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Artesian Resources Corp. (ARTNA)

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Net Share Purchase Activity
Insider Purchases - Last 6 Months
Net Shares Purchased
Total Insider Shares Held353.04KN/A
% Net Shares Purchased
Net Institutional Purchases - Prior Qtr to Latest Qtr
Net Shares Purchased
% Change in Institutional Shares Held(2.08%)
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Insider Transactions Reported - Last Two Years
Jun 19, 2014THAEDER JOHN MOfficer300DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) N/A
Jun 12, 2014SPACHT DAVID BOfficer2,600DirectSale at $22.19 per share.57,694
May 22, 2014TAYLOR DIAN COfficer3,882DirectSale at $21.36 per share.82,919
May 22, 2014TAYLOR DIAN COfficer3,882DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.62,616
May 21, 2014TAYLOR DIAN COfficer2,868DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.46,260
May 21, 2014TAYLOR DIAN COfficer2,868DirectSale at $21.49 per share.61,633
May 20, 2014THAEDER JOHN MOfficer800DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.12,903
May 16, 2014TAYLOR NICHOLLE RENEEOfficer6,750DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.108,877
May 16, 2014THAEDER JOHN MOfficer2,575DirectSale at $21.21 per share.54,615
May 16, 2014THAEDER JOHN MOfficer2,575DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.41,534
May 16, 2014TAYLOR NICHOLLE RENEEOfficer6,750DirectSale at $21.21 per share.143,167
Apr 9, 2014THAEDER JOHN MOfficer500DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.8,064
Mar 21, 2014THAEDER JOHN MOfficer2,875DirectSale at $22.40 per share.64,400
Mar 21, 2014THAEDER JOHN MOfficer2,875DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.46,373
Mar 21, 2014SPACHT DAVID BOfficer5,000DirectSale at $22.17 - $22.34 per share.111,0002
Mar 20, 2014WYER WILLIAM CDirector3,521DirectSale at $22.32 per share.78,588
Mar 20, 2014SCHREPPLER JOHN J IIOfficer3,375DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.54,438
Mar 20, 2014SCHREPPLER JOHN J IIOfficer3,375DirectSale at $22.26 per share.75,127
Mar 20, 2014WYER WILLIAM CDirector3,521DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.56,793
Mar 19, 2014WYER WILLIAM CDirector2,325DirectSale at $22.32 per share.51,894
Mar 19, 2014WYER WILLIAM CDirector2,325DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.37,502
Mar 18, 2014SCHREPPLER JOHN J IIOfficer2,814DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.45,389
Mar 18, 2014BIEDERMAN KENNETH RDirector6,248DirectSale at $22.10 per share.138,080
Mar 18, 2014SCHREPPLER JOHN J IIOfficer2,814DirectSale at $22.25 per share.62,611
Mar 18, 2014BIEDERMAN KENNETH RDirector6,248DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.100,780
Mar 17, 2014WYER WILLIAM CDirector904DirectSale at $22.40 per share.20,249
Mar 17, 2014SCHREPPLER JOHN J IIOfficer561DirectSale at $22.25 per share.12,482
Mar 17, 2014SCHREPPLER JOHN J IIOfficer561DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.9,048
Mar 17, 2014BIEDERMAN KENNETH RDirector502DirectSale at $22.35 per share.11,219
Mar 17, 2014WYER WILLIAM CDirector904DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.14,581
Mar 17, 2014BIEDERMAN KENNETH RDirector502DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.8,097
Dec 17, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer500DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $19.70 per share.9,850
Dec 17, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer500DirectOption Exercise at $19.70 per share.9,850
Nov 14, 2013DINUNZIO JOSEPH AOfficer6,750DirectSale at $22.26 per share.150,255
Nov 14, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer6,697DirectSale at $22.26 per share.149,075
Nov 14, 2013DINUNZIO JOSEPH AOfficer6,750DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.108,877
Nov 14, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer6,697DirectOption Exercise at $19.70 per share.131,930
Nov 13, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer354DirectOption Exercise at $19.70 per share.6,973
Nov 13, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer354DirectSale at $22.25 per share.7,876
Nov 11, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer10,449DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 - $19.7 per share.187,0002
Nov 11, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer10,449DirectSale at $22.45 per share.234,580
