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Peabody Energy Corporation (BTU)

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  • BTU is a corrupt company to make the shares worth nothing, then 3 days later relist them at $32,00 without any change in actual value of their company!

    The company is and will be worth nothing until they reimburse 100% each & every share holder of the previous BTU & BTUUQ shares!

    There is no creditbility to Peabody as far as any worth in managment! They will do this over & over again as they already have several times through reverse splits, (Kiss of DEATH) & so on...

    STAY AWAY from this one!! Bad sector & worse company!!
  • My Merrill broker told me to buy BTU - he said it was a Trump trade and a SURE THING !!! So far, he's been right about everything he recommended.
  • go to Google .com / finance page and look at what is really being said about b.t.u.- the current news.even seeking alpha says it is a bargain.
  • I'm really happy that I bought 1,000 shares of this new, post-bankruptcy stock in April. Turns out it's worth more than I had expected - a great investment for the long run. However, this Yahoo! Finance "conversations" board is full of nothing but negative posts about a company that has recently reported better profits than anyone was expecting. The analysts who follow this stock have raised their estimates of the future and have raised their opinions of the stock and its prospects. Meanwhile, the Negative Nellys continue to trash talk it, because that's what they have always done over the past ten months... just look back at the oldest posts, for proof. If you want real information about the current Peabody Energy and its stock, this is definitely NOT the place to find it.
  • BTU's corporatism is not a cultural or religious assemblage, as BTU purports it to be. Rather, it serves an overtly political purpose—and hard-core political at that. It is a company utterly without honor, without principles, without a shred of genuine patriotism. That's why I say that BTU avows it would be best for all of us if it were to publish blatantly quasi-hostile rhetoric as “education” for children to learn in school. Such sentiments have no place in our community, let alone in our world. I wish that all of the pretentious dummkopfs who hold similar views would stop to think about how I've observed at least one of BTU's cringers dissolving the bonds that join individuals to their natural communities. This is thoroughly indicative of the unprofessional, ungracious, and unacceptable behavior that is so endemic to BTU's faction.

    BTU avouches that free markets are an outmoded system that should be replaced by a system of overt post structuralism. How can it be so blind? Very easily. Basically, many people think of BTU's contentious, antisocial invectives as a joke, as something only half-serious. In fact, they're deadly serious. They're the tool by which brainless layabouts will wipe out delicate ecosystems as soon as our backs are turned. A second all-too-serious item is that unprofessional freeloaders are like putty in BTU's hands. It effortlessly molds them into loyal underlings who don't think twice about advocating fatalistic acceptance of an inarticulate new world order. I have one final message for you before ending this message: Any benefit that happens to be gained from BTU 's insane, lackadaisical theatrics is bound to be fugacious.
  • I think it's terrible the way that this company has done their stockholders, workers, and creditors. I hope karma drives them into bankruptcy again.
  • Remember, here are the dates of Bankruptcy hearings for the Real Bankruptcy!:


  • I think BTU is due for a pullback. What are your thoughts? Yo you should really check out aw-esomeSTOCKS, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • Another BK coming soon to a theater near you. Overpaid management STILL can't get its act together despite leaving creditors and shareholders in the dust in the last BK. Cash is just about run out and the finger pointing and "blame game" is already starting in the boardroom. SEC will most likely crucify them in the audit.
  • Q. I own 2,000 common shares of BTU prior to their bankruptcy. The trading symbol for my BTU shares was changed to BTUUQ before their bankruptcy. Does anyone actually know if there is a chance that I will recoup anything?
  • BTU is going lower because more investers are learning that Peabody is a lying corrupt company! BTU is heading to $.20 a share then to nothing!

    With all of the share price reduction through reverse split, (kiss of death) & Fake Bankruptcy while under BTUUQ, Peabody is done! The Coal industry has wiped out many investers for the past several years because of political manipulation!

    Now they had a HUGE opportunity with Trump in the Whitehouse & Peabody BLEW IT!!!
  • Looks like another BK filing is already being planned. Have not seen any official documents yet, but the finger pointing and leadership money grabs have already started. Anyone find it odd that the CEO keeps making MILLIONS while the stock price is flatlined and no dividend in sight for years?!
    Old news, I know, it happened a while back, but maybe it will happen again in the not so distant future? Methinks yes.
  • Tell me basically about the BTUUQ bankruptcy.
    I am reading that it could have been bought for 0.28 and it had a run to
    $13..but the end result is that the shares were canceled, right?

    Did liabilities exceed assets? I am thinking that in the energy sector
    they more than likely did.

    It is hard to get info after the fact but I would like to learn what i can about
    how things progressed etc.

  • Brain🌱cells🌱come🌱and🌱brain🌱cells🌱go,🌱 http://dataunion.tistory.com/4255

    Peabody Energy Corporation NYSE : BTU Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.8 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • Does not appear BTU is a going concern. The handwriting is all over the wall on this one. I think it folds by Christmas.
  • "Hey Andrew"

    You say... "Nothing to worry about here - BTU raised more than a billion dollars from NEW investors?" How did they do that besides STEALING past invester's money? They didn't do anything to raise money legaily!
  • BTU is done! Second Bankruptcy coming, (The Real one!)

    Dead-cat bounce to over 3% on very LOW volumn & now fizzling back down to only 1.9% at this time 11:40EST...

    That is now up only 1.8%! Crashing as I write!
  • I think it would be fitting if they were to go bankrupt again!