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    Apple on VERY THIN ICE with HUGE runup in stock price on SMOKE and MIRRORS and no new PHONE for MONTHS while Samsungs Galaxy is loaded with features many of which get an A read the whole list... These are slling by the millions now not 1 year from now ! Looks like APPLE PAY is a FLOP no one talks about it anymore..
    Samsung Pay running rings around it...
    23. Samsung Pay
    Loop Pay was a phone dongle that could trick a credit-card reader into thinking that you’d actually swiped a card through it. In 2015, Samsung bought Loop and built its technology into its Galaxy phones.
    It’s hard to believe. You wave the phone near the card-reader slot, up to a couple of inches away, and — beep! — you’ve just paid.
    This is nothing like Apple Pay and Android Pay, which work only at checkout terminals that have been upgraded to work with them. In the big picture, there just aren’t very many places to use Apple Pay and Android Pay.
    But Samsung Pay works almost everywhere that fine credit cards are swiped—90% of all checkout counters.
    Usefulness: A

    The new Samsung Galaxy does 27 things the iPhone doesn't
    David Pogue has created master list of features that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has and the iPhone 7 doesn’t—along with an assessment of which ones are actually useful.
  • Dear Apple stock, please just hurry up and get to $185 so I can rule the world... and maybe buy a nice slim fit v neck sweater.
  • Imagine if AAPL could move in a day like AMZN? I'd be heading to the airport to a tropical beach.
  • Name the country where this happens: A politician running for office picks up a news reporter by the neck and body slams him.
  • This message board really is finally dead.

    It's a shame how Yahoo ruined the AAPL discussion message board by changing to this ridiculous "Conversations" format.

    I recall when there were new messages posted every few SECONDS. That's not an exaggeration. Entire new topic threads appeared several per hour.

    Now, I look at the "Newest Reactions," and the 3 most recent postings are from 7 hours ago, followed by one from 9 hours, 10, 11, and then 12 or more. The market is just about to open and there are no new messages.

    Yahoo totally ruined this like they screw-up so many things. Verizon doesn't know what a mess they are buying.
  • AAPL gapping up at open. The AAPL train heading to $170. Get on the AAPL train or get under the train with the rest of the shorts.
  • Look at $5 call spreads for 2017 calls....only solid support is $120/$125..where the spread is above $4.

    115.00 AAPL180119C00115000 39.56 39.35 39.90 -0.54 -1.35% 9 17,606 27.26%
    120.00 AAPL180119C00120000 34.90 34.85 35.10 -0.40 -1.13% 301 49,410 25.11%
    125.00 AAPL180119C00125000 30.45 30.45 30.60 -0.65 -2.09% 186 39,107 24.04%
    130.00 AAPL180119C00130000 26.46 26.15 26.35 -0.09 -0.34% 94 48,394 23.32%
    135.00 AAPL180119C00135000 22.37 22.20 22.40 -0.43 -1.89% 32 36,447 22.84%
    140.00 AAPL180119C00140000 18.59 18.55 18.75 -0.55 -2.87% 168 70,960 22.41%
    145.00 AAPL180119C00145000 15.35 15.25 15.40 -0.50 -3.15% 146 21,968 21.94%
    150.00 AAPL180119C00150000 12.34 12.30 12.45 -0.46 -3.59% 774 52,255 21.58%
  • I am almost completely exit from AAPL short, Not because AAPL is not overvalue big time but I think Amazon closing on $1000 which I think everyone waiting for so sure thing to happen. Now it's almost happen, I am start shorting that.

    I have shorted $155 Put for all my short position. if tommorow it below $155, I am completely out with good profit ($5K net).
  • China iPhone sale will be in trouble due to wechat problem
  • Can't really comment on what Gillian said, but the way I see it is that this board shouldn't be used for political commentary and bashing. If you don't​like Apple, leave a comment and move on, it's not necessary to leave 10. I come here to see other people's thoughts on how they think Apple will be trending or if there's some news about what's happening with Apple. I don't want to sort through BS.
  • Seryozha you have some issues, maybe you should seek some counseling.
  • A politician running for office picks up a news reporter by the neck and body slams him, victory in Montana today.

  • A politician running for office picks up a news reporter by the neck and body slams him, does anyone have a video link?
    I can fine several new reports, but none with the actual body slam.
  • THE funny thing is at the end of the day today not figuratively but literally there are going to be a lot of people that are going to be borrowing chunks of money at high interest rates because of obvious desperation. they think apple is going down to 110 or $88 like the morons who follow Carl Icahn. The reality is Apple will probably be a $200 stock before it ever ever false of the embarrassing deaths of 100 again let's wait and see what happens today and by the end of June talk is cheap the apple trees are flourishing comma they are very sweet and fruition has become a reality!
  • An Apple "Double-Top Reversal", to heading lower now Mr. B.
    Hope you all can see this as I can.
    $88.00 real soon.
    My position is short.
    Will cover at $55 in a few years.
  • 🍎Apple News-- ✔️🔵 Lying corrupt Obama's 🐔🐔🐔 chickens are coming home to roost. The US "fake news" can't protect him forever. New FBI soon will investigate him and Hillary.

    Obama admin illegally spied on Americans' Internet data
    It also upped the number of Americans it had unmasked in intelligence reports, renewing concerns that aides like Susan Rice were violating American's Fourth Amendment rights.
  • My wife and AAPL both have supercycles. I love AAPL's more.
  • if you're panicking like a lot of people who sell it short everyday could be a major mistake if you're desperate for cash no one can tell you what to do this stock will hit $170 before it ever sees 120 again I promise you they're going to buy it back 25 billion dollars of their own stock just a drop of patience even if it's not up today the Calm before the storm of positive is coming!! Queenie you're talking about the most resilient High market cap stock in the world and when it bounces bounces high and it will stay there it will kill those short Sellers and it's not a matter of if it's only a matter of when just why are you better than drop of patience dear relax you'll be fine don't sell yet I promise you!
  • AAPL is finished. downward trend has just started. there may be a few up ticks, but the overall trend is down from here, in my opinion. Read the Microsoft surface pro news about beating Apple's McBook. that tells the story