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Alimera Sciences, Inc. (ALIM)

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  • Did no one else see the insider buying that occurred 1-20-2017?
  • profit estimates for 2018 have gone from 16 cents to 1 cents .......I guess the analysts covering the stock don't have much faith in ALIM ...
  • analysts estimates going the wrong way -higher losses this year and lower earnings estimates next year ...company emphasizing PRO FORMA break even some time this year ...meaning excluding this, that, and the other ... they have a bit of a tough slog ahead of them convincing doctors to prescribe something for which they earn less money ...it's up to patients to educate themselves and push for it ... if I had to get injections monthly or a single injection over the course of 3 years, I will take the single injection. I'm very squeamish when it comes to my eyeballs - I am sure a lot of others are too ...
  • Doing the ALIM slow sell off after weak earnings. Dumped out in the $1.60's all 50 k 10k at a time. Now waiting till MACD turns up and MFI heads up. Till then on the bench till re-enter usual 2 weeks before earnings. Have to chance missing possible buyout but their earnings are not quite on solid ground and analysts like Boris are a joke. Never a tough question on conference call.
  • You guys think ALIM is just gonna fluctuate between 1.40-1.70 until close to next earnings? Definitely gonna take advantage of dips if that's what everyone else is thinking.
  • I heard the conference call. Iluvien works great. And in Europe particularly, the demand is strong. In the US it is slow but that is not surprising - remember we still use British units like gallons and miles although the British switched to the metric system a long time ago!

    There is no technical reason Iluvien can't be the drug of choice here. It seems absolutely fantastic in every way. I'd encourage everyone to listen to the recorded webcast, and hear the doctor speak - and the questions and answers with him.

    So the issue seems to be that they have been doing a really really poor job of educating doctors and selling this stuff. This is not the first time a company has had a great product but found itself not knowing how to sell it.

    So I see one of two things happening:
    either a) they will not be able to ramp up their sales fast enough to become cash-flow positive soon enough, and they will have to get more funding and do another dilution and destroy the current shareholders, or
    b) they get bought out by someone that sees growth here, and knows how to sell

    But it still worries me that insiders are not buying.
  • Q1-2017 vs. Prior Quarters
    In past several quarters, after earning PPS used to go down. This trend changed now from Q1, stock going up even if they missed in Q1. The reason is simple - the future quarters will be much stronger and ALIM will continue to gain market shares. Large market, unique product - no competitor with similar product. ALIM is a buyout candidate for sure.
  • Holding with patience. This could be bought out very near future - large market, unique product. Do your DD. I missed $1.2 million on CPXX - bought 40,000 share of CPXX at $1.20/sh, sold at $1.10. After six months CPXX was bought by JAZZ Pharma for $32/sh.
  • analyst estimates show much higher revenue and reduced loss in June quarter over this one. loss will be down from 8 cents to 2 cents per share on higher top line growth - the mgmt. said quarterly results will be bumpy - so it may be difficult to gauge - it will take some patience on ALIM -at some point revenue will begin to accelerate...
  • Can someone explain what is so bad about Alim's Q1 earnings?
  • Just got in at $1.48. Hopefully in the next six months I will be OK
  • almost one hour after the Bells and still no press release.... :-( Last time the Report was published at 4 pm because the result was OK. Now they are keeping the information for them self as long as possible and keeping their investors waiting. Typical Alimera behaviour and with absolutely no respect for their investors. Wonder if Dans Wife have sold out Today....
  • Does anyone know if Iluvien is stable in synovial fluid?
  • Interesting Alimera's earnings and CC will coincide with the ARVO conference. My guess is that the revenue numbers are steadily progressing and that this years ARVO conference, along with the plethora of Iluvien studies being presented there, it should be a good week for Alimera and pSivida. pSivida is having Dr. Glenn Jaffe podium present 1 year data for Uveitis, in his own study at Duke university. Dr. Jaffe was the investigator for the first Plll trial. The insert is the same FA insert as Iluvien only inserted with a 27 gauge needle.
  • everyones thoughts on earnings? Whats your price target?
  • you naysayers should have added more under $1.30. high today 1.55 even with the lackluster qt.
  • bought some more ALIM shares today to add to my position -it's been on a nice uptrend and I am feeling more confident in the stock as time goes on - glta
  • Alimera Sciences Announces Data From 27 ILUVIEN® Studies to Be Presented at 2017 ARVO https://finance.yahoo.com/news/alimera-sciences-announces-data-27-113000226.html

    Alimera Sciences Announces Data From 27 ILUVIEN® Studies to Be Presented at 2017 ARVO
    ATLANTA, May 01, 2017-- Alimera Sciences, Inc., a leader in commercialization and development of prescription ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, today announced that data from 25 ILUVIEN pivotal and post-marketing ...
  • So, how much money have you all lost in ALIM? I'm down about $5k, and thinking i'll be down more after earnings :(
  • Data from 27 ILUVIEN studies will be strong positive (IMO) and that will put ALIM in much stronger position in this large demanding market. This company could generate over $500M revenue in next 5 years ..but I believe it will be bought out before that.