DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2014FABERMAN STEPHEN HOfficer9,892DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2014SMITH JENNIFER E.Officer9,479DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer4,690DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $22.09 per share.103,602
    Apr 1, 2014ZUPSIC ANDREWOfficer27,511DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2014AQUILINA ANTONIO J.Officer5,254DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $22.09 per share.116,060
    Apr 1, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer14,398DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2014PEAD PHILIP MOfficer52,554DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $22.09 per share.1,160,917
    Apr 1, 2014BENSON DAVID AOfficer7,512DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer7,179DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $22.09 per share.158,584
    Apr 1, 2014JALBERT PAUL AOfficer6,526DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2014PADIR KAREN T.Officer3,994DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $22.09 per share.88,227
    Apr 1, 2014JALBERT PAUL AOfficer2,122DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $22.09 per share.46,874
    Apr 1, 2014FABERMAN STEPHEN HOfficer3,223DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $22.09 per share.71,196
    Apr 1, 2014ZUPSIC ANDREWOfficer7,526DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $22.09 per share.166,249
    Apr 1, 2014GOODSON JOHNOfficer21,647DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2014PADIR KAREN T.Officer12,266DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2014PERKINS CHRIS EOfficer14,745DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $22.09 per share.325,717
    Apr 1, 2014PEAD PHILIP MOfficer128,665DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2014PERKINS CHRIS EOfficer41,173DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Apr 1, 2014BENSON DAVID AOfficer2,448DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $22.09 per share.54,076
    Mar 31, 2014MARK MICHAELDirector9,175DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Mar 31, 2014KANE CHARLES FRANCISDirector9,175DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Mar 31, 2014KRALL DAVIDDirector9,175DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Mar 31, 2014GUPTA RAMDirector9,175DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Mar 31, 2014EGAN JOHN RDirector6,881DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Mar 31, 2014BYCOFF BARRY NDirector9,175DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 13, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer7,498DirectSale at $24.50 per share.183,701
    Feb 13, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer7,498DirectOption Exercise at $20.79 per share.155,883
    Feb 12, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer2DirectOption Exercise at $20.79 per share.41
    Feb 12, 2014ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer2DirectSale at $24.50 per share.49
    Feb 10, 2014BYCOFF BARRY NDirector18,578DirectOption Exercise at $20.79 per share.386,236
    Feb 10, 2014BYCOFF BARRY NDirector18,578DirectSale at $24 per share.445,872
    Jan 23, 2014BYCOFF BARRY NDirector18,922DirectSale at $24.58 per share.465,102
    Jan 23, 2014BYCOFF BARRY NDirector18,922DirectOption Exercise at $20.79 per share.393,388
    Nov 7, 2013KANE CHARLES FRANCISDirector15,000DirectSale at $25.85 per share.387,750
    Nov 7, 2013KANE CHARLES FRANCISDirector15,000DirectOption Exercise at $19.05 per share.285,750
    Oct 1, 2013FABERMAN STEPHEN HOfficer6,078DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2013SMITH JENNIFER E.Officer1,876DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26 per share.48,776
    Oct 1, 2013PEAD PHILIP MOfficer15,888DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26 per share.413,088
    Oct 1, 2013JALBERT PAUL AOfficer1,359DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26 per share.35,334
    Oct 1, 2013PADIR KAREN T.Officer8,333DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2013FABERMAN STEPHEN HOfficer1,986DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26 per share.51,636
    Oct 1, 2013PERKINS CHRIS EOfficer5,336DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26 per share.138,736
    Oct 1, 2013AQUILINA ANTONIO J.Officer3,980DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26 per share.103,480
    Oct 1, 2013SMITH JENNIFER E.Officer5,746DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2013BENSON DAVID AOfficer1,682DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26 per share.43,732
    Oct 1, 2013ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer10,465DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2013AQUILINA ANTONIO J.Officer12,198DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2013ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer4,941DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26 per share.128,466
    Oct 1, 2013ZUPSIC ANDREWOfficer7,261DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26 per share.188,786
    Oct 1, 2013PADIR KAREN T.Officer2,717DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26 per share.70,642
    Oct 1, 2013BENSON DAVID AOfficer5,153DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2013GOODSON JOHNOfficer13,781DirectOption Exercise N/A
    Oct 1, 2013GOODSON JOHNOfficer5,807DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $26 per share.150,982
    Sep 27, 2013MARK MICHAELDirector12,000DirectSale at $26.28 per share.315,360
    Sep 27, 2013MARK MICHAELDirector12,000DirectOption Exercise at $14.57 per share.174,840
    Aug 6, 2013SMITH JENNIFER E.Officer2,533DirectSale at $25.75 per share.65,224
    Aug 2, 2013MARK MICHAELDirector10,841DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $25.67 per share.278,288
    Aug 2, 2013MARK MICHAELDirector16,687DirectOption Exercise at $16.67 per share.278,172
    Aug 1, 2013ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer10,950DirectOption Exercise at $14.57 per share.159,541
    Aug 1, 2013ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer10,950DirectSale at $25.85 per share.283,057
    Aug 1, 2013PEAD PHILIP MOfficer203DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $25.79 per share.5,235
    Jul 31, 2013ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer300DirectSale at $25.85 per share.7,755
    Jul 31, 2013ANDREWS JOSEPHOfficer300DirectOption Exercise at $14.57 per share.4,371
    Data provided by EDGAR Online
    * = Where indicated, some values are estimates.
    1= Potential proceeds estimated by the filer.
    2= Estimated based on the average of multiple prices reported.
    3= Multiple dates reported. Most recent date shown.

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