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  • As far as compensation for these guys.......well, yes, seems a bit high for the lack of accomplishments here; however, I'm going to take a wait and see approach to this....perhaps the pay reflects their confidence in FINALLY delivering something of value so they are just rewarding themselves ahead of time and are that confident about it....I know...its a stretch, but perhaps very possible....if the stroke therapy falls flat, well, then these guys need to cut their salaries and layoff the selling shares as bonuses.....since, well, it FAILED...which means they should HELD accountable for it.....and yes, I know its not the only trick up their sleeves, it does make one question the credibility of the other potentials in their pipeline.......so.....as always, its a wait and see what they do next.....I do agree though, that actions speak louder than accomplishments at this place.....lets hope their actions suggest an arrogance of confidence rather than screwing shareholders over....
  • i strongly suggest all shareholders review the documentation that came in the mail with the annual report and proxy info. Page 20 lists compensation for the top four executives in the company for the past three years. 2016 compensation was as follows....GVB total compensation...$1.847 million. BJ Lehmann...$1.348 million.John Harrington...$1.313 million.Laura Campbell ....$771,000. it all includes salaries, cash bonuses,stock awards and stock options. also note other board of directors members buying shares at the secondary offering at $1.01.....35% below market value while we got killed in the deal. kindly review the data and vote accordingly in the proxy section. the note states that they met all parameters for performance, etc...yet we know nothing about what they were. review, think, and vote.
  • Gil - Buy some shares you POS
    You sold enough of your free share
    $1.00 Coming soon, no investors will hold garbage stocks like ATHX with the NASDAQ on a rampage higher!
  • Athersys Poised For Lucrative Stem Cell Stroke Partnership This Year!


    Fast Track and Special Protocol Assessment designations sets stage for global stroke partnership in 2017.

    $1,000,000 milestone payment indicates that Athersys's proprietary MAPCs are performing in real-world clinical application.

    Mystery surrounding Japan stroke patient enrollment delay resolved.
  • WST - very good and well written article, its shows excellent perspective on our current status. Incidentally, I had expected an update from you - well done and timely. I am somewhat surprised that the analysts have not issued any updates. I did not expect them to issue new targeted pricing but have expected that they reissue guidance. I don't post here often. Thank you for casting a ray of sunshine on my morning.
  • What happened??
  • I would suggest...buy, buy, buy...
  • Wouldn't it be more lucrative to shareholders & management alike to first await the results of the treasure trial before getting a US and European partner? If this trial is successful the risk of potential failure, will be eliminated, thus causing huge pharma's to throw major money and super favorable terms to athx in order to obtain the right and privilege to partner/ market multistem, thus providing shareholders a much higher PPS appreciation potential? Thoughts?
  • In the short-term ATHX does not seem to be like a good trade. google awesomeS-TOCKS - they offer pretty good trade alerrts. you dont have to trade their tickers but it definetly helps you recognize possible patterns for stocks you're trading.
  • See why biotech/pharma shareholders are adding this breakthrough wound care to their portfolio.

    • BioLargo’s 10Q states their Advanced Wound Care products are ready, all studies successfully completed, and they expect to file a 510K with FDA in less than 90 days
    • Woundcare market is over $6 Billion with high growth rate
    • Tanya Rhodes, ex VP of Smith & Nephew Wound Care Product Development is leading the BLGO/Clyra Medical 510K filing
    • BLGO/Clyra Medical Wound Care Products promote healing substantially better than competing products, fight infection better than competing products, are effective against resistant microbials, and are low cost
    • Sales could commence in first half of 2018
    • Sales and or licensing agreement/s could be very significant
    • Company is now commercializing several other disruptive products in large markets



    Clyra Medical | Make Life Better
  • Healios Q1 results: www.healios.co.jp/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/FY2017-1Q-Financial-Results.pdf - They raised money recently and are allocating about $41 million to the multistem stroke trial. - Their next milestone payment to Athersys is about $30 million. But we're not sure what triggers that. - Stroke trial planned end date is October 2018. - Only 47% of pts reach the hospital within 36 hours of a stroke. I think in the US it's about 90%. Their estimations for possible patients look very conservative. They're only considering severe ischemic strokes. This is correct for the trial, but once it's proven effective multistem will not be limited to severe ischemic strokes. I think the patient population in Japan is more like 200,000/yr.

  • Big announcement this week!
  • Potential Competition for Multistem stroke treatment?

    Biogen Acquires Remedy Pharmaceuticals’ CIRARA™ for Large Hemispheric Stroke
    Biogen announced today that it has completed an asset purchase of Remedy Pharmaceuticals’ Phase 3 candidate, CIRARA™ . The target indication for CIRARA is large hemispheric infarction , a severe form of ischemic stroke where brain swelling often lead
  • Good technical day today, as we posted the highest close since April 6th - which occurred on the the backslide off of the $1.90+ spike. Let's hope for continued positive momentum on Monday to elevate us out of this chart area and set ourselves to re-challenge the $2 level.
  • This is my only true lottery pick, buy and hold stock, waiting for next year's stroke results. Bought in previously at $1.17 and not buying anymore. If successful, the treasure trial will only serve as the beginning of an astronomical surge in the pps. The potential is monstrous and my bet is on success, but we will see. I can wait.
  • Announcement will be on Friday, so market can react and the street can decipher over the weekend.
  • Athersys just announced that the FDA has granted it fast track designation for stroke!
  • Reading between the lines/answers

    When the William Blair Analyst asked if ATHX had filed with the FDA as a "Breakthrough Therapy", Gil's answer was that he would not comment. IMO, this can only mean that they did apply and that they were turned down, because, if they didn't apply, he would have just answered "No" and if they did apply and received a positive response, it would have been all over the news.

    Although this looks bad, I think this is great news!

    Why? Because just filing as a Breakthrough Drug means they believe very strongly that there product works and they wanted to take a shot at it. My guess is that the FDA gave them the SPA instead of the Breakthrough because their MASTERS1 data had to be manipulated to see the value of the earlier dosage.

    I would love to read the filing they sent, assuming they did send one.

    The moral of this story is that ATHX believes in their product enough to file as a Breakthrough.....IMO
  • i just got my electronic proxy this morning for b o d votes. i know the people i am voting against. i strongly suggest others do the same. the insiders own so few shares, it should be relatively simple to displace the greedy non repsonsive people who are harming us common shareholders. please take the time to read and vote. dont toss it if you get it by snail mail. PARTICIPATE!