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Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN)

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  • In fact Amazon would demonstrate a very high customer-friendly posture if it would entertain a 10/1 split that would enable the small, ordinary, individual investor to buy the shares. After all it's these same small individuals that buy its products and make it the success that it is.
  • I am in just to tell everyone that I was part of AMZN when it hit $1000 🙂
  • The moment I decided to buy amazon stock was when i realized i even buy toilet paper off Amazon now! $1500 here we come
  • Some say split the stock some say no, doesn't help or change things: Tell me where I'm wrong in my thinking. Amazon unlike Berkshire Hathaway's business is made up of millions of small Mom and Pop customers, like me, I only own a few shares but if the stock grows to two or three times what it is now most folks couldn't afford to buy into their "own company", but if the stock was $50.00 instead of $1000.or even higher the more people owning and talking about a product usually brings more business. What say you.
  • Push to 1000 is on.

    4:1 split coming?
  • Posted in $PLUG conversation
    How many $AMZN #DeliveryTrucks will $PLUG provide Amazon in 2022 ????

  • Yeah keep shorting and bashing. Its really working great for you the last 5 months! Knucleheads!!
  • $ 850.34
    (17:24:11 PM)
    That was the low in AfterHours on Wednesday for AMAZON folks!
    Not good!
    What it can mean is that the markets are gearing-up for a massive "sell-off".
    Might not happen within the first hour or two but certainly could in the third and beyond.
    My guess is a close of $866 on Thursday based of the above facts.
    There's even a ":pump" in the pre-market by folks who want to exit as high as possible. They "pump" and then dump in order to get a better exit price (tick).
  • OK people, don't get me wrong. I love Amazon but am a little concerned about valuation here. Any opinions?
  • Go break $1,000 a share, Amazon! You deserve it! You've grown to be the most dominant online retailer of them all!
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    Get the Facts right about Amazon

    Equity Warrants vest at 50 million increments up to $200 million, then $Amzn must pay Market
  • All together....."UP...UP...UP!!!!". Same chant being heard on trading desks across the world. The world NEEDS AMZN and all anointed stocks to keep going up so they will. Massive amounts of cash being thrown at these stocks and this will last for many more years. Just buy all you can when you can and sit back and rack in the profits. ZERO RISK!
  • Any opinions on how high this can go? I was around for the tech bubble and I have to say these high valuations are starting to become worrisome.
  • Someone bought this at 999? Unbelievable how the herd thinks that forests keep growing to the skies
  • $10,000 invested in Amazon 20 years ago on IPO, today is worth over $4 million dollars...
  • $1000 here i come...
  • Champagne please!
  • Amazon Prime is great program but let's examine cost to Amazon.

    While I admire how good Amazon Prime ( I didn't subscribe because 1.> does not have content I like to watch 2.> i hate getting multiple boxes everyday at door step. I instead order one big order & willing to wait week+ to receive it. If I can't wait, normally buy from retail.

    So how much it cost to deliver to your door step.
    Here is factor that most costly.
    1.> Average manhour to verify/pack order:- 5 min
    2.> Average packing material cost:- $1
    3.> Average manhour to transport to final destination city:- 5 min
    4.> Average drive time:- 5 min
    5.> Door step delivery:- 5 min
    All of this is minimum time required to delivery and nothing will bring this down
    =20 min , $15/hour = $5 +$1 (packing material cost) = $6.
    This is per delivery we are talking.

    If you use prime to order 50 order = $250 cost.
    Return Cost assuming 10% return, Restocking & throw away, I think return will cost $15 easy /return package = $75
    So $325 cost.

    If we add other services cost $25 = $350. In other word, they lose $25 minimum (Assuming they optimize their full delivery model - RIght now , they likely losing $400+

    Now agree product they sell, they make money but again reason people buying from Amazon is because price is so low (40% of customer). So margin is not that high (Except 3rd party sell) and covering $200-$300/customer is not easy.

    I think their business flow can keep growing but can generate huge profit is very very distance dream.
  • People calling for a 10/1 split are not literate in trading. Look at the percent a stock goes up not the amount of shares you own. When you increase the amount of shares ten fold the stock is dead money. There is too much share supply. a 10/1 stock split is the one thing that absolutely would derail this gravy train.
  • when is this 🎈 going to pop? 187 p/e...