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Baker Hughes Incorporated (BHI)

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  • BHI has just seen the last of the selling. Looks like a potential push higher is in store. Yo you should really check out a.awesomestocks, they seem on point with their stocks.
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  • What is the estimated time of the $17.50 pay out?
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  • If you own 100 shares of BHI, how many shares of the new company will you receive?
  • If someone own 100 shares of BHI, how many shares of the new company will they receive?
  • How does the special dividend work out? Will the share price increase by $17.50 once it looks like this is a sure thing then drop by the same amount ex-dividend? If the price is steady then drops by $17.5 and BHI SH are left with fewer dollars invested in the stock and a bundle of taxable cash, this is no good deal.
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  • I don't understand what BHI shareholders are getting for this deal other than the $17.50 dividend. The dividend payment only amounts to $7.5B for a $25B company. If GE is to own a 62.5% stake, where is the other $7-8B that they owe the BHI shareholders for the majority ownership? I'm obviously missing something. Does anyone else know the details that can help?
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  • SH of BHI need to consider the 'real' value of their shares over the course of this next year. Employees of BHI do not necessarily see this as the 'best' deal for exercising their stock options. But what was the alternative, considering where the company was headed in this low oil price market. SP could have dropped to $34 per share (Morningstar stimulation modeling prediction) without the deal but what in the long run could have been the potential?
  • Damn nice special div $17.50
  • Class action lawsuit will be coming to BHI door step. They are not taking into concideration the best interest of their shareholders.
  • So what a buying opp. BHI should reach new HIGHS by end of year. This is one to own. ACCUMULATE
  • GE will sell out United States it's already been trading with Iran this is bad news for our country
  • Before Yinz break out the champaign you're only getting about $52.50 for your shares. Figure it out, you get $17.50 and the other 2/3 in stock, or $35.00. You have no more dividend for probably 2 or 3 years. This deal is probably only worth about $48.00 with no dividend.

    marco the super genius : - )) This ain't that good of a deal, unless of course, the energy sector recovers. Maybe, maybe not.
  • the government should block this merger just because of the technology that Baker Hughes has for drilling this is the edge that the US has they should not sell it to a country like a Iran