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Insider Transactions Reported - Last Two Years
Aug 7, 2014BESANKO BRUCE HOfficer30,655DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $9.27 per share.284,171
Jul 28, 2014RUBEL MATTHEW EDirector16,010IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $9.41 per share.150,654
Jul 28, 2014CHAPPEL DONALD RDirector25,884IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $9.41 per share.243,568
Jul 28, 2014STORCH GERALD LDirector40,032IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $9.41 per share.376,701
Jul 28, 2014STANDLEY JOHN TDirector24,116IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $9.41 per share.226,931
Jul 28, 2014SAVAGE FRANK ADirector23,526IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $9.41 per share.221,379
Jul 28, 2014JOHNSON ERIC GDirector23,526IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $9.41 per share.221,379
Jul 28, 2014PENDO MATHEWDirector12,326IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $9.41 per share.115,987
Jul 28, 2014FRANCIS PHILIP LDirector12,326IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $9.41 per share.115,987
Jul 28, 2014COHEN IRWINDirector23,379IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $9.41 per share.219,996
May 7, 2014BURDICK RANDY GOfficer3,361DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $7.06 per share.23,728
Apr 25, 2014PENDO MATHEWDirector3,267IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $7.01 per share.22,901
Apr 25, 2014GRAFTON SUSAN SOfficer17,581DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
Apr 25, 2014SAVAGE FRANK ADirector6,142IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $7.01 per share.43,055
Apr 24, 2014MURPHY MICHELE AOfficer1,236DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $7.04 per share.8,701
Apr 24, 2014ROBERTSON KARLA COfficer406DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $7.04 per share.2,858
Apr 24, 2014HAUGARTH JANEL SOfficer5,990DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $7.04 per share.42,169
Apr 24, 2014JANA PARTNERS LLCBeneficial Owner (10% or more)30,234,893DirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
Jan 17, 2014STORCH GERALD LDirector75IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $6.21 per share.465
Jan 16, 2014STORCH GERALD LDirector23,589IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $6.30 per share.148,610
Nov 12, 2013CASTEEL RITCHIEOfficer4,919DirectPurchase at $6.70 per share.32,957
Nov 12, 2013STANDLEY JOHN TDirector7,600DirectPurchase at $6.70 per share.50,920
Aug 9, 2013SMITH SHERRY MOfficer4,854DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $7.86 per share.38,152
Aug 7, 2013BESANKO BRUCE HOfficer225,000DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
Jul 31, 2013CASTEEL RITCHIEOfficer1,234DirectPurchase at $8.05 per share.9,933
Jul 22, 2013JOHNSON ERIC GDirector28,182IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $7.65 per share.215,592
Jul 22, 2013FRANCIS PHILIP LDirector13,076IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $7.65 per share.100,031
Jul 22, 2013STANDLEY JOHN TDirector16,308IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $7.65 per share.124,756
Jul 22, 2013COHEN IRWINDirector25,633IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $7.65 per share.196,092
Jul 22, 2013CHAPPEL DONALD RDirector28,631IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $7.65 per share.219,027
Jul 22, 2013RUBEL MATTHEW EDirector21,933IndirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $7.65 per share.167,787
May 30, 2013SHELDON TODD NOfficer1,595DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.65 per share.10,606
May 28, 2013KRAVCIK KEITH EOfficer878DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.77 per share.5,944
May 28, 2013HOLT KEVIN ROfficer9,480DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.77 per share.64,179
May 28, 2013LOWE TIMOTHY DOfficer4,820DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.77 per share.32,631
May 28, 2013HERRING J ANDREWOfficer4,082DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.77 per share.27,635
May 28, 2013PERSIAN KATHLEEN BOfficer1,336DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.77 per share.9,044
May 22, 2013MOORE MICHAEL AOfficer2,283DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.46 per share.14,748
May 7, 2013MURPHY MICHELE AOfficer31,298DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
May 7, 2013BURDICK RANDY GOfficer30,000DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
Apr 24, 2013MURPHY MICHELE AOfficer1,270DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.01 per share.7,632
Apr 24, 2013ROBERTSON KARLA COfficer431DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.01 per share.2,590
Apr 24, 2013SHELDON TODD NOfficer1,595DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.01 per share.9,585
Apr 24, 2013SMITH SHERRY MOfficer4,854DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.01 per share.29,172
Apr 24, 2013HAUGARTH JANEL SOfficer5,990DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $6.01 per share.35,999
Apr 5, 2013PYLIPOW DAVID EOfficer6,677DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $4.80 per share.32,049
Apr 3, 2013ROBERTSON KARLA COfficer2,479DirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
Mar 25, 2013MURPHY MICHELE AOfficer13,001DirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
Mar 21, 2013SHELDON TODD NOfficer19,655DirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
Mar 21, 2013SALES WAYNE CDirector537,148DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $4.68 per share.2,513,852
Mar 21, 2013SALES WAYNE CDirector1,190,595DirectOption Exercise N/A
Mar 21, 2013HOLT KEVIN ROfficer50,657DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $4.19 per share.212,252
Mar 21, 2013MILLER ROBERT GERALDDirector303,319IndirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
Mar 21, 2013HOLT KEVIN ROfficer70,274DirectOption Exercise at $2.48 per share.174,279
Mar 21, 2013SYMPHONY INVESTORS LLCBeneficial Owner (10% or more)45,990,736DirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
Mar 21, 2013SYMPHONY INVESTORS LLCBeneficial Owner (10% or more)8,173,362IndirectStatement of OwnershipN/A
Feb 5, 2013PERSIAN KATHLEEN BOfficer134IndirectSale at $3.90 per share.522
Feb 4, 2013PERSIAN KATHLEEN BOfficer445IndirectSale at $3.88 per share.1,726
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* = Where indicated, some values are estimates.
1= Potential proceeds estimated by the filer.
2= Estimated based on the average of multiple prices reported.
3= Multiple dates reported. Most recent date shown.

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