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  • Apple stock just broke through 52 week high in premarket trading. Classic break-out coming up - sellers are gone - next resistance is $170.00. Get on the Apple train or get run over by the Apple train.
  • This HUGE- HUMONGOUS trade deal Trump announced with SA $ 330 + billion is going to reflect in the DOW tomorrow and indeed all week - Very Exciting!
  • Lucky (Unlucky) - You apparently missed getting into Apple over the past several decades. At the end of 2017 Apple's App Store revenue alone will likely equal a Fortune 100. Services will increase from about 11% to 20% over the next 24 months. Phones dominate and are expanding into car infotainment integration worldwide. All their computers have upside someday. Apple TV is in its infancy... tapping IoT infancy... Apple banking is in its infancy... cash and longterm investments will soon approach $238 billion... committed to increasing dividends.... spending several billion a year on R&D, etc.

    Every stock has its flat and down periods, some may last a year or so... Apple with have some of those periods. Apple is one of the best investments many of us have ever made. I sleep well owning it. And in a worst case scenario, if it went to zero, Apple owes me nothing, because thy helped me eliminate debt and diversify into other investments many years ago.
  • Make a list of posters who say BUY, BUY, BUY.

    Then look for them when your money goes By, By, BY..!

    There will be opportunities for cheaper prices
  • Watch for a big spike up on Monday for Apple and the whole market.
  • Easiest money in the market. Made 20K small money on the 149 dip thanks to panic investors. Apple doesn't care about what happens to Trump or tax reform. That's all a bonus regardless. Apple has a positive outlook. That is how this stock has traded for 15 years. Get on the train now. It is leaving the station for good.
  • Thanks for the free money from the panic investors. Caught the sub 150 dip to add to my holdings. I appreciate it!
  • Analyst optimism coming from how big Supplier orders are. Now here is biggest disconnect.
    1.> Apple likely trying to build phones upfront than overtime. Reason is very clear, more and more consumer prefer to by newer model and They willing too wait for next model if they cant buy in 3 month.
    Apple know that and so trying to build inventory first before judging demand. And Apple given all phone manufacture by 3rd party and 10 year history can take such risk. If any reason sell is below expected, it can reduce or stop building and overtime inventory get inline.

    Now main problem is, Consumer can easily wait for next model. This is very serious issue. This also mean that consumer old phone is good enough and only reason they upgrading is desire and not need. As Price raise, desire go lower.

    I can't tell what will happen to next Iphone Sale. Might big specially if it launch at reasonable price hike like $50-$75.

    But remember this upgrade take full screen so unless create sliding phone no more real estate left on phone to make bigger screen. Phone size are big enough that you can make it even bigger.

    So only reason Consumer really want is gone after this iphone. Regardless how this Iphone sale goes, Big trouble is waiting because consumer will seat with phone longer and longer than expected.

    Apple might go to 160 or even 170 but will it keep going up. I seriously doubt it. There is no new innovative product since Steve Job and so clearly Apple missing vision there.
  • dividend payday!
  • Somehow this garbage is up, and indexes are up for no reason, despite massive CSCO losses!
  • Look like my Short 152.5 Calls will exercised if it remain above 152.5. This 1/10th of my earlier short position.

    Again my plan remain same, I will sell put to collect premium and if this go above 158 next week, I will again enter with major short position. I will remain inactive until it reach 158-159 range except might consider selling 160 call for premium.
  • 3 gaps and traps sat the market open for last 3 days including today. All 3 times got trapped. Just don't know who are behind this.
  • Buy $153 put options
  • Hopefully this bubble will burst hard! Amen! Pt $90.00
  • Apple always bounces back strongly.
  • whats up with the negative poster??..then don't own it..simple! stop stressing about us..almost still a free country
  • Bought in at 151.,good long term opportunity .
  • I love owning Apple shares, I get a raise every year, last year I made 6500 every quarter, now I make 7200 every quarter. What’s really great though us that my shares are up about 1300% since I bought them in 2004. I don’t care if Apple drops considerably, I’m so far ahead that I can’t lose. That’s the great advantage of long term investing. Buy and hold, just be patient and you’ll be rewarded...
  • What kind of moronn would pay fortune for the phone and for the computers while you can buy them 80% cheaper. Besides how many more Iphone u can sell?
  • Definitive proof x 2 that market rose due to Trump. AND...proof that market will crash if Pocohantas and crew ever get into Whitehouse. Talk all you want, the market rose after the election based on Trump's economic and tax plans and now it falls based on possibility his plans will not become reality.