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Aralez Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARZ.TO)

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At close: 3:58PM EDT
  • See ARLZ director, Jason Aryeh, Jalaa Equites sold all holding of 388,685 shares last few days!
  • Aralez to present at jefferies conference next month....any big news about zontivity??
  • Unbelievable this stock is still struggling. So underevalued if you stop focusing on the financial figures of the past; and look into the future of this stock... Zontivity had a great marked potential and showed efficacy for a population that will keep growing with years to come (ischaemic haert disease).
  • The best thing to do is keep buying shares whenever you see a big dip. These are very, very low prices. Sure it could drop, but buy a chunk if you can. People who picked up 5k, 10k, 20k shares when it hit 1.14 made a big chunk of change in a few days.

    Real money will be made by next earnings. Sometime between now and then we are going to be hitting $3-$4 per share. Cheers.
  • two top execs make 6.5 mil and 5 mil., shameful for a company with a 100 mil market cap.
  • This is the bottom guys. Very soon this will break $2.00 and headed to $3.00. Way too cheap!
  • Why is this stock up on the US side and down on the Cad?
  • after reading all the press that is out for this- I am really liking how this looks over the next 18-24 months - could get great ROI for this if in at $1.50 excited to see how Q3-4 looks this year mostly
  • For all of you shorts who keep trying to squeeze the juice out of this little stock with little to report over the next few months

    I wonder what your logic is. Is it just pure greed without logic. Yes I think so. There is nothing left to bluff at,no sellers,Your party is long over. But keep up the good work.
  • See why biotech/pharma shareholders are adding this breakthrough wound care to their portfolio.

    • BioLargo’s 10Q states their Advanced Wound Care products are ready, all studies successfully completed, and they expect to file a 510K with FDA in less than 90 days
    • Woundcare market is over $6 Billion with high growth rate
    • Tanya Rhodes, ex VP of Smith & Nephew Wound Care Product Development is leading the BLGO/Clyra Medical 510K filing
    • BLGO/Clyra Medical Wound Care Products promote healing substantially better than competing products, fight infection better than competing products, are effective against resistant microbials, and are low cost
    • Sales could commence in first half of 2018
    • Sales and or licensing agreement/s could be very significant
    • Company is now commercializing several other disruptive products in large markets



    Clyra Medical | Make Life Better
  • ii'll bet the ceo was shocked when this went under 1.20. he bought in the 2.40's for two reasons he thought it had bottomed and was going non-stop north. they put out the 80 to 100 million revenue for the year and he know the first quarter would be the lowest. it came in at 26 mill and if that is the lowest then the lowest for the year will be 4 times that at 104 mill -- 4 mill above the 100 mil top estimate -- and ithat is low balled. that means that the ebitda will be positive nto the 1.29 net loss by the analyst. this should be well north of 3 bucks and will be once it is realized towards year end. also I believe the analyst will raise the year end price target to 8 to 10 for year end 2018. I still can't believe this is in the 1.50's.
  • I think it took a long time and a lot of disappointments- but ARLZ is now in line to be a very profitable stock. I am back in and on board and think the next 1-2 years will be full steam ahead. or it will get purchased before then....
  • Sky rocketing today...
  • I heard call as well. Some others are misleading on the price of yosprala. 10 is less then you can by the generic drugs over the counter for. you might be able to by a 42 day supply of both asprin and Omeprazole for 15 to 18 at walmart or walgreens so if they can get the scripts written business would have to pick up as it is cheaper and more convenient and can be bought with or without insurance. seems to be an easy decision.
  • down 7%?!? this stock needs some major good news
  • drop it like its hot
  • the short argument is that there is too much debt and they aregoing to always lose money. here is the adjusted guidance for 2017 year end : 2017 Net Revenues to be in a range of $80 million to $100 million; and
    Updated 2017 Adjusted EBITDA to be in a range of $(5) million to $5 million.
  • I think the reason why ARLZ is going higher is because MSLI got taken over at a 65% premium. They are similar companies and if ARLZ stays this low, there is a possibility that it will get a merger proposal with a good premium!
  • Finally!!!! it looks like the downward spiral has ceased
  • Conference call:

    Not many callers----not too much coverage/interest (Zacks, Bloom Burton)

    $10 monthly cost for Yosprala plan---bold, and profitable

    Zontivity is their main growth engine. WAC pricing near $280, 20M patient opportunity

    Zontiivity appears superior to competitors, especially from label perspective.

    Zontivity currently price 15% to 40%below competitors.

    Toprol-XL pricing holding against erosion.

    Toprol-XL VA priced much lower

    VIMOVO US royalties reduced to $7.5M/annual

    VIMOVO/Canada experiencing generic competition

    Overall mood is one of guarded optimism around Zontivity, but they have to prove it

    They have support from Deerfield.