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BB&T Corporation (BBT)

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42.55-0.48 (-1.12%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • I like where the conversation is going with Trump talking about re-instituting Glass-Steagall and breaking up the big banks. BBT has already gotten out of the investment business and this would open up opportunities to expand while the big banks reel trying to recoup margins and profitability with the loss of the investment side of the business. You would see C, BAC, WFC, JMP and GS reel for quite some time as they are broken up and the investment banking side has to find new sources of capital after they lose the commercial banking assets and the marketing that the commercial side allows them as well. Great opportunity for BBT.
  • We need news on a repeal of Dodd-Frank to churn up the heat in banking, there seems to be a serious summer time malaise in the whole financial sector.
  • A neutral EPS next Y of 3.46 means that things will be up in the air for BBT. Past setups of this nature have produced both pullbacks and near-term upswings. have you guys heard of aw-esomeSTOCKS. i started receiving their allerts and so far i am happy.
  • Why has Wall St. beaten the snot out of BBT for the last 8 weeks?
  • but never remembers her age. http://dataunion.tistory.com/4060

    BB_amp_T Corporation NYSE $BBT Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.8 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • Just voted my proxy. I have a tendency to vote out BODs that are 65 or older. It's time to move on and let someone else in at that point, generally speaking in my opinion. So, just realized that out of 17 directors, 9 of them are over 65.

    Perhaps we could work with 8 directors????Didn't bother going into the compensation/director, but fairly certain that it is more than i make in dividends.
  • Why is this resource not being used. I was disappointed to see no post on the 1%+ nose dive today. OUCH!
  • There’s only one source I use for all my big winners; Ultimete Stock Alertsq that’s their name, man. Google them
  • John Strumpf, disgraced CE ells Fargo is now dating Frumpy Janet Yeliln, and avoiding jail.
  • $45.00 by the end of the year?
    BB&T closed at $45.25 today!
    Cannot believe no one on this message board is discussing this momentum to the upside!!
    Gee...people...weigh in!!
  • All-time high!!!!!!!
  • WFC going to acquire BBT r stock. Howie Buffet, is driving this deal for his lover CEO Tom Sloane.
  • BBT has been on a tear since Tuesday.
    This signals a Trump bounce for financials as his administration will not increase regulations on banks as Clinton vowed to do.
    $42.00 by the end of the month? Heck we almost got there yesterday, closing at $41.85.
    Long and strong BBT!
  • Suppose you have about five or six hundred dollars in your savings account and you are just sitting on it, maybe waiting for Christmas shopping or something. You get about a dime each month in interest but since you have not made a deposit or withdrawal from the account you get slapped with a $7.50 "inactivity" fee. Your account is now worth $7.40 LESS that it was one month before. If this is not NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES by another name then I don't know what is. Very disappointing. Greystone, we miss you!
  • When is BBT going to get with the program and begin to reduce its costs so that it can begin to reap the benefit of the acquisitions it made. It doesn't take a genius just common sense and courage.
  • The following is from an interesting article posted on AOL.

    BBT's total yield of just over 5% is far too low to get people excited about owning the stock and the CCAR for this year highlighted just how much BBT is spending on its acquisitions that is no longer available for return to shareholders. Whether that sort of thing bothers you or not is personal preference but for me, without sizable returns, BBT is just another average bank that likes to overspend on acquisitions. Yes, its safety and soundness is terrific but meaningful earnings growth is probably still years off and without capital returns to boost what shareholders receive, I still don't see a reason to own BBT at this point. The dividend is great but that's it and given BBT's incessant need to buy competitors, that is likely to be the story for a long time to come.
  • Should be a good day for the banks with JPM announcing good numbers.
  • New Screen - where are the Earnings Projections and Analysis Opinions?????????????
  • BB&T announces Federal Reserve's response to its CCAR capital plan. WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., June 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- BB&T Corporation (NYSE: BBT) today announced the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System accepted its capital plan and did not object to its proposed capital actions.

    The capital actions include a recommendation to increase the quarterly dividend $0.02 to $0.30, a 7 percent increase. This action will be considered by the board at its July 26 meeting. The plan also incorporates other uses of capital including the two completed acquisitions (National Penn Bancshares and Swett & Crawford) and capital distributions of up to $640 million in share repurchase transactions beginning in the third quarter of 2016.
  • Barclays Americas Select Conference Franchise 2016. 30 minute presentation by D. N. Bible (CFO) on the company's investor website.