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AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC)

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At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • AGNC appears to suggest upside opportunity. Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from awesom-eSTOCKS which are working out pretty well.
  • Both AGNC and ORC pay monthly dividends and have been good for years
    but a lot more shares of AGNC trade and it seems favored just trying to figure why so much difference. Guess I need to do more looking. Any inputs appreciated
  • AGNC 20.17 per share pays .18 vs ORC at 10.26 per share pays .14 trying to see why the big difference both look good to me
  • Kain is supposed to be working for his investors, not for himself. Bad SPO. He's the only one going to to bank.
  • Remember to express your displeasure over the sale of additional shares when it comes time to vote. I also wouldn't hesitate to make your opinions known by writing to the BOD.
  • Why is the stock tanking today?
  • Approx 450 million in shareholder value lost since the new share offering announcement days ago. This even with no rate hike.
    Who knows, maybe in 5 years it will pay off. Right now the only thing for sure is that the market didn't like it, and its going to cost millions and millions a year just in dividends. I had my say. I'll let the stock price continue talking for me. Hope I'm wrong.
  • Buy low, sell dear seems like a sound strategy if these people have a modicum of integrity.
  • I never liked companies selling shares for General Corporate purposes. That usually turns out to be a way to fund bonuses.
    If we are finally making money, and millions and millions of it, why do they need to sell new shares to raise more money ?
    Just paying the extra dividends is going to be millions a year. It wasn't that long ago that they were buying shares back at prices just below where we are at. I'm not a second guesser. I don't like being lied to and taken advantage of.
  • Gross proceeds would appear to be 20.70 per share (502.7/24.5) This is below most recent reported book value of 20.98 for March 31, 2017. After expenses it will be even more dilutive. What is the pressing need to raise cash at this price?
  • Investors no likey the SPO.

    Gary Kain, once again you've proven yourself to be corrupt or a moron.

    Or, more likely, both.
  • Good ole Kain at work! He must had been licking his chops, just couldn't wait for the stock price to barely edge out above book value so he could do yet another secondary. This guy is a JOKE and has no idea how to manage a mREIT. From what I've heard, these secondaries put big bonuses in his back pocket. And they do nothing for sharehold value. Let's see: we lost about $230 million in market cap today to raise about $450 million in cash. This cash just ends up buying more paper, and once the earnings on that new paper is distributed, it does nothing for the dividends. Yes, they'll make more income by buying more paper, but that new income now has to be distibuted across more shares. This is ridiculous! Sold my few shares today, as well as dumped CIM (what a disappontment on their book value!). Being pre-emptive, I also dumped NLY today. NLY and MFA are actually the most stable holdings in this sector. But I think we've peaked for now; have had some nice gains on stock prices as of late. I'm through with AGNC though.
  • Anyone know what the float is here. With the additional 24-25 million shares added in the announcement today after hours cant find info. on shares outstanding, float etc.
  • Do you think this insider ownership of 0.70% is showing us a buy signal now on AGNC? I mean its not the end all be all of indicators but its definitely a good guide stick from my experience. Not sure how awesomestock-s finds all these incredible trade ideas but im happy.
  • This Stock is Green, PT = $23 BEOY.
  • Stevie,,,Soooooooooo increasing there mortgage pool helped increase earnings by .10 cents a share...Shareholders can't be second guessing management decisions every time they announce a move... I also have $125k in ARR and I think they will get bought out maybe by AGNC...With only 38 million shares outstanding they are a target IMO...For about $900 million you get a $15 billion mortgage portfolio and $12.00 a share in cash...Just a thought but I am happy about AGNC beat on earnings...IMO AGNC is going to do well over the next several years so just Collect Dividend and Repeat Over and Over Month after Month until you have received your initial investment back and ride on there dime...
  • Think Ponzi Scheme?
  • Stevie,,,What you failed to say was that by AGNC buying there management co. they will save $125 million a year...Thats more than $25 million a 1/4er...Also if they leveraged up maybe they see opportunity to increase earnings...Further I see on Yahoo statistics that AGNC has $28.00 a share in cash as we trade at $20.00...IMO AGNC is a buy and hold long term,,,If you bought in 2012 when they came public @ $20.00 you would have collect about $36.50 in div.s and still owned the shares at $20.00...
  • The Float is 331 million shares...With the added shares they will have about 356 million...This is not good today but in there earnings transcript they saw opportunity so this added $500 million + should add earnings value...IMO this cash may be to buy MTGE that only has like 43 million shares or maybe ARR which I also own that had a gang buster 1/4er released yesterday...ARR only has 38 million shares...I didn't see a share offering price but it should be around $20 ...There positive earnings should help hold up the share price...
  • What a heck of a day for AGNC! Let's keep up the good work!