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Barnes & Noble, Inc. (BKS)

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At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • Manchester bomber called Mom said "please forgive me" moments before bombing. what a roos he did that to give her a free pass. she helped him make the bomb just common sense please don't put no time money into investigation this post. I am avail for hire though thinking about FBi chief. Or TV show for those reasons I'm here if interested. This board is dead as to BN might as well make it a general news board. or jobs board.
  • tougher sanctions against North Korea that's our answer to their proliferation of nuclear? Fokes sorry to bring the bad news but if this is how we are going to handle this we lost. Kiss all family members good bye. Don't worry about end of life papers in order, it won't matter. North Korea and Syria Iran and Iraq won they will be only ones inhabiting whats left of the earth.
  • 6.40 tomorrow!
  • what are hours for serving alcohol? 10am?
    They might be on to something I know I'll set my alarm to get up and have a little beer and read up on trailer park news magazines.
  • that bozo of the ceo claims having alcohol in the stores will save bn. he makes it sound he came up the idea. the other bozo of a ceo who was canned last year mentioned the idea of the bars in the store. getting desperate bn. I remember the new ceo from borders books giving the old rah rah talk to the stock holding. soon they went bankrupted.
  • stock up on news that the nook display will be moved to the back of store. LOL
  • OMG! terrible terrorist bombing the world North Korea trying to bomb the world Trump won't give up his tax returns and Barns Noble stock is going up OMG!
  • LOL Big Changes are coming to BN-
    moving the Nook to back of store.
    sell booze
    sell toys games.

    some toys look like Sharper Image toys. Anyone know what happen to Sharper Image?
  • The last time BKS did something like this it blew up. Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from awe-someSTOCKS which are working out pretty well.
  • major happening soon to come. and its not good,
  • sell toys? Serve alcohol OMG!
    children and drunks all together now... sing cumbya
  • Relax everybody North Korea shot a missle towards So Korea but only testing not actually trying to hit the south. LOL Also funny we always say we knew about it we had no idea we were too busy going after Trump's tax returns. lol
  • good time to load some!!!
  • OMG! the stock is falling like a avalanch and the new CEO comes out with "summer reading for everyone"... #$%$, they are obliveius to what is happing. Tme for a new CEO.
  • barnes and noble is now getting real desperate. simmer reading for everyone?? you don't need BN to do this.
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  • you think the stock is low now, wait until the quarterly earnings come out. but u know what management will still pay them selves a bonus this summer....greed.....
  • BN needs a new CEO... another new CEO.
  • hey management this june/july maybe your last bonus check, go amazon.
  • is it true Norges Bank just fired a stock picker?