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  • Thought NVDA was suppose to go down to $90, remember. Stock market and analysts are such a joke sometimes. AMD will go WAY back up also. Patience is key.
  • I have been a professional day trader since 1998. Believe me when I say that AMD was pinned at $11 exactly for options expiration. Also, Goldman Sachs has been quietly accumulating for a while. Candlesticks point to a buy signal confirmation as Goldman's accumulation activity has participated in the formation of the last daily bullish candle. In the next 2 weeks, quite possibly sooner, AMD will climb to $12.
  • nVDA game computer is powered with AMD RYZEN. it sounds interesting.
  • Have a nice long weekend folks. Tuesday when you wake up you'll see 12 and up driven by awesome computex event.
  • x86 Smartphone AR technology coming from AMD? Better to get the real thing, than emulation from Qualcomm.
  • boyz n galz, AMD is going up! incrementally. watch n learn
  • AMD needs 37 million profit to break even for Q2.
    AMD is estimated sold 370K Ryzen 7 for average of $250, in one month, total Ryzen 7 sales revenue ~92 million with roughly 30 million profit for one month sales of Ryzen 7 in Q1. In Q2, with sales of Ryzen 7 and 5 for 3 months, it will generate at least 60-90 million profit. AMD will make profit in Q2, not question about it.
  • AMD RyZEN is AMAZING. Just overclocked my RyZEN 1700 to 3.75GHz at 1.2 volts. The power consumption is only 60 watts when running Prime95 torture test. Cinebench 15 score is 1615.
  • DELL's RyZEN computer received 100% good praise in China. Over 50 five star comments in just one day!


    【戴尔灵越5675-R1GN8L】戴尔(DELL)灵越MAX·战5675-R1GN8L游戏台式电脑主机(AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 8G 128GSSD+1T GTX1060 6G独显)【行情 报价 价格 评测】-京东
  • Goldman, Blackrock and Vaguard are buying calls. If that isn't a sign, nothing is.
    Follow the options chain.
  • Very interesting AMD RyZEN customer comments on Chinese online mega shop. Allow me to translate a few.

    "RyZEN rises. You give force and I come. Seven years, push it AMD, say no to monopoly...."

    "I pre-ordered. This time I believe AMD must be able to rise up, and rise up with real power. Hope AMD stays strong. Lynch the toothpaste company (refers to Intel)"

    "AMD fan, waited five years, bitter sweet...."


    【技嘉主板】技嘉(GIGABYTE)AB350M-Gaming 3 主板 +锐龙 AMD Ryzen 7 1700 处理器8核AM4接口 3.0GHz 盒装 优惠套包【行情 报价 价格 评测】-京东
  • Let today's action in NVDA be a lesson to all of us, especially those who frequently talk about day/swing trading AMD and/or NVDA. NVDA closed at 141.84 today, which is near its new 52-week high of 142 which was created just today. Sometimes you win a trade, and sometimes you have to chase the stock.

    We all know that AMD is a winner for those who are patient. Don't worry...be happy! :-)
  • Good things come to those who have patience. AMD will be great. Stay the course.
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/AMD_Stock/comments/6dpk6k/intel_response_to_data_center_question/

    Intel response to data center - question • r/AMD_Stock
    I'm not too familiar with the development of x86 architecture (only to know it takes 4-5 years from scratch to develop, and a few other notable...
  • Goldman picked the perfect time to change tone and got on the AMD train for a sizable gain soon.
  • 👌👌👌I wonder whether we will see the first-ever-China CPU (licensed from AMD) at Computex. 😎😎😎
  • dell starts to sell RYZEN computers
  • I wish i bought nvidia when it was 100 sold it at 140 and bought amd... That would have been ideal
  • I hoping to buy an AMD VR-capable laptop this holiday season. I was thinking, with the Raven's Ridge APUs coming up, if they crossfired the onboard APU graphics - 11 Vega cores - with a comparable dGPU, would that be enough for VR. One GPU per eye? I would love something like that. To my knowledge no one but AMD could make something like that. Thoughts?

    AMD Pinnacle Ridge CPU and Raven Ridge APU Platform Fully Detailed
    New details on AMD's Pinnacle Ridge CPUs and Raven Ridge APUs have just been leaked through an internal AMD roadmap.
  • The fact that GS increased their position by 4.2 million shares last week is a huge tell. Correct me if I'm wrong. They created a false narrative get people to dump and get in on a lower price. Then they gobble up all these shares. #$%$? It's like that movie Trading Places. Well they didn't get a single share from me