Jun 19, 2013TAYLOR NICHOLLE RENEEOfficer231DirectPurchase at $21.63 per share.4,996
Jun 13, 2013SPACHT DAVID BOfficer7,515DirectSale at $22.05 per share.165,705
Jun 13, 2013SPACHT DAVID BOfficer7,515DirectOption Exercise at $19.70 per share.148,045
Jun 12, 2013SPACHT DAVID BOfficer8,551DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 - $19.7 per share.153,0002
Jun 12, 2013SPACHT DAVID BOfficer8,551DirectSale at $22.05 per share.188,549
Jun 10, 2013SPACHT DAVID BOfficer1,934DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.31,195
Jun 10, 2013SPACHT DAVID BOfficer1,934DirectSale at $22.15 per share.42,838
May 15, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer1,292DirectOption Exercise at $14.85 per share.19,186
May 15, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer1,292DirectSale at $22.44 - $22.45 per share.29,0002
May 14, 2013TAYLOR DIAN COfficer5,250DirectOption Exercise at $13.30 per share.69,825
Mar 22, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer1,022DirectSale at $22 per share.22,484
Mar 22, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer1,022DirectOption Exercise at $14.85 per share.15,176
Mar 21, 2013EISENBREY JOHN R JRDirector6,750DirectSale at $21.69 per share.146,407
Mar 21, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer100DirectSale at $21.99 per share.2,199
Mar 21, 2013EISENBREY JOHN R JRDirector6,750DirectOption Exercise at $16.13 per share.108,877
Mar 21, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer100DirectOption Exercise at $14.85 per share.1,485
Mar 20, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer2,124DirectOption Exercise at $14.85 per share.31,541
Mar 20, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer2,124DirectSale at $21.99 per share.46,706
Mar 19, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer213DirectOption Exercise at $14.85 per share.3,163
Mar 19, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer213DirectSale at $21.99 per share.4,683
Mar 18, 2013BIEDERMAN KENNETH RDirector6,750DirectOption Exercise at $13.30 per share.89,775
Mar 18, 2013BIEDERMAN KENNETH RDirector6,750DirectSale at $22 - $22.2 per share.149,0002
Mar 18, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer1,999DirectSale at $21.99 per share.43,958
Mar 18, 2013KRAEUTER BRUCE POfficer1,999DirectOption Exercise at $14.85 per share.29,685
Dec 13, 2012THAEDER JOHN MOfficer4,753DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $21.09 per share.100,240
Dec 12, 2012TAYLOR DIAN COfficer1,500DirectOption Exercise at $13.30 per share.19,950
Nov 15, 2012DINUNZIO JOSEPH AOfficer16DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) N/A
Sep 21, 2012TAYLOR DIAN COfficer180DirectPurchase at $20 per share.3,600
Sep 21, 2012TAYLOR DIAN COfficer180DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) N/A
Sep 13, 2012DINUNZIO JOSEPH AOfficer1,506DirectOption Exercise at $14.85 per share.22,364
Sep 13, 2012DINUNZIO JOSEPH AOfficer1,506DirectSale at $22.24 per share.33,493
Sep 12, 2012DINUNZIO JOSEPH AOfficer3,494DirectOption Exercise at $14.85 per share.51,885
Sep 12, 2012DINUNZIO JOSEPH AOfficer3,494DirectSale at $22.25 per share.77,741
Sep 11, 2012DINUNZIO JOSEPH AOfficer1,128DirectOption Exercise at $14.85 per share.16,750
Sep 11, 2012DINUNZIO JOSEPH AOfficer1,128DirectSale at $22.24 per share.25,086
Sep 7, 2012DINUNZIO JOSEPH AOfficer622DirectOption Exercise at $14.85 per share.9,236
Sep 7, 2012DINUNZIO JOSEPH AOfficer622DirectSale at $22.24 per share.13,833
Aug 21, 2012EISENBREY JOHN R JRDirector1,710DirectSale at $22.07 per share.37,739
Aug 21, 2012EISENBREY JOHN R JRDirector1,710DirectOption Exercise at $13.30 per share.22,743
Aug 20, 2012EISENBREY JOHN R JRDirector5,040DirectSale at $22.19 per share.111,837
Aug 20, 2012EISENBREY JOHN R JRDirector5,040DirectOption Exercise at $13.30 per share.67,032
Aug 17, 2012WYER WILLIAM CDirector6,750DirectOption Exercise at $13.30 per share.89,775
Aug 17, 2012SCHREPPLER JOHN J IIOfficer6,750DirectOption Exercise at $14.85 per share.100,237
Aug 17, 2012SCHREPPLER JOHN J IIOfficer6,750DirectSale at $22.49 per share.151,807
Aug 17, 2012WYER WILLIAM CDirector6,750DirectSale at $22.49 per share.151,807
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* = Where indicated, some values are estimates.
1= Potential proceeds estimated by the filer.
2= Estimated based on the average of multiple prices reported.
3= Multiple dates reported. Most recent date shown.

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