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Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX)

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16.71+0.29 (+1.77%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • Gold will soar on Trump uncertainties!!!
  • Gold is up $22 yesterday and abx is up only .15 cents come on looks like class action lawsuits putting a damper on things. I think there's more going on behind the scenes
  • I swear if I see one more article about how gold miners correlates with the ups and downs of Gold prices. I'm going to blow a fuse... It doesn't go up so well with the up side prices, but it will tank on the down slide. Now only if I can get a lawyer to sue them. I might get rich???
  • ABX is now a better value than all others. Trump's daily shenanigans (whether real or not) inject uncertainty into the market. All it'll take is one classic Trump move to rocket ABX up that parabolic curve that it's forming now. We all know that can happen any day, so best get in and stay in! If anyone can make ABX great again, it's Trump!
  • Give me a break!! Gold up $22, and all I see is .35 cents?? Get with the program Wall Street ticker...
  • Class action lawsuits? It's all just a Milberg. Nice opportunity for the big boys to buy at the bottom and ride the wave. Yee-Haw!
  • To many law firms out there looking for ways to get into investor's pockets. Lawyers these days are over crowded. Check your local yellow pages to see how many there are. It's bad enough that the CEO's are allowed to expropriate wealth from shareholders. To much fraud and corruption everywhere. It's time for the bubbles to start bursting to clean house.
  • Gold and Silver is rocking ! ! (Going to blow through technical resistance areas today) Expect a tough slog upward over the next week or so as shorts will have to try and protect their short positions (or they will get crushed !) However, I don't see the news changing anytime soon. So, if you want to be in before the short squeeze happens, you need to be adding to your positions now
  • Massive cyber attacks...gold will rock!
  • sold 4300 shares bought yesterday at $16.05 for $16.80s

    Looking to buy 5000 shares before the close.
  • need to get me some ABX calls. Looks like its the best of he breed and want to get about 500 calls for Jan 2018 and Jan 2019

    This trades in the 40s soon
  • the manipulation of this stock today is ridiculous and far too obvious.........where is the SEC when all this is happening. The US side doesn't even match the canadian side priice...........how obvious is that
  • Dollar drop w the bird out that means run to catch end zone.
  • Is GOLD going back to $500 per oz.... ?????? All based on a strong stong dollar. Higher INTEREST rates.
    And TRILLIONS of ADDITIONAL new Debt............ All funded on the back of the Hard Working FED
    The Fed and Wars all across the planet will keep the dollar strong even if everyone is selling it.
  • ABX is going to $30 at least. Hold on...selling is almost over for gold.
  • Just bought more 16.47 this will be over 25.00 by the end of the year....Mark it!
  • Orchestrated effort to take apart the miners. They're doing a masterful job!
  • New ALL TIME LOW tomorrow, kiddo`s? AGAIN????
    It is paid idiot pumper "PROUDPIGRXII" hotitility, I just want to let everyone know paid idiot pumper "PROUDPIGRXII" is paid pumping PIG spreading gonorrhea herpes and HIV!!!
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  • Well that was a tough week... I hope this teaches ABX not to release their estimates early. Why would they release a day earlier? Just keep it on schedule? Would of been less painful. Plus who comes up with a .24 estimate to begin with? That estimate is insane for the season... Hope y'all figured it out. It's about to explode with a massive bull run...
  • Credit Suisse now says BUY, along with about 50% of all analysts. Fairly significant. And gold is moving up.