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Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc. (APTS)

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  • Underwriters sold the shares at $15.25
    Now the market cap of the company is almost $500 million and book value is over $30 per share
    In two years FCF will hit $2 per share and at 12 times FCF the stock would be worth around $24 per share

    This is my largest holding and I plan to add more every year
  • Stock dilution is never good. Borrowing to pay the divi is also never good.
  • Follow on offering of around 3 million shares so price drops after hours. This company is well run and they will use the 40 or so million bucks they raise in an accretive manner. Buying opportunity if you are in the market. I'm at my limit so not buying. I believe the last time this happened is when I snapped up 1000 shares at $7.72 and you can see how that worked out. GLL

  • Yahoo showing $15.99 in after hours trading( already down to $15.50). Seems like an over reaction to good earnings and doubt that price will hold. OTOH between great earnings and dividend increase it seems that $16/share is just a matter of time.

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  • Guess someone really wants out.
    I may be wrong but i'm buying more.
  • Market down, today is ex div and we are still in the green. Strong performance, outlook secure IMHO.
  • Well I'm in some more at $12.88
  • Entry point @ 12.65 ?
  • Downside risk pretty much eliminated now that APTS has seen eps estimate for next quarter reached the lower limits of -0.46. the other week awesomeSTO-CKS alerted this company i think. google them .
  • Shopping malls a dying breed. Jim Cramer ( I know lots of folks hate him) thinks that shopping malls are not going to do well due to amazon etc. I suspect he is correct. I am hopeful that APTS management will stick with apartments and NOT expand their portfolio of shopping malls. We can shop online but you can't live in an apartment on line. Ken
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  • I can see APTS at $20 per share during 2018 and dividend of over $1 per share during 2018
    This stock will provide around 25% total annualized return over the next 2 years.
  • Nice pop following the 22 cent divvie. IF the earnings report is solid later this month I bet we go back to $15. GLL
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  • Appears that 100% of 2016 "dividends" are to be considered as "non dividend distributions" which to me means the same thing as return of capital. Anyone have a clearer understanding of the significance of this than me? I understand that for taxable accounts this means no tax but it also worries me in that I would have thought they have plenty of CAD to pay it from. If they keep returning cash from capital they eventually run dry, no? I thought the whole purpose of a REIT is to earn money and pay dividends out of the earnings. Appreciate any comments by more sophisticated investors.

  • Another excellent acquisition. Three Ravinia office building in Georgia. 98% rented with high quality tenants. Should be accretive to earnings and eventually to CAD. More dividend increases in future. I can easily see $1.00/share by 2018. GLL