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Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (APDN)

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  • Any news as to why this stock is tanking? Besides garbage management.
  • come on APDN management, make something tangible happen with this stock!!!
  • Was the high volume today due to the CC?
  • Operational SINCE 1983. No profit at all, no track record, pure money burner, no share price increase since years, not even during the last 4 months where all went up for hipe reasons. Just talks. Having no profit and still being operational after all these years?!? hmmmm????
  • A bill, H.R. 917: Secure E-Waste Export and Recycling Act , has been introduced into Congress.
    "To control the export of electronic waste in order to ensure that such waste does not become the source of counterfeit goods that may reenter military and civilian electronics supply chains in the United States, and for other purposes."
    SOURCE: Govtrack
  • From OSD.MIL website : Seven Defense Priorities for the New Administration
    Pages 38-39. "-that the U.S. must maintain a trusted and assured supply of these integrated circuits." "If the real and potential adversaries' ability to subvert U.S. microelectronics components is not reversed or technically mitigated, our adversaries will gain enormous asymmetrical advantages that could possibly put U.S. force projection at risk."
  • 2017 Aerospace Defense Chain Conference
    October 24-25, 2017 McLean Va.
    Sizable amount of participants in 2016.
    Will ADNAS attend?
  • Article from The Hill ...Found on I-HUB.
    Lawmakers fear infiltration of defense supply chain
    (Nice that lawmakers are finally waking up)
    Maybe the "mandate" will become a MANDATE.
  • Page 44 of the spring Bed Bath & Beyond Catalog.

    Wamsutta PimaCott
    Made with the world's only
    proven pure pima cotton,

    Will anyone be curious HOW it is proven pure?
  • Couldn’t sleep tonight so at 3;30AM I got onto the computer and found that Janet Yellen of the Fed Reserve has been meeting with the heads of all the large banks, and heads of gov’t around the world. The subject of these meetings is to discuss the imminent recall of the paper US $100 dollar bill and change them to coins that are marked so they can be tracked and traced anywhere in the world. The technology which is owned by a “small company which today is valued at less than $40 million dollars”. (I wonder who that would be ???????) This is a BIG DEAL as all other countries around the world are gearing up to do the same. The new coins will be called FedCoin and the technology is called Blockchain . No wonder the Co. has been keeping the pps low.
    Anybody else know anything about this ?
  • FedCoin ,if enacted, would be DIGITAL currency. Blockchain is the software.
  • From the FDA website: DEA considers Fentanyl-Containing Counterfeit Medications a Global Threat/FDA advises health care professionals that counterfeit BiNCU has been discovered in some foreign countries/Counterfeit Version of Botox Found in the United States/Counterfeit Versions of Cialis tablets identified entering the United States/Health Care Provide4r Alert: Another Counterfeit Cancer Medicine Found in United States and on and on. Let's go ADNAS !!! More than enough demand for solution worldwide. START PROVIDING IT before accepting the unjustified executive compensation.
  • Heyward, please step down from the CEO spot, become chief science officer, and hire somebody who knows how to run a business.
  • Sincé a long time the shareholders are made to believe, that APDN has hired all these Directors to help the Company improve revenues in different áreas. As we can see, cotton alone won´t do the job. It would be highly appreciated by all shareholders, if the Company would reléase some information how they plan to improve revenues, but dramatically.
  • For sure!!! Dilution - excessive management compensation in a company that has yet to show a profit. Verticals my @&&**
    No more cheer-leading or recommending this company to anyone till a major shake up occurs.
  • dump this pig, get a fraction of your money while you still can!
    BASED ON THE LAS 10Q APDN has about $4 Million Dollars Cash and if they can't bring in more revenue and breakeven they 100 % will use their Self Registration ( S-3) to sell more shares at a price to be determined further diluting all shares holders.

    Also; worth mentioning is that the Company has NO REAL Institutional Investors and in my opinion the investors who buy under the S-3 all get out with a profit leaving the small retail investors with the Dream of this Company Hitting it Big...Which it may at some point.
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  • warningwarninghthis will crash crash below $$1.10 get outout runr run to the exit exit door beveryvery afraid to loss alotlot moremoney this will crash crash all day long getoutout beforfe everyone start to dump dump thier sharesbelow $1.10 letthescaryscary dumping dumoping begin run run to the exit exit door better be safe than sorry
  • Up 13, percent after hours today ?