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  • Bloomberg Is a financial publication and news source that is reputable and deserves a heavy following. When they post something, normally it is considered accurate. Take a look at this little nugget and what you see is very telling.


    BB Liquidating Inc.: Private Company Information - Bloomberg
    BB Liquidating Inc. company research & investing information. Find executives and the latest company news.
  • Poor people still missing Blockbuster. So sad. Wonder what has brought on all of this recent chatter?
  • Does anyone want to comment on this particular debt offering with a debt maturity of 2049 and a 7.5% rate. Notice when you press the transaction history, 2 large dealer to dealer transactions were consummated somewhat recently.


  • Launching June 1......
    "You spoke, we listened. Starting June 1st we'll be open every day at 5am."

    Have fun digesting this little easter egg.
  • Wondering if we get closure/phoenix this year or if this carries into 2018? Any thoughts?
  • oh i feel so safe now that roger is back posting up a storm on this board. who else can we get to watch our pocket change for us? thanks roger for all you do son.
  • Blockbuster Launch is EXANDING/GROWING this summer........Since when........

    "Now, we'd like to extend it to the Nordic countries before the summer."

    Thats Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Rock on Blockbuster. The fire burns strong with this PHONEIX.
  • doc 3008
    Notice of Adjournment of Hearing (related document(s)3006) RE: Motion for Relief from Stay filed by Scott J. Baron on behalf of Michael McDonnell; Hearing not held and adjourned to 6/1/2017 at 11:00 AM at Courtroom 621 (CGM - NYC) (LaChappelle, Jennifer). (Entered: 05/18/2017)
  • Interesting article on TDC Denmark. http://www.telcotransformation.com/author.asp?section_id=401&doc_id=732328&piddl_msgorder=thrd#msgs

    Telco Transformation - Heavy Reading's Steve Bell on the Intersection of AI & IoT
    Heavy Reading's Steve Bell explains how artificial intelligence is advancing the growth of IoT.
  • Don't you just love the way they drop the price on 1000 shares? Don't you Mr Jerkey?
  • Doc 3007
    Please take notice that the Motion for Relief from Stay filed by Scott J. Baron on behalf of Michael McDonnell (Docket number 3006) currently scheduled to be held on May 18, 2017 has been RESCHEDULED to June 1, 2017 at 11:00 AM. The hearing will be held at 1 Bowling Green in Courtroom 621. (Fredericks, Frances). (Entered: 05/15/2017)
  • So, I was leaving work on Friday and heading in to town, listening to the radio.  The song from the 80's "Saint Elmo's Fire" was playing.  Didn't really pay it much attention.  But then.  Just as the song finished.  The lady DJ comes on and says "Now doesn't that just make you want to run out to Blockbuster and rent Saint Elmo's Fire?"..."Blockbuster still lives"..."Check it out on our web site "...""  I'm guessing that she was referring to the CBS news article.  But how about that!  A radio spot.  I just started laughing out loud. The nostalgia campaign continues Mr Jersey.
  • Nostalgia Alert

    http://everythingisterrible.com Video by Loose Meat! Everything Is Terrible is your one and only source for daily video insanity! Visit our archive to see th...
  • Wow, a simple Google search and it seems the "nostalgia campaign" has been going on for a lot longer than even rita ignorized. Just look at all those youtube videos (nearly 4 million!) going as far back as 2015 and further! There's even one from the high-profile guys at SNL. There are songs, commercials, and an “interesting” documentary by Conde Nast .
    The real "genius" here, is how the puppet masters went "dormant" on the campaign for years so the adoring public could actually miss the company they voluntarily abandoned. Outside of that SNL skit in early 2013, there’s pretty much nada until a sudden burst in 2016. Then, just as the pining came to a peak, those wiley puppet masters knew to pull the rug out on everyone, halt production and "temporarily redirect" that old website to a competing product. That, apparently, set the stage for the current deluge of "$200K minimum" productions to be posted by obscure comic wannabes who specialize in "spoofing VHS." That level of sophistication just simply can’t be coincidence. How clever are the ignorami for "discovering" all this?

    115th anniversary of the Antikythera mechanism's discovery! #GoogleDoodle
  • More - All recent I might addddddddd. Muahahahahahhahahah

    Memories of Blockbuster Video | Jenny Lorenzo
    Where's Jenny? http://www.jennylorenzo.com https://www.facebook.com/jennylorenzofan https://www.youtube.com/aggressivecomix http://www.instagram.com/jennizzle ...
  • Heres some fun code for Roger that doesnt understand code.

    Happy mothers day everyone.

    So I was looking into some of the cookies that Blockbuster.com was dropping on my devices when I visited the website; let alone some of the js they are calling.

    Here are 1 of 7 cookies Blockbuster drops on your computer: (Remember they are using the Adobe suite)
    2 year, 24 months
    10 - This beacon can be used to track your activities across multiple websites. It has a prolonged lifetime and was found on multiple websites we have scanned.
  • Dish Stock - Check out the # of Shares of "Public Float" - usually comes after reorganization - (same # as outstanding shares of BB Liquidating)

    61.2400 - 62.0700
    44.3450 - 65.6050
    Dec 12, 2012
    15.79M 04/28/17
  • When I think of "Media" I think of something like this:
    IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Computer software for processing, transmitting, receiving, compressing organizing, manipulating, streaming, playing, reviewing, and reproducing audio, video, image, graphics, text, and multimedia data; Computer software for transmitting digital signals, data, and electronic messages via wired and wireless networks; Computer software for access to the internet and hardware and network security; Downloadable movies, series of fiction books, and series of non-fiction books in the fields of fitness, beauty, self-help, entertainment, nutrition, health, wellness, personal development, business, sports, education, food, gardening, automobiles, sciences, social sciences, law, languages, math, geography and history. FIRST USE: 20151119. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20151119
    IC 038. US 100 101 104. G & S: Audio, video, subscription television, and video-on-demand broadcasting, webcasting, streaming of audio, video, and audiovisual material, and video-on-demand transmission services via the Internet and electronic communications networks; Television broadcasting to mobile devices, namely, mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, and tablets; Telecommunication services, namely, transmission of voice, data, images, graphics, audio, video, and multimedia content by means of wired and wireless networks; wireless phone voice and messaging services; text and numeric wireless digital messaging services; Internet service provider services; providing access to a global computer network for internet browsing and messaging through a mobile device; Providing an online forum for user-posted ratings, reviews, and recommendations on movies, series, television programs, events, and activities in the field of entertainment. FIRST USE: 20151119. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20151119

    IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Provision of non-downloadable movies and television programs via a video-on-demand service; Entertainment services in the nature of providing entertainment programs and content, namely, movies, on-going series, and on-going television programs, and related film clips in the fields of comedy, drama, action, variety, adventure, sports, musicals, current events, entertainment news, documentaries, and animation via the Internet and electronic communications networks. FIRST USE: 20151119. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20151119
  • An oldie but elaborates on Keyes' Blockbuster Media vision. Too bad he didn't manage to pull it off. Even after knowing that DVDs would be gone by 2018. https://www.dmagazine.com/publications/d-ceo/2008/october/can-blockbuster-reinvent-itself/

    Can Blockbuster Reinvent Itself - D Magazine
    photography courtesy of Blockbuster CEO SNAPSHOT JIM KEYESChairman and CEO, Blockbuster Inc. BIRTHPLACE: Worcester, Mass., in 1955 EDUCATION: BA from Holy Cross College in Worcester, Mass. MBA from Columbia University in New York. WORK EXPERIENCE: Gu