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Yamana Gold Inc. (AUY)

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  • Early info from Manchester points to a suicide bomber. So sad extremists brainwash a person to not only take their own life, but the lives of innocents around them. Not sure how society even combats such hatred.
  • I check back after being gone a couple weeks...same story...misinformation and personal attacks. Life's meant for more. Gotta bring a better game plan...for investing and life in general.

    The first use of gold was before 2000 BC...because it is referenced in the time of Abraham (Genesis 13) but its referred to even prior to that (Genesis 2).

    I am pleased by AUY action recently...getting ready to sell and move on by the end of the week if it continues.

    All the best to you all.
  • Not that there is any impact on Gold demand, but to clarify regarding cashless transactions...as our favorite basher likes to distort.... Here's an interesting synopsis at the end of last year.

    1-Singapore 61%
    2-Netherlands 60%
    3-France 59%
    4-Sweden 59%
    5-Canada 57%
    6-Belgium 56%
    7-United Kingdom 52%
    8-USA 45%
    9-Australia 35%
    10-Germany 33%
    11-South Korea 29%
    12-Spain 16%
    13-Brazil 15%
    14-Japan 14%
    15-China 10%
    16-India 2%
  • Robert Burgess, Bloomberg, March 2017:
    The first use of gold was around 700 B.C., and since then, no one has discovered or created anything that has gold’s exact characteristics. Metallurgists have blended alloys to look and feel like gold, but their results are not gold and do not meet the standards for physical delivery. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has many substitutes as myriad “altcoin” cryptocurrencies have sprung up to challenge it, such as ethereum and its beta model, Casper, an alternative to the mining-based model, and ostensibly more secure.
    According to cryptocoincharts, there are 3,694 cryptocoins with a $27.8 billion market cap. Granted, bitcoin has an overwhelming share of the marketplace, but who knows what the future holds should other cryptocurrencies gain ground with technologies that challenge or disrupt the current marketplace. It was’t that long ago that Mt. Gox Exchange had many of its bitcoins stolen. Even last summer, a project running on a blockchain technology was hacked and lost millions of dollars. So yes, there’s room for improvement.
  • NKorea is just one of several reasons Gold is firming and appreciating. With or without NKorea Gold will continue heading north IMO. Writing is on the wall for a multitude of reasons. Fed is starting to get the yips about raising in June, Trump is knee deep in alleged scandals, DC is bogging down, Nat'l debt is spiraling out of control, europe is economically and politically sputtering at best, italian elections on the horizon, Syria's a mess, Russia is playing games, China is not helping, Iran is getting lippy again, NAFTA is under scrutiny with talks of renegotiating terms, equity markets are tippy with over valuation, US Economy is anemic, etc... It's all there in front of us. Just have to step back and look.
  • Carl, you rookie, if you think GOLD will not be valuable anymore, what kind of drugs are you on? Its okay cluck, I am sure there are a lot of methadone clinics nearby your trailer park community.

    Digital currency is the biggest scam, pump and dump ever and sure feels like the DOT com boom.. But its okay carl please invest in cryptocurrency, and leave this AUY board. Watch and learn. China will have the next reserve currency, WHY? because CHINAs currency is backed by GOLD!
  • Yeah I think are correct Bill 7-8 bucks a share would be a realistic target price if you where to hold the stock.
    Trump is definitely helping Gold out & Im sure those are his intentions for friends of his...
    Who knows but why would you not buy this stock at current prices when we all know or think gold will rise significantly over the next few years.
    Im in and I like the potential of AUY.
    I think this stock will do just fine fine fine.
  • Seven countries have stopped minting money as of today.No more paper currency.Alllll electronic.Those countries could stop the purchase of any gold in one push of the button.Gold will not be relevant in the new world economy.Just a shiny metal.It is coming to the USA soon.And those 7 countries are not small.No more panic buying or hoarding gold .Selling will be prudent as liquidation of gold assets will be quick and brutal.Coming soon to a Fed near you.
  • Gold is not going anywhere in our lifetime. Its like Land-there is only so much of it.
    You are correct like oil it is the walking dead but that will be way after we long gone.
    People want the bling and that will continue for a long long time.
  • Rates are not raised or lowered to impact the stock market. Yellen and the Fed are watching economic metrics, employment (full time quality jobs), and of course inflation. Right now GDP and inflation are falling short. Yellen doesn't care if Google is trading at too high a price. If rate hikes trail modest or anemic inflation...it still favors Gold over other investments as real rates of return are not as attractive in other investments. It's a win for Gold if rate hikes come very slowly...and they will IMO.
  • Market has nothing to do with Rate hikes, you wont find that in any Fed minutes. Inflation and GDP on the other hand are a concern...that's why the Fed is starting to waffle like the local IHOP.
  • Okay...I googled.
    from USA Today.
    "Fed's James Bullard raises doubts about June rate hike"
  • Nope, but nice try at misleading again...Read the financials...gold reserves are real.. Digital is bits and bytes.
  • $35B market caps is nothing compared to $7T for gold market caps or $18T annual US Economy..that's why politics and international issues have huge bearing.
  • Again, the basher distorts the use of currency in various countries, misleads on the percent of gold demand is jewelry based, misleads on Gold heading for sub-$1000 in January, on and on....but whenever another mining company makes a purchase of a mining asset or sells one, the basher immediately assesses it's a great deal for that company and AUY missed the boat again. Yet, the basher hasn't read the AUY financials or watched the CC or ASM...but is an expert on AUY. Whew...pure putz..no other way to put it.
  • Gold looking solid this morning. More uncertainty over the weekend. Just saw an uptick premarket for AUY. All looking "green". And green mean go. Maybe even Giddy up and go?
  • Bitcoin is a digital Ponzi scheme IMO...we'll see how long the scheme lasts.
  • Bashers aren't very good...Gold keeps climbing. Looking good.
  • The interest rate hikes are coming
  • Brazil falling off a cliff, but US jobless claims were 6000 less than forecast, therefore sell gold while Brazil falls into chaos next to starving and soon to be migrating Venezuelans combine into a more serious and regional problem...

    I suspect gold will firm up a bit later in the session.

    Then again I still can't understand how we fell so far below $1260 so quickly. Don't quit your day job, or so I've been told :)