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  • Another financial flop in 1st quarter following 4th quarter disaster. Will these numbers ever grow, there's always an excuse for poor performance, blame it on Trojan for the margin decline. But where are the increased sales after taking ownership of Trojan? Forget the EPS disaster, they spent around $8M for that co. and get no revenue? Shares are valued fair when they reach around 11, as has been the case for a long time with virtually zero growth.
  • Greg Trumps' annual compensation is greater the net income from any net quarter in the past year. Anything unbalanced about this distribution of wealth? He receives more in one day than any other employee during an entire year. Think about it. Even the brand new CFO, a chrony of his is doing quite well out of the starting gate.
  • Incredibly they are still holding this issue inflated for no reason. Other small techs have been adjusted to their true value, not that of a pumping firm like Singular. Three years and counting with the same target of $23. Sooner or later (much) they will be right, but these targets are supposed to be for one year out, not forever. Treasure bought founder's shares a $13.60 a couple of weeks ago, closer to fair value. Why does the investing public have to pay $14 or more, esp with a 10% spread between bid and ask posted offerings.
  • QLS slogan is backward, it should read: "The Labels You Need, 'When' You Want Them". They've always had it backward, which is awkward English. For years they've been using, "The Labels you Want, When You Need Them. Companies don't "want" labels, they "need" them.
  • A good amount of distribution going on, yet the pps does not get pushed down. We're up in thin air, yet the Market Makers are manipulating price by ignoring the supply/demand forces. Maybe another pump in play...
  • The Toughwriter 4 and 5 have been around for many years. What is this sudden appearance of the TW 640, which looks like an OEM device compared with the TW5, which looks like a completed unit for mounting. What do they cost, around $200 each? That's all they appear to be worth.
  • Platonic love: The interval between the introduction and the first kiss. http://dataunion.tistory.com/1109

    [2016-MAY] Astro-Med NASDAQ : ALOT Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.4 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • Wow, it's become apparent that Woody must have sold the attendees of the Sidoti Conference a huge bill of goods last Wednesday. Look at a chart for 3 or 6 months...and this follows the disastrous 4th quarter financial report from last month. What a pack of fools!
  • Pump and dump 201. No accumulation occurring, yet the pps magically ascends for absolutely no reason. Some good old fashoned profit taking would set this issue back towards its intrinsic value, unless the manipulation continues.
  • Got a great report from http://yugestocks.com/?s=ALOT about $ALOT. I did have to subscribe but it was worth the time. Thank you guys for the tip! Mcdonald's corollary to murphy's law: in any given set of circumstances Making money trading stocks.

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  • Pump and dump 101.
  • With no accumulation taking place, why does this issue keep pushing upward following the poor 4th quarter financial report from two weeks ago. Nothing compelling, just continual missing of estimates. Manipulation is apparently taking place.
  • Time to file out neatly and orderly, while somebody is slowly accumulating a position, and a price beat-down may be avoided. No justification for the current inflated price based on reported and projected financials.
  • Now here's a good short sale, for the return to the trading range of 13-13.50 for a quick 10% gain. Buyers finished on Friday.
  • Good luck Dividend. Tomorrow should prove interesting, either another in a string of disappointing quarterly reports, or an anomoly that will be misinterpreted as a turn-around. On occasion, ALOT hash a strong quarter due to the timing of the aircraft printer contracts as they unwind. These are normally followed by a weak quarter. Woods will be fatigued resulting from the storm.

    Wonder who bought shares today one day before the 4Q financial release? Gambling man.
  • Jim, appreciate the insights and color pertaining to ALOT. Currently evaluating the company. Thanks. BP123
  • Black ice on Mass roads heading down to Greenwich Ave in W Warwick. Folks have been killed on the interstates during these messy winters in that area. Woody probably worked from home during the storms or stayed at a Motel 6.
    Wonder if the stongest quarter (4th) will provide an upside surprise for a change, or another so-so disappointment? Lord knows we need it. Too early to expect a Trojan contribution so we're likely looking for another missed estimate like Q3. Nothing from RITEC or Miltope since they were acquired. Money would have been better spent in R&D with homegrown innovations.
  • Singular's target of $23 still remains after 2 years, while the pps vascillated between 12 and 14. Those sell-side targets are supposed to be for 12 months, not 36 or 48. Pathetic outfit, the only company to put out a price target for this microcap, and never revisit the prediction.
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  • Big Trades -- MM to MM. No price movement as these 50K+ share trades are between the bid/ask, and just MMs adjusting inventory at the mid price. This results in no distribution/accumulation and no price movement. Don't be fooled by the appearance of large volume. Abdul Woods hasn't bought any stock at market price, ever.