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ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ANIP)

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    • BioLargo’s 10Q states their Advanced Wound Care products are ready, all studies successfully completed, and they expect to file a 510K with FDA in less than 90 days
    • Woundcare market is over $6 Billion with high growth rate
    • Tanya Rhodes, ex VP of Smith & Nephew Wound Care Product Development is leading the BLGO/Clyra Medical 510K filing
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    • Sales could commence in first half of 2018
    • Sales and or licensing agreement/s could be very significant
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  • who or whom is causing the price fluctuation? the price changes are drastic. Can't find anyone really shorting this stock. Are the ETF controlling ANIP stock price?
  • ANIP PE 129. the sector industry average PE is 34.08...ANIP is way over priced, remember this company has drastically has slowed growth according to last quarters earning report...SELLLLL
  • ANIP way too manipulated, SELLLLLL
  • Who says ANIP isn't poised for potentially massive upward movement? Im not sure about you guys but awesomestock-s has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • Interesting: A growth stock with cyclic tendencies. Outside influence has been a big factor. You know that earnings will go up so keep buying and average down. IMHO
  • It has been difficult holding ANIP for the past couple years. The stock price has ranged from $29 to $72 and it's not uncommon for the price to drop $8 in one day.

    This small company is under the radar so it's impossible to obtain an in-depth analysis. I've listened to all the quarterly conference calls and read the 10Q from cover to cover. Here's my take.

    ANIP has two drugs that are unapproved by the FDA and could be halted at any time; opium tincture and EEMT. About two years ago these two drugs accounted for over 50 percent of ANIP's sales and EBITDA. Also through in the fact that EEMT has been linked to increased risk of breast cancer with declining scripts. Management has been lessening the company's reliance on these two drugs and currently they now comprise about 30 percent. There was little competition so these were very profitable drugs for the company. The fact that sales and EBITDA have continued to increase in spite of the decline is commendable.

    ANIP now has 5 drugs that showing significant growth and percentage of sales/EBITDA. Some of these drugs have profit sharing agreements; therefore, gross margins have decline. In order to support this significant growth the company hired 45 full time employees. Considering this is a 32 percent increase in the workforce it's my opinion the sales per employee has not caught up at this time; however, I expect in 2017 the new workforce will be integrated and rationalized.

    ANIP has acquired corticotropin which if approved would be the sole competitor to the HP Acthar monopoly. This is a risky proposition considering HP Acthar has garnered significant attention lately as the highest priced drug per Medicare patient. It's priced around $40k per vial. ANIP management has been wise to keep a low profile on this drug in order to stay off Andrew Left's radar or other short seller.

    The next question is what will the FDA require to approve this drug? I must admit that ANIP has formed an impressive team to obtain FDA approval headed up by Dr. Karen Quinn.

    Although this is a risky proposition it has a big payoff if successful considering HP Acthar has over $1B in sales with no competition. Another positive is Mallinckrodt paid $5.8 billion for this drug whereas ANIP paid $75 million plus undisclosed royalties to Merck; therefore, ANIP has significant leeway in pricing the drug. Management has estimate the corticotropin drug could contribute upwards of $200M in cash flow which is about 5-6 times current cash flow.

    In summary, ANIP requires nerves of steel to own; however, they have a very impressive and experienced management team that may be able to pull this off making it a multi bagger.
  • Anyone have any insight into why the bottom line is not meeting estimates? I thought after the anti cancer and anti infective drugs hit the market bottom line would increase. Any insight is appreciated.

    Also, anyone have any insight on why the stock price has taken such a big hit?
  • Drove by the ANIP plant in Baudette MN and see they are working on the building addition... How many weeks before we see new record high for this company?
  • Check out the linked article " Abbvie and Ani Pharmaceuticals Appear Poised to Annouce A Deal for Libigel" before selling.


    AbbVie And ANI Pharmaceuticals Appear Poised To Announce A Deal For LibiGel
    In 2013, ANI Pharmaceuticals' CEO stated that he would look for a partner to take the lead and co-promote on LibiGel. AbbVie appears to be the partner. LibiGel
  • ANIP will be a win with whatever Pres Trump does as what could better than meds made in Minnesota?
  • ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    The healthcare sector provides a veritable smorgasbord of micro-cap and small-cap investing opportunities; unfortunately, most are downright dangerous and unprofitable. That's not the case with drug developer ANI Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ANIP), which has a market cap of less than $680 million and is healthfully profitable.

    What makes ANI Pharmaceuticals such an attractive company is the fact that it attacks both sides of the aisle in the drug development process. It develops brand-name therapies that command high margins, and it also relies on generic-drug development. Generic drugs typically have lower margins than branded therapies, but there's a seemingly endless supply of generic drug opportunities. Furthermore, the rising cost of brand-name drugs is pushing physicians and consumers toward more generic drug use. Covering both aspects of drug development gives ANI Pharmaceuticals a nice balance of high growth (branded therapies) and slower but steadier growth (generics). Through the first nine months of 2016, generic drug revenue made up $65.9 million of its $90.4 million in sales.

    Drug Capsules Over Money Cash Hundreds Getty
    Image source: Getty Images.

    ANI Pharmaceuticals also has an impressive generic drug pipeline. As of the end of the third quarter, ANI had 78 products in development with a total annual market size of $3.7 billion based on data from IMS Health.

    It's worth noting that ANI is also an active acquirer. Its Q3 report listed 53 of its 78 products in development as having been acquired. ANI believes 46 of these 53 acquired products can be commercialized with ease based on prior approval supplements or via CBE-30s, which are moderate changes made to a drug filed with the Food and Drug Administration.

    After generating $2.72 in full-year EPS in 2015, Wall Street has eyes on ANI Pharmaceuticals hitting $7.61 in full-year EPS by 2019. It's an under-the-radar small-cap stock you should certainly know about.
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  • What effect will Andrew Left on MNK have with ANIP's corticotropin drug have? Andrew Left is shorting MNK based upon large insurers refusing to reimburse for HP Acthar not so much on price but the fact it has never been proven to be effective via clinical trial?
  • Who is partnering or acquiring Libigel? It is no longer appears to be available for licensing. The front runner is most likely Abbvie.
  • I had no idea that so many speculators were lined up for this fall. How good does the good news have to be? This is not the first time Z has led the sheep.
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  • Why is this stock dropping? No news anywhere.
  • Z says buy. Watch out. After it drops in half it will be a strong sell. It's easy to predict a horse race after the race.
    Eventually this looks to be a good speculation but earnings stability is erratic as are the stories. IMHO,
  • Chart shows gap up at 62. Weakening volume and movement after the gap up. I would wait and try to get it at 62 or so.

    jmho based on technicals alone.

    So helpme_hanna