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  • If we are to go off the RSI then you could argue that a pull back next day or so could occur on CBS before rallying up. if you guys have questions you should ask awesomeSTO-CKS. They often respond to my emails which is helpful.
  • ✔️🛑 CBS not a word on Hillary lying commencement speech at Wellesley.
    It is very funny that Hillary Clinton spoke at Wellesley College today about being furious that the sitting president may be impeached for obstruction of justice, when there is absolutely no proof of any wrong doing by the President.
    Yet the only President in modern history to be impeached for obstruction of justice was her own husband, President Bill Clinton.
    Pots do call kettles black, don't they? Shame on angry sore loser Hillary. She needs to fadeaway. Maybe she is senile or just trying to re-write history she rather forget i.e. lying Bill
  • ✔️🌕Wow yet again Jared Kushner - Another Fake News story on Trump family haters made up by bias liberal fake news folks. Not one shred of evidence just unnamed sources like all the fake news stories since Trump won. They're mad because Fake News predicted a Hillary landslide win and fake news was wrong. Dead wrong like all there fake bias polls where too.
  • CBS has now had two special reports in the last week interrupting early morning shows when they think they have dirt on Trump. Anybody remember all those times they did that with Obama during his 8 years? Neither do I. What a disgusting, and disingenuous company.
  • CBS trading down 10% from its 52 week high. The momentum seems to be gaining, as investors believe Colbert will drive away advertisers. CBS management is extremely remiss for lack of apologies or discipline for this sad "comedy?". Shame on the CBS management.
  • ✔️🌕CBS nothing but another liberal bias fake news network. Full of angry liberals like potty mouth Stephen Colbert. Stevie the liberal angry moron should be fired.
  • 🛑✔️Why didn't Steven Colbert ever point out what a terrible incompetent lying president Obama was. Colbert is such a bias liberal hypocrite. I think Fake Bias CBS should fire Colbert and both should be fined by FCC for his nasty potty mouth and CBS not beep it. Hit them in the pocketbook that will teach both of them a lesson.
  • CBS should fire nasty little Stevie angry crybaby snowflake liberal with a potty mouth
  • CBS what male colleague has colbert holstered with his mouth today? Definitely this low life needs to be fired. In the meantime boycott anything and everything CBS.
  • Shame on Stephen Colbert my CBS stock took a $2.20 hit today thanks to his potty mouth and hateful comments on President Trump. Now shareholders like me suffer stock lose thanks to angry Little Colbert's nasty hate filled monologue. Remember 63 million people voted for President Trump and CBS and Stephen Colbert should think about that before they do nasty monologues and fake news bashing the president. Very disappointed shareholder paybacks are hell.
  • 🌐CBS you're going to pay dearly for Steve Colbert's nasty rant on TV about our president. My sons executive vice President for a Fortune 100 company and I talked to him today. He has directed their ad manager to pull fourth-quarter advertising on CBS and move it elsewhere because of that crazy nasty rant. Elections have consequences so do nasty monologues by angry hate filled liberal sore losers. Shame on CBS and Steve.
  • Colbert must go! He probably will cost CBS stock another ten percent drop, as prudent advertisers will dump their business. AND, ADVERTISING STILL DRIVES CBS STOCK PRICE.
  • As a shareholder, Steven Colbert needs to be fired immediately. This guy is causing too many problems #FIRECOLBERT
  • I just wrote the FCC complaining about nasty potty mouth Stephen Colbert's. I think CBS and Colberts should be fined for his nasty potty mouth. Hit them in the pocketbook that will teach them a lesson.
  • Growing movement demanding that CBS fire Stephen Colbert for a homophobic joke that has upset the LGBT community.

    Stephen Colbert Blasted for 'Homophobic' Trump 'Cock Holster' Joke
    "Allowing Colbert to stay is a slap to the face of the #LGBT Community!" says one critic of CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert
  • FIRE!!! Stephen Colbert
  • ✔️Sorry MSNBC watchers of liberal bias Rachel Maddow you can't fix stupid. But you can fire stupid 😱https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut0TaegQ-kw

    Watch Rachel Maddow get that STUPID SMIRK wiped off her face by Trump's Election
    MSNBC hosts looking totally ridiculous over their flawed polls and predictions for the 2016 Election.
  • Where have I seen this before, chuckle. CBS gets pounded just before earnings, beats expectations and then recovers back to somewhere near what it was before the demise. However, if CBS has a bad earnings report, woe is us.
  • Today MSCI Inc downgraded CBS from a 4 to a 1, whatever that means.