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Allergan plc (AGN)

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220.66+1.14 (+0.52%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • Thurston, you are truly a sick person, you should know that help is needed. Soon you will be telling the board how much you have made shorting the stock although by then the stock will be in the high 2 hundreds, or low 3 hundreds. Your one sick individual, no question about that.
  • poor Thurston. When did Allergan fire You? trouble getting a new job? I can see why
  • Thurston says, "I see one positive geese that is a long shot and it will take a long time to play out but there is an inverse shoulder pattern". I see a second chance called the Thurston head up the #$%$ pattern which will also bring any stock he mocks upward. I'll see you at 225 before AGN ever hits 215, even ex-dividend.
  • it get higher
  • it look like it holding
  • Looks like 220 may be the bottom for now, sorry Thurston.
  • JPM upgrade with PT of $300. Buy Agn through 7% yielding Agn preferred.
  • So, "Tuna" is "Johnny" is "Thurston"? I just went back and reviewed older postings and the language is too similar to deny the relationship amongst at least these three. I have "Thurston" muted so will not see the ramblings from this poster, but I knew something sounded familiar with the ravings.
  • JPMorgan bullish on Allergan, sees 37% upside
    May 19, 2017 8:18 AM ET |By: Douglas W. House, SA News Editor
    •JPMorgan's Chris Schott says the 8% pullback in Allergan (NYSE:AGN) since its Q1 earnings release is a buying opportunity because its results will become "less controversial" throughout the remainder of the year as its business settles down after the sale of its generics business last year to Teva. Several "meaningful" catalysts are ahead in 2018 (OVERWEIGHT/$300).
  • you really personal don't like agn
  • Wow! This Thurston person is really obsessed and quite possibly insane. I am glad that you are making money on this stock. But, your obsession is over the top! I do have a serious question, however. Did you lose your mind a little at a time, or did you go crazy quickly? Stop with the rants and take your own advice -- move along.
  • Time for AGN to buy back more stock. This price is too good to pass up. Buy back enough and take it private to avoid the fickle market. That's what I'd do.
  • going up
  • I see one positive geese that is a long shot and it will take a long time to play out but there is an inverse shoulder pattern that may develop. I doubt this will happen but if it does I will be covering. Management is sooo bad and the stock is so damaged the fundamentals are sooo bad that this has a .00009% chance of happennig
  • Look with your little geese eyes my feathered friends AGN has collapsed into a death spiral while REGN has soared. I predicted this as a pairs trade at the exact time
  • Compare the last 3 months of REGN and this PIG. This is what happens when a. Ompany is able to exude like REGN and one that's a complete disaster like AGN !!
  • How can Brent live in such a paultry income I mean seriously 4 million? How can he afford the haircuts and Botox injections I bet he feeds his family boiled cabbage!!
  • Typical day in the trading of AGN' by. This. Could be a massive down day
  • Bounce tomorrow?
  • Added: 100 shares AGN at $228.43: 3:28 pm, 5/15/17.
    Currently hold 150 shares AGN, purchased earlier this month
    (see profile, this message board is crowded with commentaries,whereas my profile lists 38 messages on equity sales and purchases).

    This purchase is approximately 2% below the cost of my previous buy. The decline in AGN price
    was not entirely unexpected.

    My planned holding period is 24-36 months.
    My target price is $400/share.