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  • Coming soon, in 4 weeks, the June Data Center Major Event is when numerous OEMs and ODMs announce their data center wins as "early adopters" for AMD.

    To thousands of data centers, AMD has given out more than 5,000 server systems to potential customers. This has lead to an increased interest in the company's data center product. Sales have been stimulated. AMD is getting a heightened response from OEMs and ODMs.

    CEO Lisa T Su said:

    "What you'll see is we'll have our launch in the second half of June. You will see a number of OEMs and ODMs and end customers who will be early adopters in the platform.
  • The fact that GS increased their position by 4.2 million shares last week is a huge tell. Correct me if I'm wrong. They created a false narrative get people to dump and get in on a lower price. Then they gobble up all these shares. #$%$? It's like that movie Trading Places. Well they didn't get a single share from me
  • Maybe some of you can remember........Was it just 2 or 3 months ago that a well known short came out with a prediction of Nvidia? That stock went from $110, quickly down to $95. Supposedly, the stock was done; it was going to stay in the 90s into the foreseeable future.

    Today, it hits a new 52wk high of $140. My point is, too many people listen to these idiots with their "experience", ta "understanding", "education", and "insider" connections.
  • Almost everyday there is some positive news for AMD and every few weeks a new product is being released. The stock is recoiling for a major breakout next few weeks/months and the current SP will visible in the rear view mirror then. For those with extra cash, this is the best time to accumulate.
  • Looks like Goldman has been accumulating.

    AMD / Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Institutional Buyers - Fintel.io
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  • Dell REyzen PCs preorder in China.


    DELL's new gaming PC with AMD Ryzen 7 in china, pre-order on 5/25 • r/Amd
    This might be the first desktop PC from OEM https://reddit-uploaded-media.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com/images%2Ft2_16va66%2F8idbpivn89zy
  • Judging from the increasing momentum of RyZEN on etailers (such as AMAZON and NewEgg), once the big five (HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Asus) starts taking orders for RyZEN PCes, and EYPC servers start showing up, expect AMD to JUMP.
  • AMD should be 13.50 to 14.00 at a
  • Jeez, so many bashers on this message board. Do your own due diligence, don't form an opinion based on what some person on a Yahoo Message Board writes. I'm long on AMD, if you truly think that in 2-3 years AMD will NOT be trading above 15$ share (low-ball) then you don't understand this game. I saw someone posted "Will AMD ever be above 12$ a share again?", well in one day last week AMD increased by 10%. This is a volatile stock, with a large number of shorts. The swings are going to be large both ways. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.
  • Is that all? No Intel licensing deal confirmed and we're only down a few percent on a down day? Anyone holding due to the licensing rumors have already sold over the last few days. I never saw the upside to this deal as it would negate AMD's APU advantage.

    The current short play is running out of steam.
  • Tired of saying be patient here but it is so true. Just wait for all these new products to drive their revenue into the stratosphere. Yes, some exaggeration but I'm holding all my shares for a long time to see just how high she can go !
  • Good article on AMDs prospects. Key is executed on on all fronts. Time to deliver. I do have faith in Lisa Sh. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/advanced-micro-devices-highlights-jpmorgan-203253890.html

    Advanced Micro Devices: Highlights From JPMorgan Conference
    7nm can be a game changer; prudent internal forecasts mean positive earnings surprises going forward
  • I dunno if anybody realizes this but Jim Keller, the architect of Zen, used to work for Apple and designed the A4/A5 architectures. Take that one any way you want to.

    I've struggled for months to define Trump with no definitive luck. Not bright enough, I guess. But all my senses strongly assert that something is VERY wrong with him.

    Recently a NewYork Times reporter simply described Trump as a "child" - a person who could not grow up.

    Just days ago, a Virginia political candidate blatantly and publicly labeled Trump a "Narcissistic Maniac". I was taken aback by such an extreme public attack, that I could not recall any American attack on a President in the history of the country.

    Thus far in my struggle to define this severe pathological disordered President, I only have a "Childish Narcissistic Maniac". Somehow, that isn't quite good enough. I'm still waiting on the psychiatric professionals to help me define this dangerous whacko. They publicly refrain from doing that for fear of law suites (which have happened before if they do not first formally evaluate him in person). That will never happen!

    Trump was born rich, which made him a spoiled brat, which in turn, stunted his maturity. "Narcissism" is easy to if everyone treats him with reverence because of his wealth. "Maniac" is just "out of control".

    A nation of angry rednecks voted him in, but he shoots himself in the foot too many times to keep ignoring it. Some wonder if he will implode with excess and growing criticism. Can a spoiled brat child maniac self implode and thus be removed from office for mental health reasons? How bad must it get to actually do that. Must the nation first implode to blame him?

    Just simply WOW?

  • "AMD share price is struggling now because of Lisa Su's extremely conservative estimate of $0.75/share earnings in 2020."

    Frank - NOBODY can forecast out that far. Predicting EPS for 2020 is like the weatherman trying to tell what the weather will be on June 22nd
  • NVDA owners who are short here! Cover and sell NVDA! AMD is a better bet in the long run! Just some free advice that will pay off!
  • New beta BIOS is awesome! Memory speeds and infinity fabric speed is coming up!
  • all the AMD GPU cards are sold out in China. there are nothing in stock.
  • How many days in a row are you going to release an article saying there's no Intel deal, you jagoffs?
  • If I was short this stock I'd be covering my position. Think about it $10 is the most you can reasonably hope for in the near future but $13 only requires a hint of real news and "pop".