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Amarin Corporation plc (AMRN)

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  • Why stock is down 10% with 7000 volume? that does not make sense. Look like Someone trying to manipulate this stock.

    They now have more than 28% market share on script and while their selling price is down based on how much revenue they generate, they position long term market take over.
  • Thanks to Sam81 on the iHub boards for posting again! Here they are...
    Scripts Update for Week Ending 05/05
    ATH in TRx & Refills Numbers and Market Share
    TRx: 22,736 {vs 21,609; +5.22%} Sector +3.48% -- ATH
    NRx: 8,980 {vs 8,602; +4.39%} Sector +2.97% -- (ATH = 9,220)
    Ref: 13,756 {vs 13,007; +5.76%} Sector +3.79% -- ATH
    TRx: 55,868 {vs 54,318; +2.85%}
    NRx: 21,031 {vs 20,534; +2.42%}
    TRx: 1,480 {vs 1,465; +1.02%}
    NRx: 509 {vs 503; +1.19%}
    V TRx Market Share: 28.39% vs 27.92% -- ATH
    V NRx Market Share: 29.42% vs 29.02% -- (ATH = 29.87%)
    V Ref Market Share: 27.75% vs 27.24% -- ATH
  • Weekly scripts courtesy of Sam81 on the iHub boards... entire sector was down, but AMRN was down less so it is another all time high in weekly total script market share.
    Scripts Update for Week Ending 12/05
    ATH in TRx Market Share
    TRx: 21,851 {vs 22,736; -3.89%} Sector -4.16%
    NRx: 8,860 {vs 8,980; -1.34%} Sector -2.75%
    Ref: 12,991 {vs 13,756; -5.56%} Sector -5.02%
    TRx: 53,520 {vs 55,868; -4.20%}
    NRx: 20,346 {vs 21,031; -3.26%}
    TRx: 1,385 {vs 1,480; -6.42%}
    NRx: 476 {vs 509; -6.48%}
    V TRx Market Share: 28.47% vs 28.39% -- ATH
    V NRx Market Share: 29.85% vs 29.42% -- (ATH = 29.87%)
    V Ref Market Share: 27.60% vs 27.75% -- (ATH = 27.75%)
  • Big pop tomorrow?
  • Analysts called for loss of .07 a share, actual loss of .08 a share. Short term buyers bailed. No big deal.
  • Nothing good about AMRN still floundering and can't get any traction.
  • Scripts update for week ending 4/21 from Sam81 on iHub:
    ATH Across the Board in terms of Market Share
    TRx: 21,338 {vs 20,757; +2.80%} Sector -0.12%
    NRx: 8,593 {vs 8,418; +2.08%} Sector -1.26%
    Ref: 12,745 {vs 12,339; +3.29%} Sector +0.60%
    TRx: 52,585 {vs 53,282; -1.31%}
    NRx: 19,694 {vs 20,224; -2.62%}
    TRx: 1,420 {vs 1,393; +1.94%}
    NRx: 483 {vs 495; -2.42%}
    V TRx Market Share: 28.32% vs 27.52% -- ATH
    V NRx Market Share: 29.87% vs 28.89% -- ATH
    V Ref Market Share: 27.37% vs 26.65% -- ATH
  • guess earnings call not going so good with stock down 6%. Ouch.
  • I think these numbers posted by Sam81 on the iHub boards tell us all we need to know about Vascepa and how it is being thought of in the medical community:
    Q1-2017 vs. Q1-2016 (Retail ONLY Data)
    TRx: 257,422 {vs 175,210; +46.92%} – Sector -0.88% --- ATH
    NRx: 107,921 {vs 72,520; +48.82%} – Sector -0.42% --- ATH
    Gen L
    TRx: 713,250 {vs 786,496; -9.31%}
    NRx: 272,515 {vs 303,700; -10.27%}
    TRx: 21,057 {vs 38,780; -45.70%}
    NRx: 7,325 {vs 13,183; -44.44%}
    V Q1-2017 Retail ONLY TRx Market Share: 25.96% vs 17.51% in Q1-2016 -- ATH
    V Q1-2017 Retail ONLY NRx Market Share: 27.83% vs 18.62% in Q1-2016 -- ATH
    Q1-2017 vs. Q4-2016 (Retail ONLY Data)
    TRx: 257,422 {vs 246,127; +4.59%} – Sector -5.83% --- ATH
    NRx: 107,921 {vs 94,626; +14.05%} – Sector -0.09% --- ATH
    Gen L
    TRx: 713,250 {vs 779,970; -8.55%}
    NRx: 272,515 {vs 283,669; -3.93%}
    TRx: 21,057 {vs 27,020; -22.07%}
    NRx: 7,325 {vs 9,802; -25.27%}
    V Q1-2017 Retail ONLY TRx Market Share: 25.96% vs 23.37% in Q4-2016 –- ATH
    V Q1-2017 Retail ONLY NRx Market Share: 27.83% vs 24.38% in Q4-2016 -- ATH
  • The latest report on statins - that more people should take it to prevent heart attacks and strokes - should help AMRN if the REDUCE-IT study proves favorable. Statins, plus Vascepa, should be a clear winner. Am I wrong? Would like to hear comments and opinions from other posters.
  • Let's see if they hit the estimates?
    $36.1 Million in Sales Expected for Amarin Co. plc (AMRN) This Quarter
    Wall Street analysts expect that Amarin Co. plc (NASDAQ:AMRN) will announce sales of $36.1 million for the current fiscal quarter, Zacks Investment Research reports. Three analysts have provided estimates for Amarin Co. plc’s earnings. The lowest sal
  • If you invested a dollar a year ago...your investment would be worth approximately a dollar today...stagnate money for now.
  • People may doubt what you say, but they'll always believe what you do. http://dataunion.tistory.com/1139

    [2016-MAY] Amarin Corporation plc NASDAQ : AMRN Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.8 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stoc
  • up $0.04 for the week and down $0.05 for the month...this is like watching paint dry, however still own it.
  • Amarin CMO Granawitz from Merck in Jan 2016...same field and disciplines with Merck. Does he come to Amarin from Merck with significant risk or not...thoughts? Regards,
  • AMRN did a very good job just basically crushing any exception of an early stoppage after the interim review of the REDUCE-IT study. They used words like overwhelming efficacy and highly statically significant benefit ect, ect.. Seems the DMC has set the bar so high for early stoppage that AMRN said it ain't gonna happen. The timing of this review is when AMRN expected it and the last event is expected to take place before the end of the year. The company expects data to be released sometime in mid- 2018.

    We'll still probably take a hit in the stock price, some we feel its worth the gamble on a stoppage and take the plunge. They
    won't be here long but the selling will put pressure on the stock price.
  • AMRN may be a compelling opportunity. Im not sure about you guys but awesomestock-s has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • Isn't it sad how low the yahoo mb have sunk? The yahoo mbs used to be a place we could exchange info, and now is practically useless. I see why yahoo has to sell off to verizon to stay alive. So sad. I come here once a month or so, use to be here every day.
  • wow... AMGEN loses on no improvement on cardio vascular outcomes... and the patients were on a statin, but not on Vascepa®. If this little old company can show success, it should mean some serious $$$$$$$. thoughts
  • When Amarin has a popular drug that is approved by the FDA and the revenue pours in then this will sky rocket .