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    Wabash National Corp. (WNC)

    12.44 Down 0.06(0.48%) 11:57AM EDT - Nasdaq Real Time Price
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    Total Insider Shares Held7.65MN/A
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    Insider Transactions Reported - Last Two Years
    Aug 5, 2015GIROMINI RICHARD JOfficer30,830DirectSale at $14 - $14.01 per share.432,0002
    Aug 5, 2015GIROMINI RICHARD JOfficer15,000DirectAutomatic Sale at $14.02 per share.210,300
    May 14, 2015MURTLOW ANN D.Director5,071DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    May 14, 2015KUNZ JOHN EDirector5,071DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    May 14, 2015KELLY JAMES DEWEYDirector5,071DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    May 14, 2015SORENSEN SCOTT KDirector5,071DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    May 14, 2015MAGEE LARRY JDirector5,071DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    May 14, 2015JISCHKE MARTIN CDirector5,071DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    May 7, 2015EWALD BRUCE NOfficer27,000DirectOption Exercise at $14.19 per share.383,130
    May 7, 2015EWALD BRUCE NOfficer27,000DirectSale at $14.97 per share.404,190
    Feb 25, 2015GIROMINI RICHARD JOfficer50,108DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 23, 2015EWALD BRUCE NOfficer6,398DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $14.17 per share.90,659
    Feb 23, 2015ROTH ERIN JENNIFEROfficer8,140DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $14.17 per share.115,343
    Feb 23, 2015GIROMINI RICHARD JOfficer34,692DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $14.17 per share.491,585
    Feb 23, 2015WEBER MARK JASONOfficer8,907DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $14.17 per share.126,212
    Feb 23, 2015PITCHFORD WILLIAM DOfficer2,596DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $14.17 per share.36,785
    Feb 23, 2015YEAGY BRENT LOfficer8,309DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $14.17 per share.117,738
    Feb 17, 2015EWALD BRUCE NOfficer11,895DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 17, 2015ROTH ERIN JENNIFEROfficer15,720DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 17, 2015GIROMINI RICHARD JOfficer70,935DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 17, 2015EHRLICH RODNEY POfficer11,895DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 17, 2015WEBER MARK JASONOfficer17,415DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 17, 2015PITCHFORD WILLIAM DOfficer4,500DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Feb 17, 2015YEAGY BRENT LOfficer11,895DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Dec 12, 2014EHRLICH RODNEY POfficer3,000DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Nov 4, 2014TAYLOR JEFFERY LOfficer5,000DirectPurchase at $10 per share.50,000
    Nov 4, 2014GIROMINI RICHARD JOfficer10,000DirectOption Exercise at $8.57 per share.85,700
    May 15, 2014MURTLOW ANN D.Director5,788DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    May 15, 2014JISCHKE MARTIN CDirector5,788DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    May 15, 2014MAGEE LARRY JDirector5,788DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    May 15, 2014KELLY JAMES DEWEYDirector5,788DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    May 15, 2014SORENSEN SCOTT KDirector5,788DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    May 15, 2014KUNZ JOHN EDirector5,788DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) N/A
    Mar 6, 2014ROTH ERIN JENNIFEROfficer30,000DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $13.70 per share.411,000
    Mar 6, 2014ROTH ERIN JENNIFEROfficer30,000DirectOption Exercise at $10.21 - $10.85 per share.316,0002
    Feb 23, 2014YEAGY BRENT LOfficer4,164DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $13.21 per share.55,006
    Feb 23, 2014EWALD BRUCE NOfficer17,475DirectOption Exercise at $13.21 per share.230,844
    Feb 23, 2014GIROMINI RICHARD JOfficer27,929DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $13.21 per share.368,942
    Feb 23, 2014GIROMINI RICHARD JOfficer89,519DirectOption Exercise at $13.21 per share.1,182,545
    Feb 23, 2014WEBER MARK JASONOfficer9,288DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $13.21 per share.122,694
    Feb 23, 2014EHRLICH RODNEY POfficer5,710DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $13.21 per share.75,429
    Feb 23, 2014WEBER MARK JASONOfficer29,125DirectOption Exercise at $13.21 per share.384,741
    Feb 23, 2014ROTH ERIN JENNIFEROfficer7,500DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $13.21 per share.99,075
    Feb 23, 2014YEAGY BRENT LOfficer12,652DirectOption Exercise at $13.21 per share.167,132
    Feb 23, 2014EWALD BRUCE NOfficer5,719DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $13.21 per share.75,547
    Feb 23, 2014ROTH ERIN JENNIFEROfficer23,300DirectOption Exercise at $13.21 per share.307,793
    Feb 23, 2014EHRLICH RODNEY POfficer17,475DirectOption Exercise at $13.21 per share.230,844
    Nov 15, 2013YEAGY BRENT LOfficer4,734DirectSale at $12.28 per share.58,133
    Nov 6, 2013SORENSEN SCOTT KDirector10,000DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.N/A
    Nov 1, 2013YEAGY BRENT LOfficer4,000DirectSale at $11.65 per share.46,600
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    * = Where indicated, some values are estimates.
    1= Potential proceeds estimated by the filer.
    2= Estimated based on the average of multiple prices reported.
    3= Multiple dates reported. Most recent date shown.

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