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BioLine Rx Ltd (BLRX)

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  • Major sell orders today and small manipulated buys by a broker / dealer to keep the share price from plummeting below .80, won't be long now before the share prices crashes through the .77 support level.

    Looks like another institutional investor wants out......... Good job phil, you waste of a load!
  • BLRX Received a delisting notification from the SEC yesterday, May 16th - Nice going Phil you efin waste. Bet most investors now wish that you were a #$%$..............
  • Jason couldn't pick his nose right let alone a stock! Last time they were about to be delisted, the big ugly pump fake drove the share price up on very little volume and then shorts pounded it down to current levelsThis management sucks and needs to be to e elfin product to market and not the shake on #$%$
  • Going to $.77 and possible delisting by years end if they #$%$ up yet another trial Jason is azzwipe
  • Earning call May 25th. They need to get over $1 before July or they will be delisted. This will hit the $1 mark by July IMO!
  • There is only one direction for BLRX from here....up and up
  • Check INNMF
  • Delisting notification next week, good for another .07 drop
  • Look at there Pipeline and their Partners...
    It seems like their all time low should be a buying opportunity.
    Otherwise, they could become worthless based on this statement:

    "Since inception in 2003, we have generated significant losses in connection with our research and development. As of December 31, 2016, we had an accumulated deficit of $175.0 million. We may continue to generate losses in connection with the research and development activities relating to our pipeline of therapeutic candidates. Such research and development activities are budgeted to expand over time and will require further resources if we are to be successful. As a result, we may continue to incur operating losses, which may be substantial over the next several years, and we may need to obtain additional funds to further pursue our research and development programs."

    Please offer educated opinions on this. - Thanks.

  • down the drain
  • Posted in $XTNT conversation

    #XTNT #PTN #AVGR #SVRA #BLRX #VSTM #PLX Hello there folks! XTNT might be a new effect to add to your watchlist if it isnt there yet! With the announcement of it's 1Q's results ( https://goo.gl/46H7nI ) this stock definately gets back in place very soon, interesting for both long and short-term investors. This year contains many highlights for the company which might boost the stock significantly in the future. I'm in for long, get in before it's too late, good luck to all of you!

    Xtant Medical Announces Release of First Quarter 2017 Results on May 9, 2017
    BELGRADE, Mont., May 01, 2017-- Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc., a leader in the development of regenerative medicine products and medical devices, announced that it will release its financial results for ...
  • Now we just need Phil to get the boot like k girl and the share price will go back to at least $1
  • Did anyone else see $BLRX report from http://thesubwaytrader.com/?s=BLRX ? It had some interesting information. Day trading trading stocks. Roche's fifth law: every american crusade winds ip as a racket.

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  • Phil - K girl was horrible, you are worse
    Step down
  • If we are to go off the RSI then you could argue that a pull back next day or so could occur on BLRX before rallying up. Do you guys find it difficult to know when to buy or sell something? I prefer to get my stocks from awesomestoc-ks.
  • in a few days returns over 1 $
    Lots of cash
  • .75 A share coming soon and with no catalyst until years end, possible delisting from the NASDAQ
    Dead money for now, come back again in December

    Maybe they might even get a real CEO by then? I
  • This is good news! BLRX "R&D" expenses went down, which mean they are ready to take one or more of their pipeline to market - and that take big bucks. But once the doctors start prescribing, it's worth north of a billion in revenue. - Keep buying this down and in a few years your $10k investment will make you a millionaire. - I've been the their facility in Israel with a Christian tour group. I've missed too many ships; but not this one!

    Such carnage for maybe $20M.


    AQSZF (MC $15 M) is close to profitability and to file 3 NDA and the whole company is valued at ridiculous $15 Million ,this unknown stock is definitely one of the cheapest Biotech in the sector .Stock should be at minimum $2+ right now .

    Aequus Successfully Completes Dosing in Second Proof of Concept Clinical Trial of Transdermal Aripiprazole Patch...
    The Company expects to report topline results from this multi-dose study in the first quarter of 2017.

    Market Cap :US$ 15 Million
    Cash $4.1 Million << enough untill mid 2018
    Price 0.21

    Great Video


    AQS1301 topline results in 1Q 2017

    Operational profitability estimated in 2017

    File for CDN approval of Topiramate XR in 1H 2017

    File for CDN approval of Oxcarbazepine XR in 1H 2017

    Additional Product Deals in 2017

    Partnership for AQS1301 in 2017

    Two products launches to date (Tacrolimus IR and Vistitan™)

    3 long-acting, transdermal programs in development, on track to file NDA in 2018

    Aequus Pharmaceuticals
    Aequus has an expanding product pipeline of drugs in Canada. Revenues and cash flows are increasing and products produce a 50% margin, Edward Karr, Managing ...