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  • looks like we will revisit 2% on 10 year soon bank stocks going to get crushed
  • watch the bond market, especially this, indicators for the future. Fed controls the market
  • I hope I'm not the only person that noticed this morning that at the market open CNBC said a very important data point the Flash PMI would be reloeased at 7:00 am pacific time. The number came in at 53.9 a 2 month low, the bond market sold off and CNBC never once reported the number. Evidently they only want to boost the markets and not release negative data. This is the most manipulated rally I have seen in 30 years. Watch out below because it smells like the big banks are getting their short positions in place for a huge market sell off. One word really says it all RIGGED.
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  • Fraud
  • Nice to know the manipulation of so called (free markets), never stop…just had bond auctions, the pattern is exactly the same every time , the dealers drive the yield down and price up , just after the auction closes, and then days later the yield starts rising and the price starts falling….Geeee nice to get paid just to dump Cr@p on the public because you're a dealer for the Fed…..this Ponzi Game is a Waste of Humanity….once exposed for what it is Rates will Skyrocket because the dollar will be so unstable no one will want US Debt of any kind.
  • Fed. is a Fraud ….Audit the Fed.!!
  • Frustrating to watch the Ten year climb while the stock market sets record highs. This is fundamental economics. Housing numbers are already way off. Interest rates are not coming back down. Stock market can not go up with a housing correction.
  • Here's a REAL FACT…US DEBT CLOCK shows Silver value at 1000 / oz…..if you think there hasn't been a massive money supply increase and devaluation of money….you are dead wrong…look it up if you don't believe me.
    Buy Physical Silver for a LONG TERM HOLD…this is a Steal of a Lifetime ….when stocks and bonds CRASH together, the only place to make money will be holding "real" metal…not paper metal…paper will be exposed and will go to zero if it has no backing, and Regulators will check to see if it is….or they will shut down the Fraud ETF's.
  • Short the Cr@p out of the ten year….these bonds are going to lose 50% within a year.!!..Period…Plan is to crush Ma and Pa again, like they did in the housing crisis….Banksters want every dime and never go to Jail.
  • An $82.2 trillion problem might soon be solved! I just watched former CBO director David Stockman's briefing. He said he had spoken with the Trump team & he had told them that they should have Trump publicly demand that the top four directors of the Federal Reserve tender their resignations effective January 20th which would signal a huge jump in interest rates. That way the bubble in the bond and stock markets would crash now before Trump takes the oath of office. Then he added that when Reagan got into office he had met with Paul Volcker and they both agreed on massive interest rate increases to crush inflation with Reagan gambling that the economic strife would end within two years and that during the second two years of his term he would be able to turn things around and that is exactly what happened! So despite Reagan's and Volcker's barbed exchanges they were both 'in on it' from the beginning. So it got me to thinking that if the economic bubbles bursts while Trump is in office he will end up taking ALL OF THE BLAME. However, if he has the stock & bond markets crash between now and 1/20 he can blame Obama. Obama in turn can blame Trump, the Federal Reserve directors can plead innocence since none of them are obligated to resign by law, the two houses of Congress can blame each other or blame 'fake news', the public will blame the 'swamp' etc....... In short no one party will be held accountable which is the EXACT way the swamp in Washington, DC works! So I have a hunch that today's 2.466% yield might suddenly ratchet up towards its average 6.23% yield.......or even higher! In short we could be looking at a $7 trillion global bond bloodbath. According to my calculations if interest rates were to suddenly climb to about 9% the value of most every bond out there would be zero! Hmmm.....might be a nice way of getting rid of that pesky $82.2 trillion bond (debt) problem! P.S. My guess is that the PTB would wait until the week after Christmas to spring the trap.
  • Trump is being sabotaged by bond sellers! IMHO
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